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I am sad, but I chose to be this way (movie reviews, rambles)

January 27, 2009

Emotions are an interesting thing.  They make us feel like we are on top of the world or on the bottom of it.  Sometimes like how I described in my sad movies blog, we choose to be sad, sappy and emotional.  Especially women but not exclusively.  I have guy friends I SWEAR I do that are a sucker sometimes for a sad sappy movie.  The based on true story ones are the worst because you try to imagine someone really going through that.  I know it’s blown out of proportion for reasons Hollywood think are right but it still makes us cry while we are smiling.  We smile because we realized that we got sucked in by something artificial and fake.

I know I have literally had my eyes swelled up with tears while I am chuckling at myself during a sad movie.  The last time I did that was the last time I watched E.T. last November.  I was crying because of Elliot and E.T. being sick and I was laughing at myself because that is just what Hollywood manipulates you how to feel like.  Also I have seen that movie so many times I couldn’t even tell you how many.  I will smell your pine trees and fog machine someday you freakin’ alien.

But I don’t want to go on a ramble about that right now.  I have something so much more sad to talk about.  I warned you!  The reason why I like being sad sometimes is you realize how wrapped up in the superficial world around you sometimes you don’t realize the broad range of emotions you can get into and why that great emotional range is what makes your life well rounded.  I just feel lucky when it’s all said and done when it’s just a movie and not something really worth crying about.  This last month or so on the on screen guide on our DVR I have seen the Diary of Anne Frank pop up so I set the DVR to record it last week.  It’s the 1980 version with Melissa Gilbert playing Anne Frank.  Melissa Gilbert was in the show Little House on the Prairie and this was during the time that show was on the air.  I love that show too.  I love fantasizing in my head while watching it if I could survive in settlers times and what would I be good at.  That show was in syndication when I was in the 3rd grade.  We were learning about the Oregon Trail (talking about the Apple II game is a WHOLE ‘nother blog article!) and how people had it so much different then we do now.  I mean, those people worked so hard just for some butter!  I actually think about that stuff quite a bit especially when I am feeling really lazy.

Also when I was a kid we learned about the Holocaust.  I have always been fascinated by learning about World War II, Hitler, Nazis, Concentration Camps, the whole thing.  I am not a history buff like some people but every once in a while I do devote a few hours to talking about it and learning more details.  I am a sick fuck so I am fascinated with learning about Concentration Camps.  Don’t judge me my brain made me that way.  I think it was terrible just like the next decent person it’s just human nature is so interesting to me.  Decent people are boring I want to learn about twisted freaks, ya know?

If you can imagine one time in my life when I was in the 6th grade I used to go to the library on a regular basis.  I got a bike the summer going into the 6th grade and I followed my oldest sister during the summer time while she visited to get teenage novels and magazines and then I would follow her back home.  I noticed one day they rented out VHS tapes too.  We just learned about World War II so I was naturally curious about the Diary of Anne Frank.  At that time I watched the 1959 version.

I told my Grandma before I got it I was thinking about checking it out and she said she wanted me to get it because she wanted to watch it too.  That felt like a compliment to me and a big deal because she always has been rarely interested in movies or tv other then Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and when the Blazers are playing basketball.   She multitasked through it but still listened.  We played the movie in a different room she usually sits in so that felt like a big deal in itself that she was willing to spend an hour and a half in a different room she usually watches tv in.  Just trust me on those last 4 lines, that was all different and cool as a kid growing up.  From the library I also checked out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3.  I am not much of a reader.

This is the trailer for the 1959 version.  Black and white to me needs a lot of patience.  Not to offend but I am not that much into black and white movies.  That is a step up from reading a book to me.  I would have to think for a minute or two if you gave me a choice between a black and white movie or a book.

Earlier watching the 1980 version I enjoyed slowly getting sucked into the sappy Hollywoodness of Anne Frank.  Most everybody wants to live on past their lifetime.  That is why people have children, or write blogs, or take pictures of themselves.  They hate the thought of being forgotten after they die.  I feel that way too but I don’t think about it too much.  I always kind of assume that people will talk about me long after I am gone.  This blog barely scrapes the surface of why I am unique and why people are fascinated by me.  Yes I made a story about the Holocaust about me shut up.

Anne is going to live on for decades I think.  She was a talkative, outgoing, cheery 13 year old when the movie started.  She danced, talked, tried to make everybody happy and I think really was the lit candle for everybody.  The spark that kept everybody’s hopes up at least a little.  When a man Mr. Dussell moves in he complains about everything and it’s obvious that in his life he is used to having his space and his things in order.  That really makes Anne upset because she has to share  a room with him.  A mature strict older man and an immature outgoing slightly clumsy 13 year old girl do not mesh well.  I think that Anne brushes off on Mr. Dussell and it’s endearing.  I think they should of been fortunate that the youngest was 13, I cannot imagine how it would of been like trying to contain a toddler in that situation.

The last part of the movie they are all going crazy with cabin fever, and cranky with starvation.  They are starting to think of ways to back stab each other, and their personalities change so much.  It made me think about how you could easily trick someone into doing something they usually wouldn’t like killing a family member just by giving them very little food.  I think we should all feel extremely lucky just if we all have enough to eat the rest of our lives.  I watched the movie Alive about a month ago and that is another situation like that.  I won’t go into it but if you are still reading this the movie Alive is worth watching at least once.

My favorite moment of the Diary of Anne Frank is when they celebrate Hanukkah expecting no presents and Anne scrounges up materials to make them each very thoughtful gifts.  I remember that from a kid.  I remember her uncle I believe it was got two cigarettes that she made out of the tobacco from the bottom of the guy that owned the house’s pockets.

I think everybody knows what happens to the family.  The movie I watched earlier felt more like a play then a movie because it was obvious they were on a set and they shot the main part of the attic most of the time.  It was worth watching to me.  And the mom from Everybody Loves Raymond was in it too!

This movie is called the Boy In the Striped Pajamas.  I was keeping the Diary of Anne Frank for a little over a week on the DVR which is past due in our house because the space is so critical.  You either watch it within 4 days or delete without watching.  Today while looking through the regular movie download sites I look through (external links on the blogroll ‘ahem’) everyday I saw one on there I have been wanting to watch since around September.  I thought this must be a sign I will watch Diary of Anne Frank and this other movie on the same night.  Watching two movies right after another is a rarity for me I usually can’t sit still without multitasking for that long.  Getting the time to arrange for one is enough.  I love movies but I would rather get more done then watch a movie for an hour and a half or more.

