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25 random things about me

March 31, 2009

This will be a fairly lighthearted interesting blog.  I wasn’t tagged when my friend did this on her blog so I don’t HAVE to do this but I thought it would be fun for not only for me but for you as well.  Come back here!!  Don’t make me tie you down to your chairs!!  Ok good.  Upon writing a lot of it I realized a lot of these are several facts about me into one paragraph but it’s still appropriate in this format I think.

1.  After the show Sober House I have had a fairly unhealthy fascination with Andy Dick.  I regularly visit his blog (on and I watched his live stream of his act 3 times 3 days in a row a couple of weeks ago.  When people bad mouth him I get very irritated and want to come to his defense but I keep my mouth shut (me? mouth? shut? NEVER!) because it’s not worth anybody’s time.  I feel Andy and I would be instant good friends and I relate to him in a lot of ways.  I think we tell stories in similar ways, he has a lot of similar stories to tell, and if I wrote songs I think I would write songs in a similar way.  I feel a very strong connection to him since that show.

2.  I don’t enjoy drinking, cigarettes turn me off and the thought of doing drugs turns me off too.  I feel everybody has the right to do drugs though as long as they are home (so they don’t have to make the decision to drive while intoxicated or not) and they are not around me!!  I feel drugs should be legalized and taxed the hell out of.  Then that money should come full circle into decent rehab clinics, halfway houses and various things.  My general philosophy is if you are making the choice for yourself if you want to do something or not it should be legal.

3.  Most of the people I have met that are the most interesting have only been for a brief time.  Either in a job interview process, a vacation, I met them in an interesting experience, a substitute teacher I have only had once or twice etc.  I think if I kept in touch it might of ruined it.

4.  I love cheesy bubble gum pop and general cheesy pop songs from the 80’s and 90’s.  I have several songs on my external hard drive (1,200 and counting) and a significant amount of them are songs I get a nostalgic feeling every time I hear them.  This is an interesting fact because current music like this I do not like.  You can keep Britney Spears, I will play the Killers, System of a Down, the White Stripes, Pink, etc. thank you.

5.  I have a fascination with Miley Cyrus.  I admire her for being able to have enough self discipline to do all of the high school stuff as well as learn dancing for concerts, to go on tour, to do publicity etc. She has seen things I probably will never see (as the other way around of course) and has had and will have opportunities I will never have.  I don’t like it when people bash her, I think she is a decent role model.  She is just human after all.  I have a few songs downloaded of hers and listen to them but I wouldn’t call myself a fan per say.  Just someone that admires from a distance.  I am subbed to her youtube account and I just think it’s fascinating that this girl jokes like an average 16 year old on youtube and she has so many millions of dollars and has done so much.

6.  This is going to sound really really REALLY naive but… I feel Michael Jackson didn’t do it.  I think those people were just trying to get money.  I feel really bad for him.  That was the beginning of the end.

7.  The only fish I will eat is tuna.  When I was a kid I would go with my Grandparents from my Dad’s side of the family fishing when I visited them for a week or two in the summer.  For years when they caught a fish or two my Grandma would cook them up and serve them that night or the night after and I would fake that I liked it.  One night when I was 11, staring at a piece of fish she put on my plate I confessed.  My sister told me to shut up and eat it but I refused.  My Grandma just said ok your not eating any meat then is that ok and I couldn’t of been happier.  She died when I was 12 so I could of choked a few more down for my Grandma.  I need to write about my only memories from my Dad’s side of my family from visiting my Grandparents in this blog someday.  It’s a very interesting topic indeed.

8.  If I cook something for other people to eat as well as myself I always eat the part that is imperfect and give them the good part.  I am disappointed with myself when someone makes a comment that something is slightly off with my cooking or baking.  Even if they are really nice about it.  Even with Harry I am like that.

9.  Most of the text message conversations Harry and I have are him saying, “I love you babe very much” and me responding, “I love you too babe very much” also, “Muah with Love” and me saying, “Muah with love back” if that sounds so random you can’t understand why (which I don’t say to blame you) we do that so often it’s just to ping each other and to say hi throughout the night.  He calls me little babe as a pet name and I call him babe.  If someone else called him babe or called me babe I would be so upset.  Not really but you should never ever do it.  That is just something him and I do but I feel vulnerable telling you this.  In a good warm in fuzzy way.

10.  I can’t decide if I am bad at procrastinating or good at it.  I sometimes put off something the entire night that only takes 20 minutes to do.  Right after I am done writing this blog I am going to repost my hunchback drawing on Etsy.  I have been putting that off all week.  The interwebz just takes up a lot of time is all!!  Now that I think about it procrastination takes up a lot of time lol.

11.  I have been told by 3-4 people I look a lot like John Travolta in this last year and nobody has said it previously.  Like I could be his long lost daughter.  One person started the comment with “No offense but…” why would I take offense?  I love that I look similar to Travolta Baby!!  My cousin Bill calls him that.  Bill is one of the funniest people I know so I try to steal his isms any chance I get.

12. Every time a mac user starts raving about how great Apple is and how Apple can do no wrong I get very irritated.  Just because I use a pc it doesn’t mean I suck HP’s (I am using an HP laptop) and Microsoft’s proverbial cock every chance I get.  It’s annoying how defensive they get before anybody even makes it so they have to be.  I don’t buy products because I agree with the company politically and their image.  I just like the thing.  Ok?  And Bill Gates still owns a significant amount of Apple stock anyway.  Oh snap!

13. One time I got hit by a truck on my bike when I was about 15.  All afternoon I was on my bike and I stopped at the end of the street several times and stopped for the cars to wave me by several times.  This one guy I thought well he sees me and while I was going ahead he slammed right into me.  The nice guy kept on saying are you alright?  Do you need to go to the hospital?  I said no it’s ok I’m fine he put my bike in the bed of his truck and I asked if he could take me to where I needed to go.  He happily agreed and took me there.  I never saw him again.  I really was fine but I never rode that bike again, the front wheel was bent out of shape and and made the bike unrideable.  I never told my Grandparents what happened.  The bike was a bitchin’ black husky boys bike.  With Simpsons bike stickers all over it.

14.  I think one of the major things that I feel disappointed I wasn’t born with was the gift to sing well.  It was empathized when the show American Idol started.

