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25 random things about me

March 31, 2009

This will be a fairly lighthearted interesting blog.  I wasn’t tagged when my friend did this on her blog so I don’t HAVE to do this but I thought it would be fun for not only for me but for you as well.  Come back here!!  Don’t make me tie you down to your chairs!!  Ok good.  Upon writing a lot of it I realized a lot of these are several facts about me into one paragraph but it’s still appropriate in this format I think.

1.  After the show Sober House I have had a fairly unhealthy fascination with Andy Dick.  I regularly visit his blog (on and I watched his live stream of his act 3 times 3 days in a row a couple of weeks ago.  When people bad mouth him I get very irritated and want to come to his defense but I keep my mouth shut (me? mouth? shut? NEVER!) because it’s not worth anybody’s time.  I feel Andy and I would be instant good friends and I relate to him in a lot of ways.  I think we tell stories in similar ways, he has a lot of similar stories to tell, and if I wrote songs I think I would write songs in a similar way.  I feel a very strong connection to him since that show.

2.  I don’t enjoy drinking, cigarettes turn me off and the thought of doing drugs turns me off too.  I feel everybody has the right to do drugs though as long as they are home (so they don’t have to make the decision to drive while intoxicated or not) and they are not around me!!  I feel drugs should be legalized and taxed the hell out of.  Then that money should come full circle into decent rehab clinics, halfway houses and various things.  My general philosophy is if you are making the choice for yourself if you want to do something or not it should be legal.

3.  Most of the people I have met that are the most interesting have only been for a brief time.  Either in a job interview process, a vacation, I met them in an interesting experience, a substitute teacher I have only had once or twice etc.  I think if I kept in touch it might of ruined it.

4.  I love cheesy bubble gum pop and general cheesy pop songs from the 80’s and 90’s.  I have several songs on my external hard drive (1,200 and counting) and a significant amount of them are songs I get a nostalgic feeling every time I hear them.  This is an interesting fact because current music like this I do not like.  You can keep Britney Spears, I will play the Killers, System of a Down, the White Stripes, Pink, etc. thank you.

5.  I have a fascination with Miley Cyrus.  I admire her for being able to have enough self discipline to do all of the high school stuff as well as learn dancing for concerts, to go on tour, to do publicity etc. She has seen things I probably will never see (as the other way around of course) and has had and will have opportunities I will never have.  I don’t like it when people bash her, I think she is a decent role model.  She is just human after all.  I have a few songs downloaded of hers and listen to them but I wouldn’t call myself a fan per say.  Just someone that admires from a distance.  I am subbed to her youtube account and I just think it’s fascinating that this girl jokes like an average 16 year old on youtube and she has so many millions of dollars and has done so much.

6.  This is going to sound really really REALLY naive but… I feel Michael Jackson didn’t do it.  I think those people were just trying to get money.  I feel really bad for him.  That was the beginning of the end.

7.  The only fish I will eat is tuna.  When I was a kid I would go with my Grandparents from my Dad’s side of the family fishing when I visited them for a week or two in the summer.  For years when they caught a fish or two my Grandma would cook them up and serve them that night or the night after and I would fake that I liked it.  One night when I was 11, staring at a piece of fish she put on my plate I confessed.  My sister told me to shut up and eat it but I refused.  My Grandma just said ok your not eating any meat then is that ok and I couldn’t of been happier.  She died when I was 12 so I could of choked a few more down for my Grandma.  I need to write about my only memories from my Dad’s side of my family from visiting my Grandparents in this blog someday.  It’s a very interesting topic indeed.

8.  If I cook something for other people to eat as well as myself I always eat the part that is imperfect and give them the good part.  I am disappointed with myself when someone makes a comment that something is slightly off with my cooking or baking.  Even if they are really nice about it.  Even with Harry I am like that.

9.  Most of the text message conversations Harry and I have are him saying, “I love you babe very much” and me responding, “I love you too babe very much” also, “Muah with Love” and me saying, “Muah with love back” if that sounds so random you can’t understand why (which I don’t say to blame you) we do that so often it’s just to ping each other and to say hi throughout the night.  He calls me little babe as a pet name and I call him babe.  If someone else called him babe or called me babe I would be so upset.  Not really but you should never ever do it.  That is just something him and I do but I feel vulnerable telling you this.  In a good warm in fuzzy way.

