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Random pictures that I have taken or found

October 9, 2008

The title basically explains what this blog article is about.  These are some funny pictures I have taken over the course of the last 6 months or pictures I have found on the internet.  These aren’t all of them but they are just a few.  I wouldn’t want this blog article to be read at my funeral but it’s a good one nonetheless.  Let’s begin…

This article will show at least one picture for everybody I think.  This also shows how bent my sense of humor is.  I have the kind of sense of humor that is offensive to a lot of people.  But I feel you only live once so why not laugh your problems away.  People become alcoholics because they get overwhelmed by life’s problems well I just have a good laugh and then move on.

I had to do this picture first because I took it to use on my blog and I want to use it just so I can say I did.  To whom exactly?  No idea.

Where are they out?  And why if it’s someplace else, did they have to specifically put this tiny sign over the raspberry tea dispenser?  I love their artistic skills on the frowny face, nice touch.  Nice touch indeed.  As opposed to a bad touch that you hear about in special episodes of older Saturday morning cartoon specials.  I saw the episode online of Different Strokes about child molestation a couple months ago for the first time and it still gives me the willis just thinking about it.

This one I took Tuesday night at our precious Super Walmart that is up the street.  You can get practically anything done or buy anything there and never go anyplace else.  It’s kind of scary in it’s own way.  But we were waiting forever behind a girl that was no older then 20 that had a kid that was no older then a year old with one on the way and I see this older lady taking her sweet time getting out change from her purse to pay for her groceries.  I had to sneak a picture, and took one as quickly as Harry could say, “Jodi no!” because I am like a martial artist with my cell phone.  Flip open, flip closed.  I hope the lady behind me in line didn’t notice.  I think she was too busy staring at all the different kinds of gum.  I admit, they are hypnotising in their own way.

You can’t really tell from that picture but I am pretty sure the lady was wearing a black fanny pack.  Right above the little counter where you write a check in our lane you see a black strap.  She can tell all of her bingo buddies now that she is an internet celebrity.  I kind of don’t want to and want to not give a shit anymore about my appearance at the same time so much that I can wear very loud flowered pants like that when I am older or even now with dignity.  Very loud and the colors are very bright.  This picture doesn’t do justice.  I saw them from the corner of my eye, just to do a really good look at them and take this picture.  I couldn’t look at them directly for long, I didn’t want to do permanent damage to my precious eyes.  I don’t even know where she would buy those!!  Did she make them?  Is she that dedicated to her flower pants wearing cult?

Moving on… I have a picture for all of the car lovers out there.  Well, I think lover is too strong of a word.

I took this one myself.  I blurred the plate in paint shop pro because I am not cruel enough to post their plate number.  It’s a bit blurry because I rush really quickly while taking pictures of people’s cars because I am terrified of the reaction if they catch me.  I take pictures of bumper stickers sometimes because I am either laughing at them or with.  I was especially nervous to take this one, if they are such a rebel they spent a good amount of money to  make their plate cooked on their car I don’t want any trouble from them.  If you look closely then you can tell it’s not loosely on there and needs to be fixed like a picture frame, no there is an indent in the car frame around the plate that is crooked and the plate is screwed on like a regular plate but not really, well you know what I mean.

Is this a trend in the car business?  If not, how do you go about modifying a car like that?  I would think that it would be an awkward request.  And I wonder how much that would cost.  The joke to me wouldn’t be worth spending that much money to follow through with.  It probably cost a pretty penny.  What people do anymore to stand out and make a statement.

This statement isn’t as subtle, and it’s even more hilarious.  I’m going to warn you now.  Put down any beverages you are drinking and swallow them completely.  Also stop eating anything.  I don’t want to owe anybody a keyboard.  Are you ready?  Alright here it is…

Ok I think this one speaks for itself.  I mean generator, air conditioner, you can figure it out.  This person deserves credit for their craftsmanship.  And hardheaded stubbornness that I respect because I have that too.

It’s a lot easier just to roll down a window when the air conditioner breaks and enjoy the breeze.  It’s a lot quieter too.  I don’t know the back story so I guess I have no room to judge.  Heh.