This movie right when I read the summary reminded me of the book to Kill a Mockingbird.  I haven’t watched the movie yet that is on my to do list.  I read the book when I was a junior in high school and there is a reason why people say it’s a classic.

The boy that is the main character in the movie is named Bruno.  This boy is extremely skinny apparently he is the type to play outside more then eat.   He has dark brown very short hair and bright light blue eyes.  I swear if I adopted him people would assume he was my biological son and I was a slut in high school.  His mom had blue eyes like that too.  But it was so interesting because his clothes were so old fashioned and drab.  He had a light blue sweater vest on some of the time but he wore brown and beige colors at other times.  It was quite a contrast to his bright blue eyes.

Sorry to get girly on you.  His father gets a job through the military and they move next door to a concentration camp.  Bruno’s family eats well but it’s really boring.  He starts to wander and realizes some people are treated differently.  People are treated worse then others.  They wear what he calls striped pajamas.  His older sister that looks about 15 which I don’t remember her age being mentioned is already brainwashed by the Nazis into thinking that Jewish people are not human they are just a waste of skin so treating them as such is to be rewarded and not to be shamed.  Bruno doesn’t get it because every person wearing those strange looking striped pajamas have always been nice to him.  His 8 year old innocent mind can’t wrap his head around it.  See that is why it reminds me of How to Kill a Mockingbird.

This movie could of been gorier and gritty but they took a more mainstream approach IMO.  I don’t think I would ever make a movie that is based during that time because I just don’t feel it’s my calling in life.  The ending is sad as expected.  I enjoyed the movie, it’s not my favorite movie in the whole world now but I love it when a movie proves an overlooked point.  The point in this movie IMO is you learn hate you aren’t born with it and also decent people always go out of their way for a friend.  I know I have a list of friends in my head that I would put their safety over mine if needed.  I don’t want to spoil the end but I love that Bruno went so far for his friend.  I love movies where people go to the edge of the earth to save their friend just because their friend asked.  It reminds me of Harry and I and other friends I have as well.

Two Holucaust movies in one night is definitely heavy on the heart but I think it was needed.  It reminds me that my life is pretty freakin’ great and I shouldn’t judge no matter what happens because it absorbs you.  Comment questions.  Have you ever seen any version of the Diary of Anne Frank?  Have you seen the other movie?  Are you strangely fascinated with any horrible part of history?  Are you fasinated in watching movies or reading books about people that have survived extremely difficult odds?  I would love to read all about it and of course you can write anything you want as long as it’s respectful.  As always anything that is disrespectful to me or others will be deleted.  I feel hate creates more hate so if you post a nasty comment people are tempted to argue etc. so it’s just better to delete all nasty comments ASAP.

My 5 pet peeves for the moment

December 5, 2008

I posted this comment on a friend’s blog and I thought you people would find it amusing.  One of their pet peeves was people that interrupted while talking to them.

This is that person’s Myspace where their blog is I know not everybody is Myspace friendly.

Like you, I could go on about what I hate about people in general.  I loathe it when people interrupt too!! Especially when you start talking and a thought pops in their head while you are just starting your story and they are so not listening to the rest they are just waiting until you are done talking.  I am 26 but unfortunately I think sometimes I sound like a bitter old woman.  One thing on my list is bitter old women LOL but yeah.  I feel I am a smart person so every time someone does something stupid around me it makes me really upset and I want to punish them for their stupidity.  I try not to let it get to me because I don’t want to shave years off my life because of it but it’s so hard sometimes to tolerate.

My number one is just because it’s fresh on my mind.  I just unsubscribed someone last night on youtube after about a year of watching their videos for one reason.  They kept on doing video responses to a lot of people.  They are unemployed so apparently they have so much time on their hands they can go and make 5 min or even 10 min video responses to people they don’t even know just to get a personal comment on their video from them.  I feel that is so annoying of a thought because I feel that makes them look like such an attention whore.  Also that makes them force someone they don’t know to have to kill 10 minutes of their time verse less then a minute to read a text comment.  Augh! lol!

The second one I could probably over generalize but I hate it when people don’t wait until you are on the sidewalk while crossing the street to start driving again.  That just shows how selfish they are.  I don’t think I need to explain that in more detail I think you know exactly what I am talking about.  All those types of things people do show how selfish that they are is what makes people so bitter towards everybody else.

My third kind of goes with the first one.  I hate I mean I REALLY hate it when people ask stupid questions.  You know the saying you can never ask a stupid question?  I don’t believe it.  I have heard so many stupid questions.  Especially when someone can spend a minute or two googling the information which I do all the time to avoid wasting people’s time.  Some questions if you think about your question with a little common sense you can find an answer without any outside information.  It seems like some people just don’t think before they speak.  It just comes out.  And it makes them look so stupid and worthless.  Told you I sound like a bitter old lady lol!!

Fourth is when old people give out medical information that is either an old wives tale or out of date and they insist it’s true and if you don’t believe them and don’t do what they say they get offended.  Like wtf?  If any old person gives me medical information anymore I take it with a grain of salt.  They just don’t update their information and refuse to listen to anyone correcting them.  I look up any information that anyone tells me to confirm it anyway.  You could say I am a severe skeptic.  I just have been conned a lot is all.

Here is another internet one.  People that write comments that the spelling is terrible.  I mean why waste your time if the comment is going to make you sound like a complete moron?  It doesn’t matter the point you are trying to make if every single word is misspelled and the only words that are spelled correctly are the net speak words.  They should download firefox and use the spell check that comes with it.  Even though from my experience (I am on it right now I use it for my primary browser) it isn’t the best and I actually type in words to google sometimes just so it will do it’s “do you really mean” thing to my misspelled word.

To the people reading this blog post.  What is 5 of your top pet peeves of the moment?

