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“Jodi, you are the Christopher Walken in my life, too cool to define.” Will from

My name is Jodi, I was born in Portland Oregon on March 7th, 1982. I was adopted by my Grandparents when I was about 9 months old because my Dad (saying he was mentally ill is an understatement) was in prison and unstable. My Mom was and still is mentally unstable and has fairly serious physical disabilities. I talked to her on the phone and she visited regularly when I was growing up and I still see her regularly.

You will learn about me a lot on my blog, so there are a lot of details that I won’t talk about here in this bio. If you are really interested in hearing more about my life you should watch the 6 part series of videos I made on youtube called, “this is my life, in my own words I guess”

Click here for part 1

I will post blogs on random things that I am interested that week or day. If it’s a music video I love, a new blog I am interested in, a movie review, a food review, a story about a part of my childhood, a youtube video I just made, whatever it is I’ll post it when I get inspired or I’ll try my best to. Like the graphic I made says; read it, love it, feed it. Only bloggers know what I am talking about and I love it 🙂


3 Responses to “Jodi DeVore’s about page”

  1. Review the World Says:

    hey! – i’m just getting hip to the personal blog scene.. – but i’ll def. be checking yours out occasionally.. – as fellow X-E fans, you should check out my site, you may dig some of the content.. – talk to you later.. – be well!

    – brian

  2. Russ Says:

    Hey Jodi,

    This comment is something I wanted to post awhile ago, but I’m pretty bad at following thru on things I actually want to do.

    I’ve followed X-E for about 5 years now, and post on occasion (I go by the name Nickelodeon) but mainly it’s a place I visit to get away from the real world. I love reading all the user comments, and I have a select group of people that I make sure to scan for their posts(primarily yours), however something strange has happened.

    At first, I would always think your posts were way too long to read, and when I saw any long post I would say to myself “I totally bet this is by Goob”….but that’s only because I was too lazy to read them…….and then one day I started reading them, which lead to me enjoying them and enjoying following the various stories you post about your daily life. That transpired into me logging onto your blog daily (hoping for updates), visiting your flickr, and checking out your myspace. I know this sounds like i’m virtually stalking you, but in all honesty I think you have a really cool outlook on a lot of things, and you live a life totally different from mine….and I just find all of it interesting.

    I guess for me, knowing what someone else is doing in their day to day life is almost like a character study. I guess that’s why the only book I read are biographies.

    Anyways, my entire point to this email is just to say hi, and to say that I really appreciate everything you do on the web, and that I hope you don’t think all of your online activities are a waste of time, because I very much enjoy them.

    In case you’re wondering about me, my name’s Russ, im 27, I live in Toronto, Canada and I manage Public Relations and Publicity for a major theme park.

    Anyways, this comment is as weird for me to write as im sure it is for you to read, so I’ll end it here 🙂


  3. kom Says:

    Hi Jodi,

    I’m a friend of your sister Aimee. we used to be friends a few years ago but we lost contact and I’m a bit worried about her. I would very much appreciate it if you could email me at and if you have any information on how she is doing or her wherreabouts that would be greatly appreciated. I spent some time at your grandparents place in portland. i must say they are nice people. Also if you could provide aimee’s contact information (email) that would be greatly appreciated also. If not that’s ok. I just want to know that she’s ok

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