Enough of the car pictures.  Have I told you lately that I love you?  Well I do 😀

If you want to say I love you in the snarkiest way this is the way to do so.  I love the that it has just the right tip at the bottom of the heart.  So sweet.  So loving.  So snarky.

These next pictures might offend you.  But I guess if you have read this far it won’t bother you too much.

This photo is blurry because the picture is tiny and I wanted to blow it up.  This picture I saw on someone’s default avatar on myspace and I had to have it.  This goes right along with my sense of humor.  Being a lesbian I wouldn’t dare wear a t shirt or have a bumper sticker proudly displaying it because then I would be labeled a man hating lesbian that I so don’t want to be label as.  And why do people have to go around labeling others anyway?  I don’t want to get off on that rant right now but you get my point.  This is funny to me though.  I told my best friend Harry about it and he said he didn’t get it.  I guess if it said I like my women how I like my coffee I would be a hypocrite and not smile as wide about it.  I say about like Canadians.  I started doing that about 3 years ago.  Mystery to me and Harry.  Weird.  Ground up and in the freezer ‘chuckles’

Ok I feel everyone is at least a little racist.  But I feel I am not an out right bigot.  I feel we were all born the same way so we are all equal.  People aren’t better then you because they have more money, they have a more attractive wife, or anything else in this life that you would compare with others.  You should NEVER compare your life to other people’s lives because you will always wind up short and just feel bad about yourself.  You should look at your life and see how grateful you should feel about the things you have, not feel awful because of what you don’t have.  Who cares if you don’t have an expensive rolex watch and a guy on tv does!  A 20 dollar one still works great!  It’s stuff!  Life is about enjoying sunsets and breathing and what not!  Moving on…

I can just see some squeaky voiced teen just slapping those signs everywhere on January 31st at closing time.  When you get all of those signs up you can close up go home the boss says.  See you on Monday he says.

I hope I made you laugh.  And think.  Laugh and think.  Yeah that sounds right.

I just wanted to say if I didn’t take the picture myself or get it elsewhere the pictures in this blog article I stole from which is a great site to turn off your brain and laugh with.  These pictures are ones that people upload to show on the IRC chat room server.  So it’s very random.  If you dig for a while then you can see some really funny and really stupid pictures.  Like Beavis and Butthead stupid.  But I feel that is good for the spirit.  Warning that site shows EVERYTHING which means you will see also full color porn.  Porn you might not even thought of before.  It’s not for the weak stomach.  I am not talking about 2 girls one cup I am talking about furries people.  Those people are sick fucks.  I love them but not in that way.  Also glorious shots of some beautiful women.  Some of the comments people leave are very funny and immature.  I have read some great ones.

Aww heck just one more funny.  Told ya I loved ya 😀

Like I said a few paragraphs above I’m a lesbian.  If you have any street smarts then you could tell from a mile away.  I have very short hair, I dress and walk like a guy.  Especially if their is a chick I have the hots for around.  Can’t explain it it’s subconsious people.  But this video is so funny to me.  I just love how positive her voice is like she can’t believe it.  And when she corrects herself it’s so so funny because it’s like where she is from Gay is a synonym for Blindness.  You all know this but I just wanted to point it out.  Have a great day all and I will try to post another blog with a smaller gap of time between this one and the last one.


Random pictures of my tuesday

May 29, 2008

Ok, like I admitted on Will’s blog, I take random pictures with my cell phone. A lot of them I take because I think something is odd or funny, and sometimes it’s just flat out interesting. There was a movie made a few years ago with Robin Williams in it called the final cut. It was cheesy but interesting I would suggest it if you like realistic sci fi. The main overview of the movie was when certain people are born if their parents choose for them to they can get a memory implant. A memory implant records every moment of their lives. They suggest around their 18th birthday telling them. Imagine that for news. There is a worker called a cutter that when someone dies that has one of these memory implants it’s the cutter’s job to splice together a movie montage of their memorable moments. The cutter knows all of the person’s deep dark secrets, the job is not to be handled lightly. One of the rules is the cutter cannot have a memory implant.