10.  I can’t decide if I am bad at procrastinating or good at it.  I sometimes put off something the entire night that only takes 20 minutes to do.  Right after I am done writing this blog I am going to repost my hunchback drawing on Etsy.  I have been putting that off all week.  The interwebz just takes up a lot of time is all!!  Now that I think about it procrastination takes up a lot of time lol.

11.  I have been told by 3-4 people I look a lot like John Travolta in this last year and nobody has said it previously.  Like I could be his long lost daughter.  One person started the comment with “No offense but…” why would I take offense?  I love that I look similar to Travolta Baby!!  My cousin Bill calls him that.  Bill is one of the funniest people I know so I try to steal his isms any chance I get.

12. Every time a mac user starts raving about how great Apple is and how Apple can do no wrong I get very irritated.  Just because I use a pc it doesn’t mean I suck HP’s (I am using an HP laptop) and Microsoft’s proverbial cock every chance I get.  It’s annoying how defensive they get before anybody even makes it so they have to be.  I don’t buy products because I agree with the company politically and their image.  I just like the thing.  Ok?  And Bill Gates still owns a significant amount of Apple stock anyway.  Oh snap!

13. One time I got hit by a truck on my bike when I was about 15.  All afternoon I was on my bike and I stopped at the end of the street several times and stopped for the cars to wave me by several times.  This one guy I thought well he sees me and while I was going ahead he slammed right into me.  The nice guy kept on saying are you alright?  Do you need to go to the hospital?  I said no it’s ok I’m fine he put my bike in the bed of his truck and I asked if he could take me to where I needed to go.  He happily agreed and took me there.  I never saw him again.  I really was fine but I never rode that bike again, the front wheel was bent out of shape and and made the bike unrideable.  I never told my Grandparents what happened.  The bike was a bitchin’ black husky boys bike.  With Simpsons bike stickers all over it.

14.  I think one of the major things that I feel disappointed I wasn’t born with was the gift to sing well.  It was empathized when the show American Idol started.

15.  I adore Rosie O’ Donnell.  No wait come back!!  I admire her opinionated side, her parenting side, her spouse side, her goofy side, etc.  I feel I really relate to her on so many levels.  I sometimes think of myself as a younger version of her.  Don’t laugh!  I mean I kind of look like her, I’m a lesbian, I am artistic, I am funny, I want to adopt children when I am older, I’m misunderstood, our politics are the same, etc.  I would be in heaven if I spent the day with her at her house in her art studio.  And then later Kelli would make us strip steak, baked potatoes and salad for dinner.  I have it all planned out in my head.

16.  Many times I google something just to confirm I am right.  I hate being wrong even if it’s slightly wrong.  I hate being corrected, it makes me uncomfortable like that person is judging me.  I just googled to confirm Kelli’s name is spelled Kelli instead of Kelly for example.

17. If someone just said something wrong around me it bothers me.  I feel I have to correct them.  Hypocrisy yes a little but I can’t help it.

18. I don’t have any if only very little sentimental value towards the two movies Princess Bride and the Neverending Story.  Those two are the most popular it seems that I just don’t get excited to hear other people’s stories about.  I am just meh about them.  I have tons of other movies we can gush and talk about though!

19. I used to use a cubby space type of shelving unit growing up until I moved out of the house.  They were pale grey plastic tubs with matching plastic legs that kept it together.  They were about 9 of them and my clothes went in them.  Well one night while I was about to go to sleep I don’t remember how old I was I think I was a Freshman in high school I was sticking my fingers through the grid like holes.  I got my finger STUCK in the hole and couldn’t get it out.  I took out the clothes in it and the other container that was on top and ran into where my Grandma was sitting and showed her.  She said can you sleep with it on and we can go to the er in the morning?  A few minutes later I got it off myself.  Not my brightest moment.