15.  I adore Rosie O’ Donnell.  No wait come back!!  I admire her opinionated side, her parenting side, her spouse side, her goofy side, etc.  I feel I really relate to her on so many levels.  I sometimes think of myself as a younger version of her.  Don’t laugh!  I mean I kind of look like her, I’m a lesbian, I am artistic, I am funny, I want to adopt children when I am older, I’m misunderstood, our politics are the same, etc.  I would be in heaven if I spent the day with her at her house in her art studio.  And then later Kelli would make us strip steak, baked potatoes and salad for dinner.  I have it all planned out in my head.

16.  Many times I google something just to confirm I am right.  I hate being wrong even if it’s slightly wrong.  I hate being corrected, it makes me uncomfortable like that person is judging me.  I just googled to confirm Kelli’s name is spelled Kelli instead of Kelly for example.

17. If someone just said something wrong around me it bothers me.  I feel I have to correct them.  Hypocrisy yes a little but I can’t help it.

18. I don’t have any if only very little sentimental value towards the two movies Princess Bride and the Neverending Story.  Those two are the most popular it seems that I just don’t get excited to hear other people’s stories about.  I am just meh about them.  I have tons of other movies we can gush and talk about though!

19. I used to use a cubby space type of shelving unit growing up until I moved out of the house.  They were pale grey plastic tubs with matching plastic legs that kept it together.  They were about 9 of them and my clothes went in them.  Well one night while I was about to go to sleep I don’t remember how old I was I think I was a Freshman in high school I was sticking my fingers through the grid like holes.  I got my finger STUCK in the hole and couldn’t get it out.  I took out the clothes in it and the other container that was on top and ran into where my Grandma was sitting and showed her.  She said can you sleep with it on and we can go to the er in the morning?  A few minutes later I got it off myself.  Not my brightest moment.

20.  Rule of thumb.  If someone says something insulting to me, somebody I care about, or the point they are making is against what I believe in, but it’s funny I am ok with it.   I have left comments on my youtube videos up that are an insult to me just because it was funny and made me laugh.  I usually delete every negative comment on my videos.  I do argue on others videos though.  I have a strange satisfaction when it’s not when I win exactly it’s just they give up arguing with me lol.

Almost there!!!

21. I am subscribed to 149 people on youtube.  I spend at least an hour and a half to two hours a day watching new videos from people I am subscribed to.  If we couldn’t afford cable anymore and had to turn it off I wouldn’t miss it much because I watch youtube more it seems.  And I can find the shows I really like on the internet and download movies etc.

22. I feel I have a very unique way of looking at the world.  So unique it’s hard to describe and I could either not explain it in order for someone else to understand or if they did understand they would think I am nutty.  I don’t have a huge ego at all I just feel I observe the world differently then most people.  I think it’s one of my gifts.

23. Another person I adore is the Amazing Atheist on youtube.  I agree with 99.9% of what he says, I have weird perversions like he does, I enjoy his sense of humor and sarcasm because I act that way too, oh it’s so many reasons.  He is brilliant yet lazy like I am.  If I were strait I would have such a raging crush on him.  I have been known to say groupie esque like things about him before.  I know this doesn’t sound right to you but it sounds right to me and that is all that matters IMO.  I tell myself all the time if I were strait he would be the one I would want to marry and there is nothing wrong with that.  I just saw a picture of his supposed girlfriend on his myspace.  I am way prettier.

24.  I won’t tell you who but I unsubscribed to somebody on youtube that I am still friends with.  I won’t tell you why because then I think you could put the pieces together in your head but it was because it was for several annoying reasons.  I occasionally look up their channel and watch a video or two but I cannot stand watching their videos on a regular basis.

25. You know the saying there is no stupid question just the question that isn’t asked?  I think that is a load of crap you tell a kid so they won’t feel stupid.  I LOATHE it when people ask a question they either could a. think about their question for a minute or two and figure out the answer themselves or b. wait a little while to get their answer instead of interrupting someone to ask their question.  There are others but that is the main two.  One of the reasons why I love the internet is I can avoid asking questions and I can just google up the answer myself.

I hope this was an insightful blog that told you a little bit more about me.  More about what you knew already about me, some things you had no clue about, and just an overall insightful and entertaining blog.

I am sad, but I chose to be this way (movie reviews, rambles)

January 27, 2009

Emotions are an interesting thing.  They make us feel like we are on top of the world or on the bottom of it.  Sometimes like how I described in my sad movies blog, we choose to be sad, sappy and emotional.  Especially women but not exclusively.  I have guy friends I SWEAR I do that are a sucker sometimes for a sad sappy movie.  The based on true story ones are the worst because you try to imagine someone really going through that.  I know it’s blown out of proportion for reasons Hollywood think are right but it still makes us cry while we are smiling.  We smile because we realized that we got sucked in by something artificial and fake.

I know I have literally had my eyes swelled up with tears while I am chuckling at myself during a sad movie.  The last time I did that was the last time I watched E.T. last November.  I was crying because of Elliot and E.T. being sick and I was laughing at myself because that is just what Hollywood manipulates you how to feel like.  Also I have seen that movie so many times I couldn’t even tell you how many.  I will smell your pine trees and fog machine someday you freakin’ alien.

But I don’t want to go on a ramble about that right now.  I have something so much more sad to talk about.  I warned you!  The reason why I like being sad sometimes is you realize how wrapped up in the superficial world around you sometimes you don’t realize the broad range of emotions you can get into and why that great emotional range is what makes your life well rounded.  I just feel lucky when it’s all said and done when it’s just a movie and not something really worth crying about.  This last month or so on the on screen guide on our DVR I have seen the Diary of Anne Frank pop up so I set the DVR to record it last week.  It’s the 1980 version with Melissa Gilbert playing Anne Frank.  Melissa Gilbert was in the show Little House on the Prairie and this was during the time that show was on the air.  I love that show too.  I love fantasizing in my head while watching it if I could survive in settlers times and what would I be good at.  That show was in syndication when I was in the 3rd grade.  We were learning about the Oregon Trail (talking about the Apple II game is a WHOLE ‘nother blog article!) and how people had it so much different then we do now.  I mean, those people worked so hard just for some butter!  I actually think about that stuff quite a bit especially when I am feeling really lazy.

Also when I was a kid we learned about the Holocaust.  I have always been fascinated by learning about World War II, Hitler, Nazis, Concentration Camps, the whole thing.  I am not a history buff like some people but every once in a while I do devote a few hours to talking about it and learning more details.  I am a sick fuck so I am fascinated with learning about Concentration Camps.  Don’t judge me my brain made me that way.  I think it was terrible just like the next decent person it’s just human nature is so interesting to me.  Decent people are boring I want to learn about twisted freaks, ya know?