The stuff that dreams are made of…

November 5, 2008

Hi there.  My friend Heady posted this video on a bulletin on myspace.  The more into the video it plays the funnier it gets IMO.  I thought my first blog about the aftermath of the election was going to be different but this is good too.  I shared the celebration online sitting right here at my computer with Chris Crocker on stickam.  He is more fascinating to watch on stickam then you might think.  Just sharing his presence is all.

If you like this video or just want to kill some time, this young man is in a contest for the best Barack Obama impression.  You have to register an account with the site but I can promise you it’s quick and painless.

Here’s the link

My favorite part of Obama’s speech is when he said that when things aren’t going right he’ll tell us.  It’s like he isn’t just our president he’s our good friend that calls us once a week to catch up.  I thought it was humbling and relieving.  We’ll see how good he does but still it’s a relief to us open minded smart folk.  I want to do a video a compliation of music and video if you will with some of the video I recorded last night in Chris Crocker’s chat room.  I think it’s just to preserve the moment really for me and not really for anyone else.  Well the other people that were in the chat of course.  I wish people enjoyed staring at me in a chat room while I was obviously ignoring them like Chris does.  Until next time…

Random pictures I have found on the internet: Election edition

October 26, 2008

I don’t like bringing politics into this blog that often.  Because I think the people that come to this blog are looking for something to distract them from politics and real life subjects.  If you don’t want to read about anything political skip this one.  I feel this is like a screen shot for this place in time politically.  I feel this is the appropriate venue to get this out of my system.  Especially if you are pro McCain/Palin you will be offended because these pictures will be very biased against them.

I don’t get offended that easily so these jokes are very funny to me.  If you are offended at jokes in the pictures but still want to look at something on this blog article, at the end there will be videos and they aren’t off color and as offensive as the pictures.

These will mostly be pictures, I won’t post commentary on most of them.  Click on them to enlarge.

Shall we?

BTW I don’t consider myself a Democrat.  I don’t like how the system lumps people into groups.  I am registered as an Independent.  So I guess that means that I can bash everybody lol!!

LMAO!!!  That is why people shouldn’t make airbrushed shirts.  Ever.  There should be a PSA against them.  Say no to airbrushing kids.

Very offensive yet it makes me hysterically giggle every time I see it.  There are several jokes with this picture.  Same frames, different text.   For people that have so much time on their hands they photoshop something like this up, I salute you.

Freakin’ uncanny.

This one is a bit out of date but I put it up because obviously someone put a lot of effort into this.

Bouncy bouncy.

This is obviously shopped but amusing.  I still haven’t seen W yet I want to.  Most people liked it but this one person said they didn’t get it and the bad impersonation of C. Rice was distracting.  We’ll see.

Creepy, right?

I hate Bill O’Rielly I feel he is a sell out and a coward but I love this picture.  This is like something I would make.

I love this one 🙂

Even though on 20 20 last week they were talking about how we put politicians up on a pedestal and we are always disappointed by that.  They can never live up to the expectations we hold them to.  Makes you think.

Ok that’s it.  No more pictures.  Now onto the videos.  But I bet some of these you have already seen.

I adore these videos.  Howie and Julie from Venga Productions are so cool.  If I tried my whole life to be as cool as them at the end of my life I think I would be about an eighth of my way there.  This is the first video I watch of theirs when I go through them.  I have been watching these videos 2 times a day for the last 6 days or so.  When I like something I REALLY like something and can’t stop myself from rewatching it a million times until I am completely tired of it and then I move onto something else.  The first couple times watching this video I giggled a little to myself during the, “I’m so fucking scared of you” part.  I also enjoy how they mention that women won’t vote for her just because she has tits.  I like the clever wording there.

This is the next video I watch.  The Axis of Evil line makes me smirk every time.

Unfortunately this is the last one.

I am hoping they make at least one more before the election.  I enjoy their style.  I love in the last video watching Julie dance.  She is so hot dancing, you work it Julie!

This is the link for Amy Poehler’s Sarah Palin Rap

This one wouldn’t embed it’s from NBC’s site.  If anyone thinks that Sarah was actually going to do it but backed out at the last minute is a moron.  Sorry but it’s true.  Part of the sketch was her saying that she loved practicing the rap, but she didn’t want to perform it publicly after all.  I actually am going to admit this but I like Sarah just a tiny bit more for being such a good sport about it the rap and the whole bit.  Tiny bit.  She still has the Axis of Evil between her thighs…

Remember this?  I knew the whole dumb blond thing was just to get money.

Here is the link, I couldn’t get it to embed

This is classic.  He didn’t do this for any other campaign but this one.  This shows how important it is for people to make this one the right vote.  For Obama 😀
If this is the first time your watching this and you get inspired to register to vote because of it.  Sorry your so screwed.  The time has came and went to register, it’s still a funny video though.
This video is really funny.  There is still time for this one to inspire you to change the world.  Please, convince your Grandparents to make their vote count for the better 🙂

You have to admire how time consuming this must of been.  Cheesy but it should at least get one view.

It reminds me of this song.  I admire the work that this took too.  This video has more meaning because I feel it’s the Bush Administration’s theme song.  Notice he is wearing the same outfit the entire video.  Imagine your great grandkids watching this on youtube and then asking you what Bush did that was so bad.  That one question is a mouthful I think.

I have rewatched this video several times.  This is a unique parody I think because it’s a serious parody.  This is him expressing his opinion of Bush and this last 8 years (when this video was made it was about 7 years)

I have rewatched this video several times as well.  This is a unique parody I think because it’s a serious parody.  This is expression his opinion of Bush and this last 8 years (when this video was made it was about 7 years)

We are almost done 🙂

It might sound like things bother me easily but this video bothers me every time I watch it.  Especially the, “I like them because it’s an election year and they are taxpayers” part.  Bush is the boogeyman to me.  He is who creeps around in the shadows at night that you warn your children about.

Last video!  I swear it is!

I love this video.  It’s catchy and it has a positive message.  She makes me think even MORE that gay people are great and if the world were without them the world would be so empty.

That’s it!  We’re done!  For everyone that has registered to vote, congrats!  For everyone that has registered and voted already, I hope you made the right choice!  I have already voted and I feel great about it.  I feel this is one of the most important votes of my lifetime.  It inspired me to vote for the first time because I know how important it is.