20.  Rule of thumb.  If someone says something insulting to me, somebody I care about, or the point they are making is against what I believe in, but it’s funny I am ok with it.   I have left comments on my youtube videos up that are an insult to me just because it was funny and made me laugh.  I usually delete every negative comment on my videos.  I do argue on others videos though.  I have a strange satisfaction when it’s not when I win exactly it’s just they give up arguing with me lol.

Almost there!!!

21. I am subscribed to 149 people on youtube.  I spend at least an hour and a half to two hours a day watching new videos from people I am subscribed to.  If we couldn’t afford cable anymore and had to turn it off I wouldn’t miss it much because I watch youtube more it seems.  And I can find the shows I really like on the internet and download movies etc.

22. I feel I have a very unique way of looking at the world.  So unique it’s hard to describe and I could either not explain it in order for someone else to understand or if they did understand they would think I am nutty.  I don’t have a huge ego at all I just feel I observe the world differently then most people.  I think it’s one of my gifts.

23. Another person I adore is the Amazing Atheist on youtube.  I agree with 99.9% of what he says, I have weird perversions like he does, I enjoy his sense of humor and sarcasm because I act that way too, oh it’s so many reasons.  He is brilliant yet lazy like I am.  If I were strait I would have such a raging crush on him.  I have been known to say groupie esque like things about him before.  I know this doesn’t sound right to you but it sounds right to me and that is all that matters IMO.  I tell myself all the time if I were strait he would be the one I would want to marry and there is nothing wrong with that.  I just saw a picture of his supposed girlfriend on his myspace.  I am way prettier.

24.  I won’t tell you who but I unsubscribed to somebody on youtube that I am still friends with.  I won’t tell you why because then I think you could put the pieces together in your head but it was because it was for several annoying reasons.  I occasionally look up their channel and watch a video or two but I cannot stand watching their videos on a regular basis.

25. You know the saying there is no stupid question just the question that isn’t asked?  I think that is a load of crap you tell a kid so they won’t feel stupid.  I LOATHE it when people ask a question they either could a. think about their question for a minute or two and figure out the answer themselves or b. wait a little while to get their answer instead of interrupting someone to ask their question.  There are others but that is the main two.  One of the reasons why I love the internet is I can avoid asking questions and I can just google up the answer myself.

I hope this was an insightful blog that told you a little bit more about me.  More about what you knew already about me, some things you had no clue about, and just an overall insightful and entertaining blog.

Random pictures that I have taken or found part 2

October 21, 2008

I just decided this will be a regular thing.  Why?  Because I like it.  And because I think others like it too.  A lot of these pictures are from but I think it’s ok because it’s not like they link the original person that made the picture and I add commentary.  So there.

First off, this is a good picture to get you in the mood for the Halloween season.  Why?  It’s creepy.  And I took it.  I felt I had to, just to talk about it here.

When we came back out to our car, this car was in the spot to our right.  I told myself ok, if the person doesn’t come back before I put all of the groceries in the car and put the cart away I am taking a picture as quick as I can.  Notice how blurry the water warn spots are.  This car reminds me of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Seriously folks, the worn down white trash feel to it and the artwork on the windshield is spooky.   The only thing I edited is the white blurred spot to your right on the windshield is a blurred out license plate.  I am getting better at shoppin’ folks.

This is the edited version…

This is my version.  The version that is completed.  I wonder if there is a story behind why the last stripe wasn’t there.

I tried to find the origin of this logo through Google but I couldn’t really find anything.  So I don’t have a good ending for this part of this article and I apologize.  Antichrist = opposite of Christ.  The end.

I want to throw some more pictures in because A. I have more pictures and B. I really don’t think this article should end on an awkward note.

One of the wonderful things about the internet is completely random segways.  I love that cat.  I love it with every fiber of my being.  I love the pouty look on it’s face, how it’s standing in the empty soda case box, everything.  And it kind of looks like Sparta, Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams’ cat.  He is an internet celebrity because of that cat.  I spent a 4 hour blogtv chat with him about a month and a half ago.  It was, epic.  I should of posted a blog talking about it that night, sorry.  Also I should of recorded parts of it with Camtasia.  I will regret not recording a certain part to the day I die.  It has to do with a certain Fire Alarm Kid.  Look in my favorites on youtube if your REALLY curious.