If you can imagine one time in my life when I was in the 6th grade I used to go to the library on a regular basis.  I got a bike the summer going into the 6th grade and I followed my oldest sister during the summer time while she visited to get teenage novels and magazines and then I would follow her back home.  I noticed one day they rented out VHS tapes too.  We just learned about World War II so I was naturally curious about the Diary of Anne Frank.  At that time I watched the 1959 version.

I told my Grandma before I got it I was thinking about checking it out and she said she wanted me to get it because she wanted to watch it too.  That felt like a compliment to me and a big deal because she always has been rarely interested in movies or tv other then Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and when the Blazers are playing basketball.   She multitasked through it but still listened.  We played the movie in a different room she usually sits in so that felt like a big deal in itself that she was willing to spend an hour and a half in a different room she usually watches tv in.  Just trust me on those last 4 lines, that was all different and cool as a kid growing up.  From the library I also checked out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3.  I am not much of a reader.

This is the trailer for the 1959 version.  Black and white to me needs a lot of patience.  Not to offend but I am not that much into black and white movies.  That is a step up from reading a book to me.  I would have to think for a minute or two if you gave me a choice between a black and white movie or a book.

Earlier watching the 1980 version I enjoyed slowly getting sucked into the sappy Hollywoodness of Anne Frank.  Most everybody wants to live on past their lifetime.  That is why people have children, or write blogs, or take pictures of themselves.  They hate the thought of being forgotten after they die.  I feel that way too but I don’t think about it too much.  I always kind of assume that people will talk about me long after I am gone.  This blog barely scrapes the surface of why I am unique and why people are fascinated by me.  Yes I made a story about the Holocaust about me shut up.

Anne is going to live on for decades I think.  She was a talkative, outgoing, cheery 13 year old when the movie started.  She danced, talked, tried to make everybody happy and I think really was the lit candle for everybody.  The spark that kept everybody’s hopes up at least a little.  When a man Mr. Dussell moves in he complains about everything and it’s obvious that in his life he is used to having his space and his things in order.  That really makes Anne upset because she has to share  a room with him.  A mature strict older man and an immature outgoing slightly clumsy 13 year old girl do not mesh well.  I think that Anne brushes off on Mr. Dussell and it’s endearing.  I think they should of been fortunate that the youngest was 13, I cannot imagine how it would of been like trying to contain a toddler in that situation.

The last part of the movie they are all going crazy with cabin fever, and cranky with starvation.  They are starting to think of ways to back stab each other, and their personalities change so much.  It made me think about how you could easily trick someone into doing something they usually wouldn’t like killing a family member just by giving them very little food.  I think we should all feel extremely lucky just if we all have enough to eat the rest of our lives.  I watched the movie Alive about a month ago and that is another situation like that.  I won’t go into it but if you are still reading this the movie Alive is worth watching at least once.

My favorite moment of the Diary of Anne Frank is when they celebrate Hanukkah expecting no presents and Anne scrounges up materials to make them each very thoughtful gifts.  I remember that from a kid.  I remember her uncle I believe it was got two cigarettes that she made out of the tobacco from the bottom of the guy that owned the house’s pockets.

I think everybody knows what happens to the family.  The movie I watched earlier felt more like a play then a movie because it was obvious they were on a set and they shot the main part of the attic most of the time.  It was worth watching to me.  And the mom from Everybody Loves Raymond was in it too!

This movie is called the Boy In the Striped Pajamas.  I was keeping the Diary of Anne Frank for a little over a week on the DVR which is past due in our house because the space is so critical.  You either watch it within 4 days or delete without watching.  Today while looking through the regular movie download sites I look through (external links on the blogroll ‘ahem’) everyday I saw one on there I have been wanting to watch since around September.  I thought this must be a sign I will watch Diary of Anne Frank and this other movie on the same night.  Watching two movies right after another is a rarity for me I usually can’t sit still without multitasking for that long.  Getting the time to arrange for one is enough.  I love movies but I would rather get more done then watch a movie for an hour and a half or more.

This movie right when I read the summary reminded me of the book to Kill a Mockingbird.  I haven’t watched the movie yet that is on my to do list.  I read the book when I was a junior in high school and there is a reason why people say it’s a classic.

The boy that is the main character in the movie is named Bruno.  This boy is extremely skinny apparently he is the type to play outside more then eat.   He has dark brown very short hair and bright light blue eyes.  I swear if I adopted him people would assume he was my biological son and I was a slut in high school.  His mom had blue eyes like that too.  But it was so interesting because his clothes were so old fashioned and drab.  He had a light blue sweater vest on some of the time but he wore brown and beige colors at other times.  It was quite a contrast to his bright blue eyes.

Sorry to get girly on you.  His father gets a job through the military and they move next door to a concentration camp.  Bruno’s family eats well but it’s really boring.  He starts to wander and realizes some people are treated differently.  People are treated worse then others.  They wear what he calls striped pajamas.  His older sister that looks about 15 which I don’t remember her age being mentioned is already brainwashed by the Nazis into thinking that Jewish people are not human they are just a waste of skin so treating them as such is to be rewarded and not to be shamed.  Bruno doesn’t get it because every person wearing those strange looking striped pajamas have always been nice to him.  His 8 year old innocent mind can’t wrap his head around it.  See that is why it reminds me of How to Kill a Mockingbird.

This movie could of been gorier and gritty but they took a more mainstream approach IMO.  I don’t think I would ever make a movie that is based during that time because I just don’t feel it’s my calling in life.  The ending is sad as expected.  I enjoyed the movie, it’s not my favorite movie in the whole world now but I love it when a movie proves an overlooked point.  The point in this movie IMO is you learn hate you aren’t born with it and also decent people always go out of their way for a friend.  I know I have a list of friends in my head that I would put their safety over mine if needed.  I don’t want to spoil the end but I love that Bruno went so far for his friend.  I love movies where people go to the edge of the earth to save their friend just because their friend asked.  It reminds me of Harry and I and other friends I have as well.

Two Holucaust movies in one night is definitely heavy on the heart but I think it was needed.  It reminds me that my life is pretty freakin’ great and I shouldn’t judge no matter what happens because it absorbs you.  Comment questions.  Have you ever seen any version of the Diary of Anne Frank?  Have you seen the other movie?  Are you strangely fascinated with any horrible part of history?  Are you fasinated in watching movies or reading books about people that have survived extremely difficult odds?  I would love to read all about it and of course you can write anything you want as long as it’s respectful.  As always anything that is disrespectful to me or others will be deleted.  I feel hate creates more hate so if you post a nasty comment people are tempted to argue etc. so it’s just better to delete all nasty comments ASAP.