The point of mentioning it is sometimes I think about that movie and wish I had a memory implant because I wish some of the wonderful things that have happened in my life were captured. Sometimes you don’t or can’t have a camcorder in your hands during a wonderful, priceless moment. I try my best at taking pictures of even the minor or major things but you can’t take a picture of everything.

My best friend Harry and I went on Tuesday afternoon to burger king because I found in the mail burger king coupons that were still good and one was for a buy one get one free steakhouse burger. The burger was ok, it definitely wasn’t worth the 4 dollars and some change they were asking for the thing.

When we were standing in line, I saw all of the Indiana Jones displays and I thought they were neat so I decided to snap a quick picture of the banner underneath the counter and the cardboard cut out. The cardboard cut out showed him swinging on the side all Indiana Jones like. That is fine and fun. I thought the picture was snapping a pic worthy. When I got home to scan over my pics the turn out was just too funny. I don’t usually keep pics when they are even slightly blurry but I didn’t take more then one.

Indy is swinging into the women’s bathroom to sneak a peak!! OMG WHAT A PERVERT!! LMAO!!

When we sat down to wait for our food, we saw 3 young men about 18 or so (I feel so old…) and they were all proud to wear those little paper burger king hats. For children. Here I’ll show you 😀

They took them with them to the car. I guess that is better then putting them back. I wonder if they did that on a whim or they HAVE to get those crowns everytime they visit BK?? Hmmm…

I got a free apple pie that I split with Harry and he got a small shake that he took a couple of sips from and then handed to me. It was strawberry. I love those promotions were most of the time you get a freebie. It’s one of those things that makes life worth living you know?

The first time I witnessed and participated in a contest like that was when the Godzilla movie was in theaters and Taco Bell was doing a contest/promotion for the movie. I got a Baja Gordita combo meal with my best friend at the time I think we were around 15 years old. With my game piece from my drink I got a soft taco. I waited until the end of my meal to redeem it. After I got it and sat down with it she asked nicely if I was going to eat my hard taco because she was still hungry. I said sure, I don’t like hard tacos anyway I save them until the end that is why I still had it. We chowed down simultaneously with bliss.

Those new 5 dollar big boxes rock my socks off. But I think the next time I go to Taco Bell I will get a Baja Gordita with my meal just for old time’s sake. It has corn in it, and a heavenly sauce. I think it’s the Baja one. Eh I think I am just going to say “the one with the corn in it” which I think that is what I said back then. I asked for a Gordita and she said which one? And then I asked what is the difference then she listed what they had in them and then I said “I want the one with the corn in it then” feeling very dumbfounded like oh my God I think this person thinks I’m an idiot for not knowing which one has corn in it!!

Afterwards Harry told me that when he went to the grocery store earlier and among other things he got a 2 liter jug of root beer and he wanted to go to Super Walmart, send me in with money and buy a carton of vanilla ice cream for root beer floats. We have the perfect root beer float mugs that are tall and wide and and sturdy they have the current A&W logo on them. While I was wondering around scoping out the place after picking up and carrying around a carton of vanilla ice cream I saw a display for sugar free drink mix out of the corner of my eye. Generic brand Crystal Light, nothing special, but then I saw something more that was picture worthy…

Yes I am one of those people that would get a giggle out of Sugar Free drink mix sitting beside a big ol’ stack of sugar. It’s the little moments people, that make up life. Enjoy. Because life sometimes is funny as hell!!


Just a few minutes ago on youtube, I got a random urge to look up Taco Bell commercials from the Yo Quiero Taco Bell era. I found within about 20 seconds of me thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool to find a Taco Bell ad that was when the movie Godzilla came out?” just that. Ahh gotta love the instant gratification youtube can provide. I didn’t think this was worth another blog but it is a great addition to this one to give some closure to my visiting Taco Bell during the time Godzilla came out and winning a taco because of the contest story. Enjoy.