Random pictures that I have taken or found part 2

October 21, 2008

I just decided this will be a regular thing.  Why?  Because I like it.  And because I think others like it too.  A lot of these pictures are from but I think it’s ok because it’s not like they link the original person that made the picture and I add commentary.  So there.

First off, this is a good picture to get you in the mood for the Halloween season.  Why?  It’s creepy.  And I took it.  I felt I had to, just to talk about it here.

When we came back out to our car, this car was in the spot to our right.  I told myself ok, if the person doesn’t come back before I put all of the groceries in the car and put the cart away I am taking a picture as quick as I can.  Notice how blurry the water warn spots are.  This car reminds me of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Seriously folks, the worn down white trash feel to it and the artwork on the windshield is spooky.   The only thing I edited is the white blurred spot to your right on the windshield is a blurred out license plate.  I am getting better at shoppin’ folks.

This is the edited version…

This is my version.  The version that is completed.  I wonder if there is a story behind why the last stripe wasn’t there.

I tried to find the origin of this logo through Google but I couldn’t really find anything.  So I don’t have a good ending for this part of this article and I apologize.  Antichrist = opposite of Christ.  The end.

I want to throw some more pictures in because A. I have more pictures and B. I really don’t think this article should end on an awkward note.

One of the wonderful things about the internet is completely random segways.  I love that cat.  I love it with every fiber of my being.  I love the pouty look on it’s face, how it’s standing in the empty soda case box, everything.  And it kind of looks like Sparta, Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams’ cat.  He is an internet celebrity because of that cat.  I spent a 4 hour blogtv chat with him about a month and a half ago.  It was, epic.  I should of posted a blog talking about it that night, sorry.  Also I should of recorded parts of it with Camtasia.  I will regret not recording a certain part to the day I die.  It has to do with a certain Fire Alarm Kid.  Look in my favorites on youtube if your REALLY curious.

Apparently this is the new thing people say to people that post the first post anyplace and just say FIRST! annoyingly announcing it to the interwebz.  I hope that this snarky line will die that down, it has gotten old.  I admit liking it and actually participating in it over two years ago but come on.  Spending so much time online refreshing a certain page just so you can say FIRST proudly isn’t really anything special.  It is pathetic if you think about it.  I delete everybody that does that on my blog or on my youtube videos comments.  There is a shirt that Jinx sells that says I’m only here because my server is down.  If they sold a shirt that said I’m only here because youtube is down with the youtube logo on it then I would buy it.  I know a lot of people (on Youtube lol) that would buy one.  I should email Jinx sometime about that.

Walmart is stealing ideas from The Simpsons now.  You heard it here first.  I took that picture.  I should get one of those big cookies w/ frosting someday.  Sounds odd but tasty at the same time.  If you like cookies more then cake that is.

I love this cake.  Everyone that has used the interwebz especially Youtube knows what song these lyrics are from.  I love the pun and I love how the word dessert a different color then the rest of the writing.  Whoever wrote the words are quite good at writing with frosting.  This is obviously a homemade cake so it doesn’t fit the requirements over at Cake Wrecks which is strict about their it has to be a store bought cake policy.  Sigh.  I want Cake Wreck fame dammit!

If you don’t know what Cake Wrecks is it’s a site where the hilarious and snarky Jen writes about pictures she has either found on the internet (I just upgraded my vocab) or people have emailed her.  The pictures are of cakes.  Not just the horribly done cakes with misspellings and stuff written on them that is odd and off the wall, but well done cakes that are very bizzare.  Like “I didn’t know Charles Manson made cakes in prison!” bizzare.  Did you know that he is 73 now and he is going to be eligible for parole in 2012?  Look it up.  Sometimes things boggle my mind.  I couldn’t imagine walking around free on the same earth as him.

I have an online friend that met him years ago.  He said that he is scum and everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.  He said that a prison cell is too good for him.  Everybody has their own opinion.  I think cults are fascinating.  Because it shows how powerful one person can be to lots of people.  They can convince several naive people to do horrible things.  Just because they look smart, charming, and they are just flat out a great bullshitter.  I think if you look at it that way it’s interesting.  Serial killers are fascinating to me too because the strange and unusual is fascinating to me.  I would be a great Criminal Psychologist if I applied myself.  Ahhh sigh 🙂

Excuse me officer I was just blowing my lunch LMAO.  I found this picture randomly earlier and I think this is a good ending to this article.  I want a million of these and I want to just pass them out to whoever amuses me.  You can’t really tell the size, but it looks like you can cover most of it if you put the package in the palm of your hand.  They should make spam gum.  I’d buy that too.  I boo naive numb consumers yet I am one.

I got my ballot today.  Tomorrow I am going to fill it out and hopefully send it that day too.  First time!  My whole adulthood the president has been Bush so you can’t really blame me too much.  After I send my ballot in I am going to do a random picture political edition blog.  Promise.  Also I got the game Typing of the Dead last night I want to do a review of that.  Either on youtube or here or both.  We will see.  I love the game so far.  I think that would be a great end note for Halloween.  So if you don’t see it by Halloween then this is an empty promise.  Cough.

Random pictures that I have taken or found

October 9, 2008

The title basically explains what this blog article is about.  These are some funny pictures I have taken over the course of the last 6 months or pictures I have found on the internet.  These aren’t all of them but they are just a few.  I wouldn’t want this blog article to be read at my funeral but it’s a good one nonetheless.  Let’s begin…

This article will show at least one picture for everybody I think.  This also shows how bent my sense of humor is.  I have the kind of sense of humor that is offensive to a lot of people.  But I feel you only live once so why not laugh your problems away.  People become alcoholics because they get overwhelmed by life’s problems well I just have a good laugh and then move on.

I had to do this picture first because I took it to use on my blog and I want to use it just so I can say I did.  To whom exactly?  No idea.

Where are they out?  And why if it’s someplace else, did they have to specifically put this tiny sign over the raspberry tea dispenser?  I love their artistic skills on the frowny face, nice touch.  Nice touch indeed.  As opposed to a bad touch that you hear about in special episodes of older Saturday morning cartoon specials.  I saw the episode online of Different Strokes about child molestation a couple months ago for the first time and it still gives me the willis just thinking about it.