Christmas Survey (I don’t usually post these here but…)

November 14, 2008

These usually stay in Myspace but I thought you guys would find it amusing.  Doing this survey got me in the Christmas spirit just a teeny tiny bit more.  I have been resisting lately.  I am trying to hang onto my Halloween aftermath spirit a little longer.

1. Egg Nog or Hot Choco​late?
It depends on my mood.  Sometimes Hot Chocolate and sometimes Egg Nog

2.Does Santa​ wrap prese​nts or just sit them under​ the tree?
I have always liked how they did it in the movies where the bike is assembled and in front of the tree with a big bow on it…. but I always wrap presents even if the kid gets suspicious to why the wrapping paper matches his/her other presents!

3.Color​ed light​s on tree/​house​ or white​?
White.  Colored lights to me are tacky.  Except if they have some kind of pattern like white blue or green red white.  I loathe flashing lights!!  Like wtf is wrong with people?  Except that one video on youtube where the song is synced up with the lights that is epic.  You should look that up.

4.Do you hang mistl​etoe?
No I have only seen that in the movies, I want one of those mistletoe hats!

5.When do you put your decor​ation​s up?
I don’t have any.  But after Thanksgiving is a must.

6.What is your favor​ite holid​ay dish (​exclu​ding desse​rt)​?
Too hard to decide.  I think fresh out of the oven biscuits w/ butter inside.  Or brussel sprouts w/ water chestnut sauce.  Or turkey with a side of extremely moist stuffing….

7.Favor​ite holid​ay memor​y as a child​:
The gut wrenching anticipation of opening presents.  That can make a child insane!  Or just the day afterwards when you could play with your toys, watch your new movies or listen to your new cds while eating leftover candy and christmas cookies

8.When and how did you learn​ the truth​ about​ Santa​?
I don’t remember how old I was but I think I was in the 3rd grade.  I woke up at about 10am and I usually just laid in bed enjoying slowing waking up but the thought of a stocking waiting for me to go through popped in my head.  I ran into the living room and all of the stockings were empty.

I was confused to what did I ever do to deserve that?  I walked into the family room and told my Grandma that the stockings were empty.  She had this “oh shit” look on her face and told me to stay in the family room and don’t go onto the living room until she said it was ok.  I wondered what she was up to after a few minutes and then when I walked into the living room again I saw my Grandma stuffing the stockings with things from a brown paper bag.  I was dumbfounded.  I felt scammed like I was the last one to find out.  I quickly got over it though.  She always put an orange in our stockings.  Freakin’ Grandma.

9.Do you open a gift on Chris​tmas Eve?
What we did is we opened all of our presents after dinner was ate and the dishes were done that were from our Grandparents (and from my cousin when he lived with us for about 4 years) and then the day after that we opened our relatives presents when they showed up that was before dinner.  The problem was, all of the things we wanted came from our grandparents so the presents we opened from our relatives were what they thought we would like and not really what we asked for.

Sometimes my Grandma would tell them a title of a cd we wanted or something easy like that but not always.  We were told to be polite and she made sure we said thank you.

I really wanted to say “yeah thanks a lot for this stuff you spent money on!” in a sarcastic way.  I was rude a few years ago now that relative doesn’t buy me presents anymore.  I don’t care, I mean she gave me toothpaste and cheap shampoo for a present!  Like wtf?  And then she spent like 25 bucks a piece on my sisters.  At least.  She said I am hard to shop for I don’t think I am.  Just give me a gift card woman I’ll do the rest.

10.How do you decor​ate your Chris​tmas Tree?
I love the random promotional ornaments that were made in the 80’s and 90’s by restaurants tieing in with a movie or a saturday morning cartoon that I want to collect a lot of.  Also the vintagey looking stuff like the old fashioned santa and holly hobby stuff.  That’s an odd combo but I have never labeled myself as normal.  Ahem.

11.Snow!​ Love it or Dread​ it?
I used to love snow as a kid.  The worse it got the more school we missed and it was so much fun.  I remember one time I made a snowman and then for lunch enjoyed a chef boyardee type pasta in a can shaped as ninja turtles.  Another time we made a track around a tree in our backyard it it froze a little overnight (which we wanted to have happen) and my sisters and I took turns pushing ourselves around the tree on a sleigh type thing we scrounged up.  Now I don’t like it as much.  It’s a pain in the ass to walk in and it’s a pain in the ass to drive anywhere in.  It sure is pretty though 🙂

12.Do you know how to ice skate​?
No.  I went to a rink once and I was too chicken shit to learn how to be a good skater.  Also the same with going to the roller rink.

13.Do you remember​ your favor​ite gift?
When I was 10 I got a swiss army knife.  A basic one.  I wanted one because I thought every boy in america had one and so therefore I needed one to blend in.  That is when I became a tomboy around that time.  My Granddad called several stores asking for one.  I thought it was so cool and thanked him but quickly didn’t pay much attention to it.

I mean it wasn’t going to help me in some really gnarly adventures or anything.  To my knowledge it’s still hanging on my Grandparents key rack in their bathroom.  Long live the swiss army knife 🙂  I always had that one present I really looked forward to.  I think the coolest one really was a NES my aunt gave my sisters and I and it was a total surprise.  My Grandma told us not to tell her son Bill (he was in his mid 30’s then) that our aunt is the one that gave us the NES because she thought he would get upset.  I told him about 4 years ago.  He was surprised but not that upset.

14.What is your favor​ite Holid​ay Desse​rt?
The classic Pumpkin pie w/ a layer of whipped cream on top.  It was included in the meal but the fruit salads and jello salads always felt like a form of dessert and were always slightly different every year.

15Wha​t is your favor​ite holid​ay tradi​tion?
Watching frosty the snowman, rudolph the rednosed reindeer, garfield’s christmas, charlie brown’s christmas and the simpsons christmas (the first one!) every year.  I think that is the only thing I have done consistently.  I love watching people open presents too especially children!  Also the kindness really comes out in people during the holiday season.  AND the advent calendar at!!!

16.What tops your tree?
What tops my Grandma’s tree every year is an older angel that is very pretty.  She plugs it in and it lights up.  I haven’t gotten a topper on mine yet.  I think I will get an angel too.