Apparently this is the new thing people say to people that post the first post anyplace and just say FIRST! annoyingly announcing it to the interwebz.  I hope that this snarky line will die that down, it has gotten old.  I admit liking it and actually participating in it over two years ago but come on.  Spending so much time online refreshing a certain page just so you can say FIRST proudly isn’t really anything special.  It is pathetic if you think about it.  I delete everybody that does that on my blog or on my youtube videos comments.  There is a shirt that Jinx sells that says I’m only here because my server is down.  If they sold a shirt that said I’m only here because youtube is down with the youtube logo on it then I would buy it.  I know a lot of people (on Youtube lol) that would buy one.  I should email Jinx sometime about that.

Walmart is stealing ideas from The Simpsons now.  You heard it here first.  I took that picture.  I should get one of those big cookies w/ frosting someday.  Sounds odd but tasty at the same time.  If you like cookies more then cake that is.

I love this cake.  Everyone that has used the interwebz especially Youtube knows what song these lyrics are from.  I love the pun and I love how the word dessert a different color then the rest of the writing.  Whoever wrote the words are quite good at writing with frosting.  This is obviously a homemade cake so it doesn’t fit the requirements over at Cake Wrecks which is strict about their it has to be a store bought cake policy.  Sigh.  I want Cake Wreck fame dammit!

If you don’t know what Cake Wrecks is it’s a site where the hilarious and snarky Jen writes about pictures she has either found on the internet (I just upgraded my vocab) or people have emailed her.  The pictures are of cakes.  Not just the horribly done cakes with misspellings and stuff written on them that is odd and off the wall, but well done cakes that are very bizzare.  Like “I didn’t know Charles Manson made cakes in prison!” bizzare.  Did you know that he is 73 now and he is going to be eligible for parole in 2012?  Look it up.  Sometimes things boggle my mind.  I couldn’t imagine walking around free on the same earth as him.

I have an online friend that met him years ago.  He said that he is scum and everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.  He said that a prison cell is too good for him.  Everybody has their own opinion.  I think cults are fascinating.  Because it shows how powerful one person can be to lots of people.  They can convince several naive people to do horrible things.  Just because they look smart, charming, and they are just flat out a great bullshitter.  I think if you look at it that way it’s interesting.  Serial killers are fascinating to me too because the strange and unusual is fascinating to me.  I would be a great Criminal Psychologist if I applied myself.  Ahhh sigh 🙂

Excuse me officer I was just blowing my lunch LMAO.  I found this picture randomly earlier and I think this is a good ending to this article.  I want a million of these and I want to just pass them out to whoever amuses me.  You can’t really tell the size, but it looks like you can cover most of it if you put the package in the palm of your hand.  They should make spam gum.  I’d buy that too.  I boo naive numb consumers yet I am one.

I got my ballot today.  Tomorrow I am going to fill it out and hopefully send it that day too.  First time!  My whole adulthood the president has been Bush so you can’t really blame me too much.  After I send my ballot in I am going to do a random picture political edition blog.  Promise.  Also I got the game Typing of the Dead last night I want to do a review of that.  Either on youtube or here or both.  We will see.  I love the game so far.  I think that would be a great end note for Halloween.  So if you don’t see it by Halloween then this is an empty promise.  Cough.

History shows again and again, how nature points up to the folly of men

August 17, 2008

I think this is the last possible moment that I can procrastinate doing this blog article without procrastinating so much that i don’t do it entirely.  Mind you, I planned from the beginning to do this blog article.  Ever since I planned on going to the fair.  It’s just, I had some technical problems with uploading the video onto Youtube so I am burnt out on the idea of thinking about the Blue Oyster Cult, or the fair right now.  I took a mini vacation, from Tuesday until last night, but I am burnt.  It’s no offense to anyone reading this, it’s just listening to my crappy cell phone recorded video about 40+ times in the matter of 6 days can make a person become bitter.  I have now learned that it’s extremely difficult to get a series of .3g2 format videos to go into Cyberlink Powerdirector (or Windows Movie Maker for that matter) and just have 4 videos become one.  That is all I wanted to do people.  It became a mission, a mission that I wouldn’t let go unfinished.  I am one of those horrible stubborn people that won’t let something go undone until they sacrifice years off of their life just to prove they are right and whatever the hell it is is wrong.  I might just need more ram for this new laptop.  Yes I said new.