This one I took Tuesday night at our precious Super Walmart that is up the street.  You can get practically anything done or buy anything there and never go anyplace else.  It’s kind of scary in it’s own way.  But we were waiting forever behind a girl that was no older then 20 that had a kid that was no older then a year old with one on the way and I see this older lady taking her sweet time getting out change from her purse to pay for her groceries.  I had to sneak a picture, and took one as quickly as Harry could say, “Jodi no!” because I am like a martial artist with my cell phone.  Flip open, flip closed.  I hope the lady behind me in line didn’t notice.  I think she was too busy staring at all the different kinds of gum.  I admit, they are hypnotising in their own way.

You can’t really tell from that picture but I am pretty sure the lady was wearing a black fanny pack.  Right above the little counter where you write a check in our lane you see a black strap.  She can tell all of her bingo buddies now that she is an internet celebrity.  I kind of don’t want to and want to not give a shit anymore about my appearance at the same time so much that I can wear very loud flowered pants like that when I am older or even now with dignity.  Very loud and the colors are very bright.  This picture doesn’t do justice.  I saw them from the corner of my eye, just to do a really good look at them and take this picture.  I couldn’t look at them directly for long, I didn’t want to do permanent damage to my precious eyes.  I don’t even know where she would buy those!!  Did she make them?  Is she that dedicated to her flower pants wearing cult?

Moving on… I have a picture for all of the car lovers out there.  Well, I think lover is too strong of a word.

I took this one myself.  I blurred the plate in paint shop pro because I am not cruel enough to post their plate number.  It’s a bit blurry because I rush really quickly while taking pictures of people’s cars because I am terrified of the reaction if they catch me.  I take pictures of bumper stickers sometimes because I am either laughing at them or with.  I was especially nervous to take this one, if they are such a rebel they spent a good amount of money to  make their plate cooked on their car I don’t want any trouble from them.  If you look closely then you can tell it’s not loosely on there and needs to be fixed like a picture frame, no there is an indent in the car frame around the plate that is crooked and the plate is screwed on like a regular plate but not really, well you know what I mean.

Is this a trend in the car business?  If not, how do you go about modifying a car like that?  I would think that it would be an awkward request.  And I wonder how much that would cost.  The joke to me wouldn’t be worth spending that much money to follow through with.  It probably cost a pretty penny.  What people do anymore to stand out and make a statement.

This statement isn’t as subtle, and it’s even more hilarious.  I’m going to warn you now.  Put down any beverages you are drinking and swallow them completely.  Also stop eating anything.  I don’t want to owe anybody a keyboard.  Are you ready?  Alright here it is…

Ok I think this one speaks for itself.  I mean generator, air conditioner, you can figure it out.  This person deserves credit for their craftsmanship.  And hardheaded stubbornness that I respect because I have that too.

It’s a lot easier just to roll down a window when the air conditioner breaks and enjoy the breeze.  It’s a lot quieter too.  I don’t know the back story so I guess I have no room to judge.  Heh.

Enough of the car pictures.  Have I told you lately that I love you?  Well I do 😀

If you want to say I love you in the snarkiest way this is the way to do so.  I love the that it has just the right tip at the bottom of the heart.  So sweet.  So loving.  So snarky.

These next pictures might offend you.  But I guess if you have read this far it won’t bother you too much.

This photo is blurry because the picture is tiny and I wanted to blow it up.  This picture I saw on someone’s default avatar on myspace and I had to have it.  This goes right along with my sense of humor.  Being a lesbian I wouldn’t dare wear a t shirt or have a bumper sticker proudly displaying it because then I would be labeled a man hating lesbian that I so don’t want to be label as.  And why do people have to go around labeling others anyway?  I don’t want to get off on that rant right now but you get my point.  This is funny to me though.  I told my best friend Harry about it and he said he didn’t get it.  I guess if it said I like my women how I like my coffee I would be a hypocrite and not smile as wide about it.  I say about like Canadians.  I started doing that about 3 years ago.  Mystery to me and Harry.  Weird.  Ground up and in the freezer ‘chuckles’

Ok I feel everyone is at least a little racist.  But I feel I am not an out right bigot.  I feel we were all born the same way so we are all equal.  People aren’t better then you because they have more money, they have a more attractive wife, or anything else in this life that you would compare with others.  You should NEVER compare your life to other people’s lives because you will always wind up short and just feel bad about yourself.  You should look at your life and see how grateful you should feel about the things you have, not feel awful because of what you don’t have.  Who cares if you don’t have an expensive rolex watch and a guy on tv does!  A 20 dollar one still works great!  It’s stuff!  Life is about enjoying sunsets and breathing and what not!  Moving on…

I can just see some squeaky voiced teen just slapping those signs everywhere on January 31st at closing time.  When you get all of those signs up you can close up go home the boss says.  See you on Monday he says.

I hope I made you laugh.  And think.  Laugh and think.  Yeah that sounds right.

I just wanted to say if I didn’t take the picture myself or get it elsewhere the pictures in this blog article I stole from which is a great site to turn off your brain and laugh with.  These pictures are ones that people upload to show on the IRC chat room server.  So it’s very random.  If you dig for a while then you can see some really funny and really stupid pictures.  Like Beavis and Butthead stupid.  But I feel that is good for the spirit.  Warning that site shows EVERYTHING which means you will see also full color porn.  Porn you might not even thought of before.  It’s not for the weak stomach.  I am not talking about 2 girls one cup I am talking about furries people.  Those people are sick fucks.  I love them but not in that way.  Also glorious shots of some beautiful women.  Some of the comments people leave are very funny and immature.  I have read some great ones.

Aww heck just one more funny.  Told ya I loved ya 😀

Like I said a few paragraphs above I’m a lesbian.  If you have any street smarts then you could tell from a mile away.  I have very short hair, I dress and walk like a guy.  Especially if their is a chick I have the hots for around.  Can’t explain it it’s subconsious people.  But this video is so funny to me.  I just love how positive her voice is like she can’t believe it.  And when she corrects herself it’s so so funny because it’s like where she is from Gay is a synonym for Blindness.  You all know this but I just wanted to point it out.  Have a great day all and I will try to post another blog with a smaller gap of time between this one and the last one.