17.Which​ do you prefe​r givin​g or Recei​ving gifts​?
As an adult now I just want money.  Quite honestly.  But I love giving and I always feel awful when I can’t afford presents for the people I love.  I am not going to my Grandparents this year for Christmas (family drama, don’t even get me started!!) but I am fedexing some presents still for the family members I still love.  I might not be there, but I still want the ones that I still love in my family to get a 25 dollar gift card a piece.  That’s just how I roll.

18.What is your favor​ite Chris​tmas Song?
I couldn’t pick one really.  I love the cheesy ones from holiday specials, the timeless ones that everybody loves (Do they know it’s Christmas time at all?!??!?) and the dated ones I know from holiday specials from my childhood. has an excellent Christmas (and Halloween) playlist that if anyone out there is looking for one to put on shuffle on their computer they should definitely it check out.  It’s updated every year.  Long live the X-E jukeboxes!!!

19.Candy​ Canes​!​ Yuck or Yum?
I love em’.  The traditional ones, and also the ones that hershey puts out that are really good.  They are chocolate and peppermint flavored!

20.What do you want for Chris​tmas?
To have a great time with my best friend Harry.  And a wii fit!  And contact lenses!

Feel free to steal this survey and replace my answers.

Hey kid rock and roll, rock on

August 27, 2008

I was randomly cruising through youtube like I do pretty much every night and I came across something horribly brilliant from the late 80’s.  If you know me you know that anything that is horrible but in a good way (the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coming out of their Shells Tour anyone?) that is from the 80’s or 90’s is like a gold nugget to me.  By the way, this blog article might be subpar which I blame on the thin crusty layer of chocolate chip cookie dough on my hands from baking 3 batches and simultaneously writing this blog.

I was watching the What the Buck Show which I usually don’t do because he mostly talks about celebrities and gossip, and I started watching a video with Buck talking about minisodes.  Minisodes are current or older shows (mostly older) that are the entire show wrapped up in around 5 minutes.  It’s like nostalgia for the busy body.  I started watching some, and came across some Young and the Restless Minisodes and just clicked on one.

Because hey during the summer time and during Monday’s or snow days off I watched some of the soaps that my Grandma religiously watched and if we interrupted she would yell, “Shush! Listen!” at us and continues to do because she is still alive.

I watched the intro of the Minisode and saw a guy with a leather jacket on w/ the zippers you know the kind I am talking about rocking out by himself for a second or two on the white background like they used to have in the 90’s.  That intro is worth watching because IMO it’s quite amusing if you think soap operas are cheesy and you don’t get why they stay on the air.  Just the intro will due.  Anyway it popped into my head that yes!  He was like a pop music musician (oxymoron?) trying to break out of soaps and really have a music career guy.  I listened to the songs on the radio!  I know about that!  I went to wiki about it, nothin’, and then typed in Young and the restless and one hit wonder and with the information that there is a hip hop group called Young and Da Restless I found out that Michael Damian is the name of the actor and yes he has had several hits and so I went off to youtube to try to look up a handful of them to see if they would jog my memory.

Unfortunately none of them did really just a couple slow romantic songs that I don’t remember vividly.  BUT I found something blogworthy.  Behold.

(I updated the link, it’s not the Night Flights video anymore.)

This song was a cover of the classic song Rock On from the 70’s.  Michael Damian sang it for the movie Dream a little Dream in 1989 that has the two Coreys Feldman (still in his walk, talk, and act like Michael Jackson phase) AND Haim in it.  That is why they are in the video.  I had no clue about any of this before I watched the video so I was thinking to myself, “Were the Two Coreys in EVERYTHING in the 80’s?!?” No they are just in the movie and it was a quick little way to link it to the movie I think.  Like the music video I’ll be there for you by the Rembrandts.  I thought the music video though when I first watched it and had no clue about the movie was like the Beach Boys music video Kokomo that Michael was just friends with them and they wanted to kill an afternoon shooting a music video with him.  Dream a little Dream is in it’s entirety on youtube and looks interesting so I just might watch it in a day or two.  I watch the Two Coreys on A&E at the beginning it was kind of boring but now it’s getting interesting and I hate Feldman’s wife I want to strangle her everytime she opens her mouth.  She doesn’t know anything about show business and she should just shut up.

I love the Night Tracks Bumper in the beginning of the video that is deliciously 80’s as well.  When I was a kid my Grandparents had an old Satellite that was big and beautiful because once I started to learn how to use it I found all sorts of channels.  Not like how they found when they first bought the thing back in the early 80’s perhaps when they could get every channel cable had even the porn and pay per view channels (my older cousins became lustfilled young men through those channels from what I heard ahem) and I became the only one interested once the companies started blocking channels and started charging for them.

I had my fun.  That dish was a good friend to me growing up.  I should write a whole blog filled with memories of Much music, More music, Feeds of tv shows, and local tv channels showing news casters staring bored out of their mind, the list goes on.  Sometimes I would hit a good one and would get a free cable channel that was starting out and wasn’t blocked.  Like E! for a while and FX when they used to play Batman, Hulk, Life Goes on, Twenty Something, Wonder Woman, and shows they made themselves.

I got a bit off track there, BUT I found a channel I don’t even remember what it was called but I think it was a local channel from another state.

On that channel I would watch Night Flights.  The reason why is I wanted to watch music videos and I took them anyway I could get them.  From watching a handful of clips of Night Flights it apparently wasn’t just about music videos it was much more then that.  Especially because I found a classic clip of Nancy Reagan saying that pot is great and she highly suggests everyone try it. I probably also watched Night Tracks it looks familiar.  But on this specific channel (which WASN’T USA Network I would remember that because I watched USA Network before as a kid) I watched Night Flight and loved it because it was really the only way I could watch music videos at the time and music videos was one of my favorite things to watch growing up and still now I watch them.

I love watching VH1 classic in the morning because it brings me back to my childhood, killing a Saturday or Sunday afternoon watching a bunch of random music videos.  Obscure ones mixed in with the ones that were popular hits.  This channel that Night Flights was on I had to change the channel right before the commercial started because most of the commercials were just phone sex ads with half naked women (I remember seeing not just teasing but full on TITS in those commercials) and I knew I would be banned from flipping to that channel if I got caught looking at shiny tan half naked women.