With that horrible intro lol I will go on and write a detailed article that deserves to be written.  But first a back story.  Last year I was living at the time within about 5 blocks or so from a fairgrounds here in town.  Just on a whim I looked up the Umatilla County Fair website (that is on that fairground, I just want you to be on the same page with me with this) and looked up who was performing just to see if I knew anybody that was performing.  I was expecting some 90’s band that had a couple of songs that were popular but not really playing at this small place.  Like, Paula Cole maybe?  I saw SheDaisy which is a small chick Country band and some other person I wasn’t interested in and then Night Ranger!!  I thought, I know them but why?  Off to Youtube I went to confirm I knew some of their songs and sure enough I sure as hell knew the song Sister Christian.  I was so excited that night they were performing, I waited patiently for my best friend Harry to come home and so I could bum 20 bucks off of him and off I went.  I had alot of fun, I saw a Rob Stewart look alike, I ate beer battered mushrooms and drank lemonade, and had a well needed outing.  I came home and thanked Harry several times for the 20 dollars and vowed that would be a tradition of mine.

Flash forward to about 6 months ago, I looked on the Umatilla County Fair website again.  I honestly thought the fair was in September and not the beginning of August so thank goodness I looked it up ahead of time.  I wanted Harry to come but no one could cover his shift at work.  I can admit that the reason why I wanted him to go was because of a selfish reason.  We moved the end of February across town.  I REALLY didn’t want to walk across town for the fair.  I wanted to go with him to have him drive there and back.  I am not too awful of a person for that but just to get it out there I didn’t want to walk .2 (according to Google maps) miles there one way.  I am out of shape, so that is a ways.

August 8th creeped up on me, I had about 20 dollars in my pocket, and I felt just staying home and not walking all of that way and back wasn’t worth missing an adventure.  At 7:45 I checked to make sure I had the house keys, I doubled checked to make sure I turned off all of the lights, I locked the door, and I was off.  I sped walk in a mix of excitement and being slightly running behind schedule.  The concert started at 9, so I was running a little late.  The year earlier I was an hour there before the concert started.

This is the road I was walking along.  The endless but not so endless familiar road.  I was bound determined to hear someone, hopefully the Blue Oyster Cult, sing that night!

After a little under an hour of walking, I was there.  Right when I got to the last stretch of sidewalk up to the gate I saw a tall, pale, guy with a poofed out beard and red hair to match with a pale avocado “More Cowbell” t-shirt on.  I felt that was a sign that this was fate.  After forking over 7 bucks, getting a temporary brand and getting through the gate, I realized my feet were already tired so I wanted to rest my feet.  I couldn’t quickly find a place to sit that didn’t look like you had to buy something so you won’t get the ol’ heave ho’ but I did eventually find a bench that made me happy for about 5 minutes.  My feet were still tired but I felt like a party pooper pulling the lets sit on a bench like you can do any other time thing.

While I got back up on my feet to look for where the concert was going to be so I could stake out my standing area, I saw a sign for a wild animal exhibit.  After walking the wrong way in a horseshoe shaped pathway and having the guy correct me, I saw a sign that was a big pat on the non profit organization’s back for rescuing these animals from their habitat and putting them on display for us to gawk at them.  Now, I am not an expert on the subject but how is this better?  There was a bobcat type of wild cat in the cage in the above picture (sorry the picture is so crappy, it was the bad lighting) pacing back and forth constantly.  I felt really bad for him.  There was another cat but I don’t know what it was, a cheetah maybe?  Most of the exhibit was snakes.

The snake pictures are better.  I was scared as hell of these snakes but fascinated at the same time which I am about a lot of things.

I didn’t get a picture of him, but there was this yellow, orange, and red snake that it’s head kept on moving pointing at us.  There were some young 18 year old tourist Aussie kids ahead of me.  I about crapped my pants watching that snake.  I thought about actually taking a video of him with my cell phone but the guy was watching us really closely.  I thought the snake was just going to say fuck it and bust through the glass!!  It was a thin snake not like these thick ones.

