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Poem about my Jenn, yes I write poems too!

July 30, 2009

If you only read this blog and nothing else about me which is insane because I rarely update this you won’t know a big thing about me.  For the past 3 and 1/2 months I have had a girlfriend.  It’s one online but still lol!  Her name is Jennifer she is hot and sarcastic, bitchy and sexy all in one.  She has me on a short leash but I am lovin’ every minute of it.

This last month I have been telling her I want to write mushy love poems about her but that is a really bad idea.  She said go ahead and if you want just send them to me and not share with anybody else.  I decided not to until Thursday night.  This isn’t a particularly mushy poem writing about rainbows and care bears, it’s nice.  It’s more adult and intense.  I have read it about 5 times since I wrote it and I really like it.  You can of course have your own opinion but I thought some of you would appreciate me sharing.  It’s extremely rare get the urge to write poems this is probably the 5 time in my life I have gotten the urge.  I can’t think of a title for it.

Your light is my dark
My dark makes you feel less alone
Your dark feels less lonely when I let mine go
and that makes us both want more
I want to hold you until you are content
I want to learn your language until I can speak it
I want to search through your closet to find myself
I want to get lost in your dreams and save you from them
I find light in your dark
The dark we find together I will cherish forever
I used to do it alone but now when I do it it’s beautiful
I used to feel a burden now I can’t believe it was alive
You held my hand while I shed my skin
A person was born underneath all this clutter
you found a light under this darkness
but you keep all of it for yourself
you want it all even what I don’t want
you look at my blemishes like they are perfection
you drink me in and appreciate things I don’t even know I do
I am going to attempt to spend my life fullfilling you
filling you up with this perfection
cracking your shell slightly each time
and loving the way you move
with every pace
every stroke
every time you stare at me
I feel I can talk to you freely
its like a warm blanket and a cup of cocoa that never gets cold
inside jokes that make us whole
rituals that get us through this life together
coping with the chaos that surrounds us
lights and noises that quickly buzz around us
while we can only stare at each other
mesmerized with the fact we met each other
even after all this time
all the ups and downs it just gets better
the ocean can’t get any wetter

I be twitterized!!

June 7, 2008

Hello everybody, this morning when I was doing my blog rounds I noticed that Ross got himself a twitter account.  I have heard of twitter before, and I signed up just so I could follow along with him.  But now I realize what twitter is all about.  For people that are in the dark, Twitter is a site where you can give brief updates on yourself to anybody that is following along.  Kind of like the status report on myspace, but with an archive.  You can also send a text message to 40404 and it automatically updates on your twitter page.  I probably won’t screw with it that often if at all but hey why not?  So anybody reading this that is even slightly interested in what makes me me add me to your twitter account.  Follow me around in my mundane life.

I’m Twitterized!!!

It happened. It finally happened.

May 26, 2008

Does this mean I’m an official youtuber now?

I have a handful of copyrighted clips that I have on my youtube account that I had no involvement making.  I just liked the clip, did a search on youtube, and saw that clip wasn’t on youtube yet so I thought I would benefit people by uploading it for them.  I feel it’s easier for me to go to my account online and rewatch the clips on my account.  Yes I rewatch my own videos.  I rewatch the ones I think are well done like my stop motion videos, or ones that it’s been months since I have done the video.  I am disappointed one out of my two John Lennon videos was the first to be flagged, because I worked over 20 hours on them.  It was a little over a week before his birthday in October, and I decided on a whim to do a video with clips from his music videos and then with that video make a second one with John Lennon quotes and facts about the late and great John Lennon.  I don’t think John Lennon if he were still alive would of flagged my video.  I am dumbfounded and stunned.  I knew it would of happened someday…

Bye bye video.  It was fun.


I deleted both versions of the video, even though they only flagged one.  My youtube channel is not one that is primarily made to upload copyrighted clips so to stay on their good side I will delete any of them that get flagged.  I think my most important videos are the ones that I am talking about my life and telling my stories.  My second most important are the stopmotion videos set to music.  I am afraid those will get flagged because of the copyright music in them.  I would hate for one to get thee ol’ flag because I love them.  I feel they show human nature, MY human nature and I feel they are creative and artistic.  If I like them so much I guess I could just get some boring public domain music to put over them 🙂  Later Gators.