Another show on that channel I watched a couple of times by myself were stripper competitions.  They would have a pole on one of those platforms that have wheels underneath for easy traveling and some bearded, greasy, overweight judges with heavy chains on would watch them strip to a Montey Crue Song or some other stereotypical stripper song until they were completely naked then they would step aside and let another girl dance almost the same way they just did.  They always had a name like “Brown Sugar” or “Wild Cherry” I was curious because of the naked part but even a kid that has only seen nakedness that was attractive so few times I could of counted them on my soft small hand I wasn’t interested.  The only reason why it was interesting is because it was taboo and I obviously shouldn’t of been watching it.  So anyway, I am going to go wash my hands now and go to bed.

History shows again and again, how nature points up to the folly of men

August 17, 2008

I think this is the last possible moment that I can procrastinate doing this blog article without procrastinating so much that i don’t do it entirely.  Mind you, I planned from the beginning to do this blog article.  Ever since I planned on going to the fair.  It’s just, I had some technical problems with uploading the video onto Youtube so I am burnt out on the idea of thinking about the Blue Oyster Cult, or the fair right now.  I took a mini vacation, from Tuesday until last night, but I am burnt.  It’s no offense to anyone reading this, it’s just listening to my crappy cell phone recorded video about 40+ times in the matter of 6 days can make a person become bitter.  I have now learned that it’s extremely difficult to get a series of .3g2 format videos to go into Cyberlink Powerdirector (or Windows Movie Maker for that matter) and just have 4 videos become one.  That is all I wanted to do people.  It became a mission, a mission that I wouldn’t let go unfinished.  I am one of those horrible stubborn people that won’t let something go undone until they sacrifice years off of their life just to prove they are right and whatever the hell it is is wrong.  I might just need more ram for this new laptop.  Yes I said new.

With that horrible intro lol I will go on and write a detailed article that deserves to be written.  But first a back story.  Last year I was living at the time within about 5 blocks or so from a fairgrounds here in town.  Just on a whim I looked up the Umatilla County Fair website (that is on that fairground, I just want you to be on the same page with me with this) and looked up who was performing just to see if I knew anybody that was performing.  I was expecting some 90’s band that had a couple of songs that were popular but not really playing at this small place.  Like, Paula Cole maybe?  I saw SheDaisy which is a small chick Country band and some other person I wasn’t interested in and then Night Ranger!!  I thought, I know them but why?  Off to Youtube I went to confirm I knew some of their songs and sure enough I sure as hell knew the song Sister Christian.  I was so excited that night they were performing, I waited patiently for my best friend Harry to come home and so I could bum 20 bucks off of him and off I went.  I had alot of fun, I saw a Rob Stewart look alike, I ate beer battered mushrooms and drank lemonade, and had a well needed outing.  I came home and thanked Harry several times for the 20 dollars and vowed that would be a tradition of mine.

Flash forward to about 6 months ago, I looked on the Umatilla County Fair website again.  I honestly thought the fair was in September and not the beginning of August so thank goodness I looked it up ahead of time.  I wanted Harry to come but no one could cover his shift at work.  I can admit that the reason why I wanted him to go was because of a selfish reason.  We moved the end of February across town.  I REALLY didn’t want to walk across town for the fair.  I wanted to go with him to have him drive there and back.  I am not too awful of a person for that but just to get it out there I didn’t want to walk .2 (according to Google maps) miles there one way.  I am out of shape, so that is a ways.

August 8th creeped up on me, I had about 20 dollars in my pocket, and I felt just staying home and not walking all of that way and back wasn’t worth missing an adventure.  At 7:45 I checked to make sure I had the house keys, I doubled checked to make sure I turned off all of the lights, I locked the door, and I was off.  I sped walk in a mix of excitement and being slightly running behind schedule.  The concert started at 9, so I was running a little late.  The year earlier I was an hour there before the concert started.

This is the road I was walking along.  The endless but not so endless familiar road.  I was bound determined to hear someone, hopefully the Blue Oyster Cult, sing that night!

After a little under an hour of walking, I was there.  Right when I got to the last stretch of sidewalk up to the gate I saw a tall, pale, guy with a poofed out beard and red hair to match with a pale avocado “More Cowbell” t-shirt on.  I felt that was a sign that this was fate.  After forking over 7 bucks, getting a temporary brand and getting through the gate, I realized my feet were already tired so I wanted to rest my feet.  I couldn’t quickly find a place to sit that didn’t look like you had to buy something so you won’t get the ol’ heave ho’ but I did eventually find a bench that made me happy for about 5 minutes.  My feet were still tired but I felt like a party pooper pulling the lets sit on a bench like you can do any other time thing.

While I got back up on my feet to look for where the concert was going to be so I could stake out my standing area, I saw a sign for a wild animal exhibit.  After walking the wrong way in a horseshoe shaped pathway and having the guy correct me, I saw a sign that was a big pat on the non profit organization’s back for rescuing these animals from their habitat and putting them on display for us to gawk at them.  Now, I am not an expert on the subject but how is this better?  There was a bobcat type of wild cat in the cage in the above picture (sorry the picture is so crappy, it was the bad lighting) pacing back and forth constantly.  I felt really bad for him.  There was another cat but I don’t know what it was, a cheetah maybe?  Most of the exhibit was snakes.

The snake pictures are better.  I was scared as hell of these snakes but fascinated at the same time which I am about a lot of things.

I didn’t get a picture of him, but there was this yellow, orange, and red snake that it’s head kept on moving pointing at us.  There were some young 18 year old tourist Aussie kids ahead of me.  I about crapped my pants watching that snake.  I thought about actually taking a video of him with my cell phone but the guy was watching us really closely.  I thought the snake was just going to say fuck it and bust through the glass!!  It was a thin snake not like these thick ones.

Here is one of the Tarantulas!!   If you can’t see him then look closely at the orange spots.  I can’t really say anything about him, other then he was awake and creep crawling around his tiny glass box.  I even felt sorry for him the hairy little fucker.

I am hesitant to admit this, but it took me a while to find the stage.  I wandered around in a loop for about an hour and a half.  By the time I found it my feet really hurt and I was cranky.  I felt disappointed in knowing there might be a chance that I might not see the concert AT ALL because I couldn’t find it right away.  I found a huge rodeo going on.  I found it over and over again.  I found all of the carnies that had rock music blasting from their speakers over and over again, but no live music stage.  I was stunned and dumbfounded.  No son, we are not happy.  Not even about Lemonade.  Because the Blue Oyster Cult is nowhere to be found.

This was the main ride that was scary but everyone wanted to go on.  I honestly thought it was a Ferris wheel at first, but no it’s not.  I think every fair has that one showcased ride that people stand in a long line to go on.  This one was called the Ring of fire.  Every time I walked by it (over and over, mind you) I got the classic Johnny Cash song stuck in my head.  I took this picture just so I could share that.  Your welcome.