Hey kid rock and roll, rock on

August 27, 2008

I was randomly cruising through youtube like I do pretty much every night and I came across something horribly brilliant from the late 80’s.  If you know me you know that anything that is horrible but in a good way (the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coming out of their Shells Tour anyone?) that is from the 80’s or 90’s is like a gold nugget to me.  By the way, this blog article might be subpar which I blame on the thin crusty layer of chocolate chip cookie dough on my hands from baking 3 batches and simultaneously writing this blog.

I was watching the What the Buck Show which I usually don’t do because he mostly talks about celebrities and gossip, and I started watching a video with Buck talking about minisodes.  Minisodes are current or older shows (mostly older) that are the entire show wrapped up in around 5 minutes.  It’s like nostalgia for the busy body.  I started watching some, and came across some Young and the Restless Minisodes and just clicked on one.

Because hey during the summer time and during Monday’s or snow days off I watched some of the soaps that my Grandma religiously watched and if we interrupted she would yell, “Shush! Listen!” at us and continues to do because she is still alive.

I watched the intro of the Minisode and saw a guy with a leather jacket on w/ the zippers you know the kind I am talking about rocking out by himself for a second or two on the white background like they used to have in the 90’s.  That intro is worth watching because IMO it’s quite amusing if you think soap operas are cheesy and you don’t get why they stay on the air.  Just the intro will due.  Anyway it popped into my head that yes!  He was like a pop music musician (oxymoron?) trying to break out of soaps and really have a music career guy.  I listened to the songs on the radio!  I know about that!  I went to wiki about it, nothin’, and then typed in Young and the restless and one hit wonder and with the information that there is a hip hop group called Young and Da Restless I found out that Michael Damian is the name of the actor and yes he has had several hits and so I went off to youtube to try to look up a handful of them to see if they would jog my memory.

Unfortunately none of them did really just a couple slow romantic songs that I don’t remember vividly.  BUT I found something blogworthy.  Behold.

(I updated the link, it’s not the Night Flights video anymore.)

This song was a cover of the classic song Rock On from the 70’s.  Michael Damian sang it for the movie Dream a little Dream in 1989 that has the two Coreys Feldman (still in his walk, talk, and act like Michael Jackson phase) AND Haim in it.  That is why they are in the video.  I had no clue about any of this before I watched the video so I was thinking to myself, “Were the Two Coreys in EVERYTHING in the 80’s?!?” No they are just in the movie and it was a quick little way to link it to the movie I think.  Like the music video I’ll be there for you by the Rembrandts.  I thought the music video though when I first watched it and had no clue about the movie was like the Beach Boys music video Kokomo that Michael was just friends with them and they wanted to kill an afternoon shooting a music video with him.  Dream a little Dream is in it’s entirety on youtube and looks interesting so I just might watch it in a day or two.  I watch the Two Coreys on A&E at the beginning it was kind of boring but now it’s getting interesting and I hate Feldman’s wife I want to strangle her everytime she opens her mouth.  She doesn’t know anything about show business and she should just shut up.

I love the Night Tracks Bumper in the beginning of the video that is deliciously 80’s as well.  When I was a kid my Grandparents had an old Satellite that was big and beautiful because once I started to learn how to use it I found all sorts of channels.  Not like how they found when they first bought the thing back in the early 80’s perhaps when they could get every channel cable had even the porn and pay per view channels (my older cousins became lustfilled young men through those channels from what I heard ahem) and I became the only one interested once the companies started blocking channels and started charging for them.

I had my fun.  That dish was a good friend to me growing up.  I should write a whole blog filled with memories of Much music, More music, Feeds of tv shows, and local tv channels showing news casters staring bored out of their mind, the list goes on.  Sometimes I would hit a good one and would get a free cable channel that was starting out and wasn’t blocked.  Like E! for a while and FX when they used to play Batman, Hulk, Life Goes on, Twenty Something, Wonder Woman, and shows they made themselves.

I got a bit off track there, BUT I found a channel I don’t even remember what it was called but I think it was a local channel from another state.

On that channel I would watch Night Flights.  The reason why is I wanted to watch music videos and I took them anyway I could get them.  From watching a handful of clips of Night Flights it apparently wasn’t just about music videos it was much more then that.  Especially because I found a classic clip of Nancy Reagan saying that pot is great and she highly suggests everyone try it. I probably also watched Night Tracks it looks familiar.  But on this specific channel (which WASN’T USA Network I would remember that because I watched USA Network before as a kid) I watched Night Flight and loved it because it was really the only way I could watch music videos at the time and music videos was one of my favorite things to watch growing up and still now I watch them.

I love watching VH1 classic in the morning because it brings me back to my childhood, killing a Saturday or Sunday afternoon watching a bunch of random music videos.  Obscure ones mixed in with the ones that were popular hits.  This channel that Night Flights was on I had to change the channel right before the commercial started because most of the commercials were just phone sex ads with half naked women (I remember seeing not just teasing but full on TITS in those commercials) and I knew I would be banned from flipping to that channel if I got caught looking at shiny tan half naked women.

Another show on that channel I watched a couple of times by myself were stripper competitions.  They would have a pole on one of those platforms that have wheels underneath for easy traveling and some bearded, greasy, overweight judges with heavy chains on would watch them strip to a Montey Crue Song or some other stereotypical stripper song until they were completely naked then they would step aside and let another girl dance almost the same way they just did.  They always had a name like “Brown Sugar” or “Wild Cherry” I was curious because of the naked part but even a kid that has only seen nakedness that was attractive so few times I could of counted them on my soft small hand I wasn’t interested.  The only reason why it was interesting is because it was taboo and I obviously shouldn’t of been watching it.  So anyway, I am going to go wash my hands now and go to bed.

History shows again and again, how nature points up to the folly of men

August 17, 2008

I think this is the last possible moment that I can procrastinate doing this blog article without procrastinating so much that i don’t do it entirely.  Mind you, I planned from the beginning to do this blog article.  Ever since I planned on going to the fair.  It’s just, I had some technical problems with uploading the video onto Youtube so I am burnt out on the idea of thinking about the Blue Oyster Cult, or the fair right now.  I took a mini vacation, from Tuesday until last night, but I am burnt.  It’s no offense to anyone reading this, it’s just listening to my crappy cell phone recorded video about 40+ times in the matter of 6 days can make a person become bitter.  I have now learned that it’s extremely difficult to get a series of .3g2 format videos to go into Cyberlink Powerdirector (or Windows Movie Maker for that matter) and just have 4 videos become one.  That is all I wanted to do people.  It became a mission, a mission that I wouldn’t let go unfinished.  I am one of those horrible stubborn people that won’t let something go undone until they sacrifice years off of their life just to prove they are right and whatever the hell it is is wrong.  I might just need more ram for this new laptop.  Yes I said new.