Here is one of the Tarantulas!!   If you can’t see him then look closely at the orange spots.  I can’t really say anything about him, other then he was awake and creep crawling around his tiny glass box.  I even felt sorry for him the hairy little fucker.

I am hesitant to admit this, but it took me a while to find the stage.  I wandered around in a loop for about an hour and a half.  By the time I found it my feet really hurt and I was cranky.  I felt disappointed in knowing there might be a chance that I might not see the concert AT ALL because I couldn’t find it right away.  I found a huge rodeo going on.  I found it over and over again.  I found all of the carnies that had rock music blasting from their speakers over and over again, but no live music stage.  I was stunned and dumbfounded.  No son, we are not happy.  Not even about Lemonade.  Because the Blue Oyster Cult is nowhere to be found.

This was the main ride that was scary but everyone wanted to go on.  I honestly thought it was a Ferris wheel at first, but no it’s not.  I think every fair has that one showcased ride that people stand in a long line to go on.  This one was called the Ring of fire.  Every time I walked by it (over and over, mind you) I got the classic Johnny Cash song stuck in my head.  I took this picture just so I could share that.  Your welcome.

Eventually the crowd died around the rides, and the carnies music out of their speakers were killed.  I found where the crowd went and where the music was coming from.

First I found an area that was a side angle of the stage that I thought I was going to stand for 2 hours.  But then I quickly found that I was standing right where people went in and out of the reserved seating.  Every minute or so someone went out of the reserved seating to go take a piss or buy something to become future piss.  I had to find another place to stand.

I found a good spot dead center that didn’t have so much of a crowd to make me uncomfortable.  There was a guy that if he was sober I feel sorry for him that bounced around behind me shouting random humorous things.  At the time I thought he was an annoying person out to ruin my evening but now I am glad I had him there because it made the experience sincerely more enjoyable.  Also in front of me there was a poor man’s version of Mystie rocking out with her female friend that looked vaguely the same but brunette.  They were probably about 18 but knew a lot of the words to a lot of the songs so I was impressed.  It was fun watching them rock out with their cocks out.

One thing I didn’t get him shouting on video was he kept on shouting, “This isn’t New York, this is Oregon!  We are rocking out in Oregon!  Yeah!” in a Special Ed type of way.  But I thought it was sincere and not him trying to be funny.  A guy standing by him I think was his friend humored him during when he was getting the fact that this is Oregon and not New York out of his system.  If anyone that lives in New York is reading this, it’s no offense to New York.  I think his point was this is a small town in Oregon and not a big city in New York and the place was rocking out.

What you have all been waiting for…

The visual part of the video kinda sucks.  But it’s all about the audio anyway.  I am one of those people that constantly are taking pictures and video.  Why?  Because really of three main reasons.  I want to be able to look at the video I made and pictures I took and reminisce with vivid details right in front of me.  Second, I want to be able to see what I have done in the past when I am older and when I am not able to remember it that well.  Third, I want proof to show others that I was there and to tell my story to them.  Some people think oh well just live your life.  It’s more fun if you aren’t hiding behind a camera all the time.  I want proof.

Here is a better video of the same concert.

His video shows basically how my view was.  For some reason my video makes it look like I had nose bleed seats.  I could see the people, what they were wearing etc.  I couldn’t count their nose hairs but I could see them.  He had another video up that was closer, the audio was worse but he took it down.  THANK GOODNESS I saved both of his videos for my own keepsakes.  I LOVE FILE2HD.COM!  I did a tutorial about them this last week, check out my youtube channel for it.

If you can’t make out what the loud guy behind me is saying in the video then I am going to tell you the main things he said in the video.  He is saying, “I want a copy of that!  Can I have a copy of that?” talking to me wanting a copy of the picture he thought I was taking.  I took pictures before so to his defense he wasn’t too far off thinking I was still taking pictures.

Me saying, “I don’t know they’re pretty bad!” and laughing.  I meant the quality is bad.  Not like oh I’m bad, I’m bad you know it.