Eventually the crowd died around the rides, and the carnies music out of their speakers were killed.  I found where the crowd went and where the music was coming from.

First I found an area that was a side angle of the stage that I thought I was going to stand for 2 hours.  But then I quickly found that I was standing right where people went in and out of the reserved seating.  Every minute or so someone went out of the reserved seating to go take a piss or buy something to become future piss.  I had to find another place to stand.

I found a good spot dead center that didn’t have so much of a crowd to make me uncomfortable.  There was a guy that if he was sober I feel sorry for him that bounced around behind me shouting random humorous things.  At the time I thought he was an annoying person out to ruin my evening but now I am glad I had him there because it made the experience sincerely more enjoyable.  Also in front of me there was a poor man’s version of Mystie rocking out with her female friend that looked vaguely the same but brunette.  They were probably about 18 but knew a lot of the words to a lot of the songs so I was impressed.  It was fun watching them rock out with their cocks out.

One thing I didn’t get him shouting on video was he kept on shouting, “This isn’t New York, this is Oregon!  We are rocking out in Oregon!  Yeah!” in a Special Ed type of way.  But I thought it was sincere and not him trying to be funny.  A guy standing by him I think was his friend humored him during when he was getting the fact that this is Oregon and not New York out of his system.  If anyone that lives in New York is reading this, it’s no offense to New York.  I think his point was this is a small town in Oregon and not a big city in New York and the place was rocking out.

What you have all been waiting for…

The visual part of the video kinda sucks.  But it’s all about the audio anyway.  I am one of those people that constantly are taking pictures and video.  Why?  Because really of three main reasons.  I want to be able to look at the video I made and pictures I took and reminisce with vivid details right in front of me.  Second, I want to be able to see what I have done in the past when I am older and when I am not able to remember it that well.  Third, I want proof to show others that I was there and to tell my story to them.  Some people think oh well just live your life.  It’s more fun if you aren’t hiding behind a camera all the time.  I want proof.

Here is a better video of the same concert.

His video shows basically how my view was.  For some reason my video makes it look like I had nose bleed seats.  I could see the people, what they were wearing etc.  I couldn’t count their nose hairs but I could see them.  He had another video up that was closer, the audio was worse but he took it down.  THANK GOODNESS I saved both of his videos for my own keepsakes.  I LOVE FILE2HD.COM!  I did a tutorial about them this last week, check out my youtube channel for it.

If you can’t make out what the loud guy behind me is saying in the video then I am going to tell you the main things he said in the video.  He is saying, “I want a copy of that!  Can I have a copy of that?” talking to me wanting a copy of the picture he thought I was taking.  I took pictures before so to his defense he wasn’t too far off thinking I was still taking pictures.

Me saying, “I don’t know they’re pretty bad!” and laughing.  I meant the quality is bad.  Not like oh I’m bad, I’m bad you know it.

Him saying, (later when BOC is playing Don’t fear the reaper) “You got the whole thing on video?” Me “Yeah” Him “You can do that?!?  I didn’t know you could do that! Put the whole thing on youtube or something and I might watch it in a day or so.” I nodded and said the quality is bad but we’ll see.  He instantly ignored me after that and went back to his obnoxious cheering.  I have to admit I was a little frightened of him.  He looked like every stereotypical homeless man that you have seen in any movie.  Yep that one.

They acted like they finished up and then when most of the crowd left they did one more song.  The majority of people are stupid.  BUT the loud guy behind me stayed and begged for an encore.  Apparently they heard him because they squeezed one more song out.

While the concert was going on I glanced around, seeing what I should buy before I head home.  My best friend Harry already told me to buy him an elephant ear so I knew I had to buy that.  I played around with the idea of buying two and scarfing one down.  Right beside me was this glorious lit up sign that said TORTATOES which from what I saw were basically curly fries in a paper snow cone type of container.  I think it would be way too awkward to order one and I don’t think there is much bang for your buck which they planned all along because gimmicky names always cost a little more.  Fuckin’ Tortatoes.

I decided to get an elephant ear for myself as well and continued on my continuous walking adventure.  I first bought a foot long corn dog which was okay, and then found a booth that sold the glorious ears.  I am always impressed on how huge they are.  I know they are mostly fluff but they are friggin big.  I wandered around some more and found a grungy but not wet picnic table to sit at to enjoy some time alone with my Elephant Ear.  When I finally got off my feet and sat my big ass down, I saw this.

A diaper.  A babies diaper sparled out on the ground.  I tried not to gag while eating my food.  Their were plenty of blowjob trash clowns around for them to throw the diaper away so there were no excuses.

I filled my stomach up with corn dog and cinnamon powdery fluffy dough, and decided to start to make my trek back home.  I could easily make a long story about my trek home because it was a long painful one but this is long enough.  I made a right instead of a left and that added about an hour to my walking.  My feet were sore for 2 days after that.  I needed the exercise so the farther it’s in the past the more it’s not a big deal.  Until next year when I do it all over again.

Overall I learned some things about this experience for future reference.  I am bringing my HD camcorder with me next year.  I will try to get there earlier to have more daylight so things are easier to see.  Elephant ears only last about 4 hours before they become incredibly stale and hard.  I think I like Night Ranger better then I like the Blue Oyster Cult.  I also taught someone something.  I taught a loud guy that cell phones can record video.  So hurrah for tradition.

When I figure it all out, I’ll let you all know what my conclusion is

June 29, 2008

Hey guys, I usually talk about these things in my videos but right now it’s easier for me to type it out.  I was just wandering around on youtube and decided to for some reason watch some live Everclear videos.  I have been a big fan of Everlclear since I was 15 years old it was the first serious band I became a fan of and was an instant fan since the first listen to So Much For The Afterglow.  While I was watching videos of Heartspark Dollarsign and Everything for Everyone and songs like that I started thinking about all of my favorite Everclear songs one of them is Loser like me that I put in my LOA challenge video (notice ANT posted a great motivating comment in the comments below) and I was thinking about why I like it so much.  I love the part when he sings “I won’t give in, I’m not like that” but I don’t want to do a long winded blog about Everclear.  At least not this time.