With that horrible intro lol I will go on and write a detailed article that deserves to be written.  But first a back story.  Last year I was living at the time within about 5 blocks or so from a fairgrounds here in town.  Just on a whim I looked up the Umatilla County Fair website (that is on that fairground, I just want you to be on the same page with me with this) and looked up who was performing just to see if I knew anybody that was performing.  I was expecting some 90’s band that had a couple of songs that were popular but not really playing at this small place.  Like, Paula Cole maybe?  I saw SheDaisy which is a small chick Country band and some other person I wasn’t interested in and then Night Ranger!!  I thought, I know them but why?  Off to Youtube I went to confirm I knew some of their songs and sure enough I sure as hell knew the song Sister Christian.  I was so excited that night they were performing, I waited patiently for my best friend Harry to come home and so I could bum 20 bucks off of him and off I went.  I had alot of fun, I saw a Rob Stewart look alike, I ate beer battered mushrooms and drank lemonade, and had a well needed outing.  I came home and thanked Harry several times for the 20 dollars and vowed that would be a tradition of mine.

Flash forward to about 6 months ago, I looked on the Umatilla County Fair website again.  I honestly thought the fair was in September and not the beginning of August so thank goodness I looked it up ahead of time.  I wanted Harry to come but no one could cover his shift at work.  I can admit that the reason why I wanted him to go was because of a selfish reason.  We moved the end of February across town.  I REALLY didn’t want to walk across town for the fair.  I wanted to go with him to have him drive there and back.  I am not too awful of a person for that but just to get it out there I didn’t want to walk .2 (according to Google maps) miles there one way.  I am out of shape, so that is a ways.

August 8th creeped up on me, I had about 20 dollars in my pocket, and I felt just staying home and not walking all of that way and back wasn’t worth missing an adventure.  At 7:45 I checked to make sure I had the house keys, I doubled checked to make sure I turned off all of the lights, I locked the door, and I was off.  I sped walk in a mix of excitement and being slightly running behind schedule.  The concert started at 9, so I was running a little late.  The year earlier I was an hour there before the concert started.

This is the road I was walking along.  The endless but not so endless familiar road.  I was bound determined to hear someone, hopefully the Blue Oyster Cult, sing that night!

After a little under an hour of walking, I was there.  Right when I got to the last stretch of sidewalk up to the gate I saw a tall, pale, guy with a poofed out beard and red hair to match with a pale avocado “More Cowbell” t-shirt on.  I felt that was a sign that this was fate.  After forking over 7 bucks, getting a temporary brand and getting through the gate, I realized my feet were already tired so I wanted to rest my feet.  I couldn’t quickly find a place to sit that didn’t look like you had to buy something so you won’t get the ol’ heave ho’ but I did eventually find a bench that made me happy for about 5 minutes.  My feet were still tired but I felt like a party pooper pulling the lets sit on a bench like you can do any other time thing.

While I got back up on my feet to look for where the concert was going to be so I could stake out my standing area, I saw a sign for a wild animal exhibit.  After walking the wrong way in a horseshoe shaped pathway and having the guy correct me, I saw a sign that was a big pat on the non profit organization’s back for rescuing these animals from their habitat and putting them on display for us to gawk at them.  Now, I am not an expert on the subject but how is this better?  There was a bobcat type of wild cat in the cage in the above picture (sorry the picture is so crappy, it was the bad lighting) pacing back and forth constantly.  I felt really bad for him.  There was another cat but I don’t know what it was, a cheetah maybe?  Most of the exhibit was snakes.

The snake pictures are better.  I was scared as hell of these snakes but fascinated at the same time which I am about a lot of things.

I didn’t get a picture of him, but there was this yellow, orange, and red snake that it’s head kept on moving pointing at us.  There were some young 18 year old tourist Aussie kids ahead of me.  I about crapped my pants watching that snake.  I thought about actually taking a video of him with my cell phone but the guy was watching us really closely.  I thought the snake was just going to say fuck it and bust through the glass!!  It was a thin snake not like these thick ones.

Here is one of the Tarantulas!!   If you can’t see him then look closely at the orange spots.  I can’t really say anything about him, other then he was awake and creep crawling around his tiny glass box.  I even felt sorry for him the hairy little fucker.

I am hesitant to admit this, but it took me a while to find the stage.  I wandered around in a loop for about an hour and a half.  By the time I found it my feet really hurt and I was cranky.  I felt disappointed in knowing there might be a chance that I might not see the concert AT ALL because I couldn’t find it right away.  I found a huge rodeo going on.  I found it over and over again.  I found all of the carnies that had rock music blasting from their speakers over and over again, but no live music stage.  I was stunned and dumbfounded.  No son, we are not happy.  Not even about Lemonade.  Because the Blue Oyster Cult is nowhere to be found.

This was the main ride that was scary but everyone wanted to go on.  I honestly thought it was a Ferris wheel at first, but no it’s not.  I think every fair has that one showcased ride that people stand in a long line to go on.  This one was called the Ring of fire.  Every time I walked by it (over and over, mind you) I got the classic Johnny Cash song stuck in my head.  I took this picture just so I could share that.  Your welcome.

Eventually the crowd died around the rides, and the carnies music out of their speakers were killed.  I found where the crowd went and where the music was coming from.

First I found an area that was a side angle of the stage that I thought I was going to stand for 2 hours.  But then I quickly found that I was standing right where people went in and out of the reserved seating.  Every minute or so someone went out of the reserved seating to go take a piss or buy something to become future piss.  I had to find another place to stand.