Him saying, (later when BOC is playing Don’t fear the reaper) “You got the whole thing on video?” Me “Yeah” Him “You can do that?!?  I didn’t know you could do that! Put the whole thing on youtube or something and I might watch it in a day or so.” I nodded and said the quality is bad but we’ll see.  He instantly ignored me after that and went back to his obnoxious cheering.  I have to admit I was a little frightened of him.  He looked like every stereotypical homeless man that you have seen in any movie.  Yep that one.

They acted like they finished up and then when most of the crowd left they did one more song.  The majority of people are stupid.  BUT the loud guy behind me stayed and begged for an encore.  Apparently they heard him because they squeezed one more song out.

While the concert was going on I glanced around, seeing what I should buy before I head home.  My best friend Harry already told me to buy him an elephant ear so I knew I had to buy that.  I played around with the idea of buying two and scarfing one down.  Right beside me was this glorious lit up sign that said TORTATOES which from what I saw were basically curly fries in a paper snow cone type of container.  I think it would be way too awkward to order one and I don’t think there is much bang for your buck which they planned all along because gimmicky names always cost a little more.  Fuckin’ Tortatoes.

I decided to get an elephant ear for myself as well and continued on my continuous walking adventure.  I first bought a foot long corn dog which was okay, and then found a booth that sold the glorious ears.  I am always impressed on how huge they are.  I know they are mostly fluff but they are friggin big.  I wandered around some more and found a grungy but not wet picnic table to sit at to enjoy some time alone with my Elephant Ear.  When I finally got off my feet and sat my big ass down, I saw this.

A diaper.  A babies diaper sparled out on the ground.  I tried not to gag while eating my food.  Their were plenty of blowjob trash clowns around for them to throw the diaper away so there were no excuses.

I filled my stomach up with corn dog and cinnamon powdery fluffy dough, and decided to start to make my trek back home.  I could easily make a long story about my trek home because it was a long painful one but this is long enough.  I made a right instead of a left and that added about an hour to my walking.  My feet were sore for 2 days after that.  I needed the exercise so the farther it’s in the past the more it’s not a big deal.  Until next year when I do it all over again.

Overall I learned some things about this experience for future reference.  I am bringing my HD camcorder with me next year.  I will try to get there earlier to have more daylight so things are easier to see.  Elephant ears only last about 4 hours before they become incredibly stale and hard.  I think I like Night Ranger better then I like the Blue Oyster Cult.  I also taught someone something.  I taught a loud guy that cell phones can record video.  So hurrah for tradition.

It happened. It finally happened.

May 26, 2008

Does this mean I’m an official youtuber now?

I have a handful of copyrighted clips that I have on my youtube account that I had no involvement making.  I just liked the clip, did a search on youtube, and saw that clip wasn’t on youtube yet so I thought I would benefit people by uploading it for them.  I feel it’s easier for me to go to my account online and rewatch the clips on my account.  Yes I rewatch my own videos.  I rewatch the ones I think are well done like my stop motion videos, or ones that it’s been months since I have done the video.  I am disappointed one out of my two John Lennon videos was the first to be flagged, because I worked over 20 hours on them.  It was a little over a week before his birthday in October, and I decided on a whim to do a video with clips from his music videos and then with that video make a second one with John Lennon quotes and facts about the late and great John Lennon.  I don’t think John Lennon if he were still alive would of flagged my video.  I am dumbfounded and stunned.  I knew it would of happened someday…

Bye bye video.  It was fun.


I deleted both versions of the video, even though they only flagged one.  My youtube channel is not one that is primarily made to upload copyrighted clips so to stay on their good side I will delete any of them that get flagged.  I think my most important videos are the ones that I am talking about my life and telling my stories.  My second most important are the stopmotion videos set to music.  I am afraid those will get flagged because of the copyright music in them.  I would hate for one to get thee ol’ flag because I love them.  I feel they show human nature, MY human nature and I feel they are creative and artistic.  If I like them so much I guess I could just get some boring public domain music to put over them 🙂  Later Gators.

MyHeritage what Celebrities I look like gobbly gook

April 13, 2008

I love that there is a chance that John Belushi could of been my Dad. I do look a lot like that magazine cover. Someone recently told me I look like John Travolta could be my Dad. Which is great because I love as my cousin would say, Travolta baby. He could teach me all about planes and how it’s like to be a hollywood icon. I think and always will think Cybil Shepard is stunning. And I have a crush on Kristie Alley. I love her sassy femme attitude. Most of the crushes I have on women are ones that the peak of their career was around the time I was born or in elementary school. Oh well who cares 🙂

In other news, I am obsessed with the new 4 minutes Madonna Justin Timberlake video. I usually enjoy listening to Alternative Rock on Yahoo Radio (the link is on the left) but I dig this tune. I can totally see myself singing “I’m outta time all I got is 4 minutes.  4 minutes AYE”  I have an unbelievably huge crush on Madonna but that isn’t it really. I don’t like the obvious CGI special effects though. I never like it when it’s obvious it came from a computer. They could of done it with claymation and I would of liked that. People don’t use claymation as much as they used to and that is a shame. I love clay animation. Anybody that has completed a claymation film deserves an A for effort.

Anyway go to youtube and read some of the comments for 4 minutes on Madonna’s official youtube account. Which is anyway some of them are hilarious because they are like “what does this have to do with saving the world? I don’t get this video or the song!!” and how dare people say that Madonna has lost her it factor. Madonna is stunning and can do whatever she damn well feels like. Then about an hour later I watch She wants Revenge tear you apart

And read those comments! Because those people don’t get that video either!! It’s really funny. I think most of them are like 13 but still. Ok people art isn’t meant to be understood by anybody except the person that made it. You take your own interpretation away from it. I think I get the video, “the Reds” are the outcasts and they go to a place where they feel like they aren’t alone. Like gays in the gay community. The land of misfit toys. There is a twist because we think there is this girl that goes to a dance with a boy. This girl tells the best to her ability that she wasn’t born a girl she was born a boy but she feels the best as a girl. She wants this boy to date her even after knowing this. Her plan backfires and this boy and his friends gang up on her. The Reds rescue her and are revealed as the two boys that the boy she went to the dance with mentioned before that he thought they mysteriously disappeared.

I’m glad I got that out of my system. The guy singing this song is creepy but in a sexy way. When he is singing “I’m going to tear you apart” I think that means he is going to make the girl he is about to have sex with feel like a dirty slut. He is going to rip her feminine daintyness away and fuck her like a raw animal. Also people didn’t get what that meant which also was amusing because I thought it was obvious. It’s hard to be smart because when people ask questions like that and you easily know it it pisses you off because they seem like stupid questions and stupid people seem like they are blindly wandering around on this planet assuming everyone is there just to explain things to them. Or that is what I at least think.

I hate it I mean I absolutely LOATHE it when someone asks a question they could of easily found the answer to themselves by doing a 5 minute google search about. I read Ask Ro everytime Rosie O’ Donnell updates and I LOATHE it when people bother her by asking her questions they could of found themselves. What movie were you in with Madonna? OMG you people!! Don’t you know what is or is?!?!! WHY DO YOU ASK QUESTIONS LIKE THAT!!?!?!? IT PISSES ME OFF!!! What is your oldest sons name again???? Does Kelli have your last name too?? List goes on and another thing is why do people ask when they can just wait a day or two and have the question be answered? Because some questions she answers every single day it seems! Even though if everyone took my advice she wouldn’t answer those questions all the time and they wouldn’t get their answer. But I always wait around a bit online and the real world (Natural light, get it off me! Get it off me!!) to get an answer rather then asking right away. When people immediately ask a question right off of the top of their heads without waiting until their question is answered for them I consider them stupid. I always wait around then I ask.

And I hate the questions that are half insult half question. Like, why don’t you wear makeup more often? You look so much better with it on! People ask questions like that to me and I am getting sick of it I am about to yell at them like a drill Sargent just to get them off my back and scare the crap outta them. I just want to act like every conversation people have with me is like an integration. But I usually keep those kinds of thoughts in my head and will probably not go postal anytime soon. We’ll see. The only person I can trust is myself ‘shifty eyes’