I found a good spot dead center that didn’t have so much of a crowd to make me uncomfortable.  There was a guy that if he was sober I feel sorry for him that bounced around behind me shouting random humorous things.  At the time I thought he was an annoying person out to ruin my evening but now I am glad I had him there because it made the experience sincerely more enjoyable.  Also in front of me there was a poor man’s version of Mystie rocking out with her female friend that looked vaguely the same but brunette.  They were probably about 18 but knew a lot of the words to a lot of the songs so I was impressed.  It was fun watching them rock out with their cocks out.

One thing I didn’t get him shouting on video was he kept on shouting, “This isn’t New York, this is Oregon!  We are rocking out in Oregon!  Yeah!” in a Special Ed type of way.  But I thought it was sincere and not him trying to be funny.  A guy standing by him I think was his friend humored him during when he was getting the fact that this is Oregon and not New York out of his system.  If anyone that lives in New York is reading this, it’s no offense to New York.  I think his point was this is a small town in Oregon and not a big city in New York and the place was rocking out.

What you have all been waiting for…

The visual part of the video kinda sucks.  But it’s all about the audio anyway.  I am one of those people that constantly are taking pictures and video.  Why?  Because really of three main reasons.  I want to be able to look at the video I made and pictures I took and reminisce with vivid details right in front of me.  Second, I want to be able to see what I have done in the past when I am older and when I am not able to remember it that well.  Third, I want proof to show others that I was there and to tell my story to them.  Some people think oh well just live your life.  It’s more fun if you aren’t hiding behind a camera all the time.  I want proof.

Here is a better video of the same concert.

His video shows basically how my view was.  For some reason my video makes it look like I had nose bleed seats.  I could see the people, what they were wearing etc.  I couldn’t count their nose hairs but I could see them.  He had another video up that was closer, the audio was worse but he took it down.  THANK GOODNESS I saved both of his videos for my own keepsakes.  I LOVE FILE2HD.COM!  I did a tutorial about them this last week, check out my youtube channel for it.

If you can’t make out what the loud guy behind me is saying in the video then I am going to tell you the main things he said in the video.  He is saying, “I want a copy of that!  Can I have a copy of that?” talking to me wanting a copy of the picture he thought I was taking.  I took pictures before so to his defense he wasn’t too far off thinking I was still taking pictures.

Me saying, “I don’t know they’re pretty bad!” and laughing.  I meant the quality is bad.  Not like oh I’m bad, I’m bad you know it.

Him saying, (later when BOC is playing Don’t fear the reaper) “You got the whole thing on video?” Me “Yeah” Him “You can do that?!?  I didn’t know you could do that! Put the whole thing on youtube or something and I might watch it in a day or so.” I nodded and said the quality is bad but we’ll see.  He instantly ignored me after that and went back to his obnoxious cheering.  I have to admit I was a little frightened of him.  He looked like every stereotypical homeless man that you have seen in any movie.  Yep that one.

They acted like they finished up and then when most of the crowd left they did one more song.  The majority of people are stupid.  BUT the loud guy behind me stayed and begged for an encore.  Apparently they heard him because they squeezed one more song out.

While the concert was going on I glanced around, seeing what I should buy before I head home.  My best friend Harry already told me to buy him an elephant ear so I knew I had to buy that.  I played around with the idea of buying two and scarfing one down.  Right beside me was this glorious lit up sign that said TORTATOES which from what I saw were basically curly fries in a paper snow cone type of container.  I think it would be way too awkward to order one and I don’t think there is much bang for your buck which they planned all along because gimmicky names always cost a little more.  Fuckin’ Tortatoes.

I decided to get an elephant ear for myself as well and continued on my continuous walking adventure.  I first bought a foot long corn dog which was okay, and then found a booth that sold the glorious ears.  I am always impressed on how huge they are.  I know they are mostly fluff but they are friggin big.  I wandered around some more and found a grungy but not wet picnic table to sit at to enjoy some time alone with my Elephant Ear.  When I finally got off my feet and sat my big ass down, I saw this.

A diaper.  A babies diaper sparled out on the ground.  I tried not to gag while eating my food.  Their were plenty of blowjob trash clowns around for them to throw the diaper away so there were no excuses.

I filled my stomach up with corn dog and cinnamon powdery fluffy dough, and decided to start to make my trek back home.  I could easily make a long story about my trek home because it was a long painful one but this is long enough.  I made a right instead of a left and that added about an hour to my walking.  My feet were sore for 2 days after that.  I needed the exercise so the farther it’s in the past the more it’s not a big deal.  Until next year when I do it all over again.

Overall I learned some things about this experience for future reference.  I am bringing my HD camcorder with me next year.  I will try to get there earlier to have more daylight so things are easier to see.  Elephant ears only last about 4 hours before they become incredibly stale and hard.  I think I like Night Ranger better then I like the Blue Oyster Cult.  I also taught someone something.  I taught a loud guy that cell phones can record video.  So hurrah for tradition.

It happened. It finally happened.

May 26, 2008

Does this mean I’m an official youtuber now?

I have a handful of copyrighted clips that I have on my youtube account that I had no involvement making.  I just liked the clip, did a search on youtube, and saw that clip wasn’t on youtube yet so I thought I would benefit people by uploading it for them.  I feel it’s easier for me to go to my account online and rewatch the clips on my account.  Yes I rewatch my own videos.  I rewatch the ones I think are well done like my stop motion videos, or ones that it’s been months since I have done the video.  I am disappointed one out of my two John Lennon videos was the first to be flagged, because I worked over 20 hours on them.  It was a little over a week before his birthday in October, and I decided on a whim to do a video with clips from his music videos and then with that video make a second one with John Lennon quotes and facts about the late and great John Lennon.  I don’t think John Lennon if he were still alive would of flagged my video.  I am dumbfounded and stunned.  I knew it would of happened someday…

Bye bye video.  It was fun.


I deleted both versions of the video, even though they only flagged one.  My youtube channel is not one that is primarily made to upload copyrighted clips so to stay on their good side I will delete any of them that get flagged.  I think my most important videos are the ones that I am talking about my life and telling my stories.  My second most important are the stopmotion videos set to music.  I am afraid those will get flagged because of the copyright music in them.  I would hate for one to get thee ol’ flag because I love them.  I feel they show human nature, MY human nature and I feel they are creative and artistic.  If I like them so much I guess I could just get some boring public domain music to put over them 🙂  Later Gators.