I want to come out of the closet with something if you will.  I started an Etsy store at the end of January after soul searching about what I want to do in my life.  I decided I wanted to get into art again and start a small business in it because all of my childhood and most of my teenage years I seriously wanted to be a professional cartoonist and practiced my fingers to the bone.  I really wanted to be famous by drawing.  Either a cartoon or a comic strip.  My art teachers in high school thought I was something, more then just a “I doodle on the cover of my notebook when I am bored” type of girl but really really something.  They told me that I had developed my own style of drawing at 18 and usually you don’t develop that until decades later.  I was jaded by the thought, thinking well duh that is what I have been telling you all along.  But I honestly do brag on occasion like right now.  My Grandparents were extremely proud all of my hours of doing that instead of schoolwork had paid off.  They still wanted me to do schoolwork but everytime after that when they saw me drawing they said oh what are you drawing there? in a high pitched positive voice rubber necking to see over my shoulder.

If anybody that has alot of experience in art that is down to earth that wants to just out of sheer enjoyment out of my progress volunteer to be my mentor, contact me.

I have drawn and/or painted 5 things to list that are ready to purchase from my Etsy store.  My Etsy name is jdevore and the link is through a graphic I made on the right side of this blog.

Why only 5 you ask?  Honestly, it comes right to lack of motivation and laziness.  I know I know it’s supposed to be fun.  But it’s easier to watch tv and go online (even spending several hours making and editing youtube videos, and right now writing on this very blog) and I think about it sometimes but I just don’t get the fire under my ass to go and do it.

For the last month I have been doing lots of soul searching again.  I keep on telling myself if it isn’t art, then what?  It always goes back to art because that is the one thing I can tolerate doing that I can potentially make money doing.  I loathe a regular job, maybe it’s because I haven’t spent much time at a regular job.  I loathe not being my own boss.  I feel I need a really laid back boss or none at all.  I want to do things my way.

By the way, spare the be an adult and just go out and get a regular job lecture.  Last year I heard it twice. Once from my aunt and once from a good friend of mine and it didn’t stick as well as they hoped so save your energy.  I am looking for words of encouragement but not a holier then thou lecture.  Thank you.

I was a housecleaner for about 3 months about 4 years ago.  I was great.  I made up business cards, went door to door, and made (on the weekends) 700 bucks from 7 customers.  From what I saw they were pleased.  I wrote up a contract and made them sign it and they were very impressed.  I was impressed with myself.  I didn’t mind scrubbing other people’s toilets and washing their windows.  Why did I quit?  I knocked on every door on the suburbian style houses in this town and I was done.  I did all I could do on foot and I decided I didn’t want to take out a loan to advertise.  To put flyers in people’s PO Boxes or just regular mailboxes was several thousand dollars.  An ad on the radio was several hundred dollars.  I just didn’t want to dig a hole to build a foundation for a housecleaning business.  So I quit.  I still have my paperwork, and most of my housecleaning supplies.

I have been in a cycle all my adulthood.  I start something, I get really excited, my first brick wall comes along and I quit.  I want to break this cycle folks I really really do.  I can’t do this forever.  I think most of my reason is because I have never ever had a time in my life where I thought sincerely to myself if I don’t go out and bust my ass I won’t eat and have a roof over my head.  I have slept in a car sure, but I have eaten always.  And so I feel nothing as far as needing to work.  I feel nothing as to needing to have a career to support myself.  I am sorry if that pisses you off but it’s true.

When I was a kid I wasn’t yelled at too much when I got a bad report card.  The teachers eventually stopped caring and started ignoring me in school unless I wanted to attempt to try.  I know my 5th grade teacher let me leave the classroom everytime there was a reason for me to leave.  I made friends with some special ed kids and she let me go on a field trip with them.  She just was tired of handing me work just for the sheet to just have my name and the date on it apparently.  I just sat and drew pictures.  Why?  Because the kids teased me (watch this is my life in my own words I guess, the one on teasing) and I really didn’t want to be at school because of that.  Because school = teasing.

But right now I am not depressed exactly it’s just I want to motivate myself to do art or to do SOMETHING to make money so I can feel I can survive in this world without anybody supporting me financially.  This might sound easy for all of you out there reading this but it’s really hard for me.  I have always felt that I am very smart when it comes to human observation and observing the world around me.  I think all artists are in their own ways.  Whether their medium is music, poems, creative writing, painting, sculpting, drawing, video making, etc. it’s there.

But when I was a kid I don’t think I ever thought why I wanted to be a cartoonist.  To make people happy?  To entertain people?  I know Matt Groening the creator of the Simpsons was my idol, I wrote at least 2 papers about him.  So I wanted to make a funny cartoon?

What I was thinking about while I was watching Live Everclear videos was this.  I feel I have a unique perspective on life.  Through my art I want to share it with others.  This is what I want to get stuck in my head.  I have always also felt I will be famous someday.  Even now I do.  Just a back of my mind thought that I never really concentrated on, but was always there.  Once when I was about 8 or 9 I went to Albertsons with my Granddad on a late night run which was extremely rare so I was excited to be at Albertsons an hour or so before closing time.  My Grandma was going to have a family get together the next day and was doing a bunch of the day before cooking and baking and forgot one little thing so my Granddad was going to save the day by going to Albertsons which if you haven’t figured it out yet it’s a grocery store.

While we were waiting for the cashier to ring us up she took a couple of glances at me.  She said oh hi there and probably complimented me on my eyes, which I got a lot as a kid because I have beautiful light blue eyes.  I said thank you politely and tried to act like I didn’t notice her looking at me several times, I was an extremely shy kid and became instantly embarrassed at any attention brought to myself.  She said I have a feeling I will see you someplace in several years.  I said something like yes I bet you will I live locally and go here all the time.  She said no no no I mean like in a magazine or on tv.  I just have a feeling about it.  I said why thank you, she gave me a strip of Albertsons stickers that have pictures like broccoli with a cartoon face on them with the store’s logo that they put on their packages that the cashiers keep on hand and the only time I have seen the cashiers use them is to give to cute little kids.  Until my bedtime I thought about what she said.  I might of told my Grandma and got the “that’s nice dear” kind of reaction.

I don’t want to be famous just because that lady told me she had a hunch.  Who knows she might be insane and tells that to every little kid she meets.  That experience just sticks in my mind.  And if I ever get so famous I am on tv on a regular basis I could change some things about the story and add “and here I am” at the end of it.

I am only 26 people, there is still (hopefully) plenty of time for me to figure out what my career should lead me to.  I wish I could take these feelings and make artwork out of them.  But right now I am lost.  I am like an arab wandering around in what looks like nothing but dust clouds and beige sand like in old cartoons.  With a spittin’ camel.

Thank you so much for reading this.  Hopefully getting this out in the open will help me out a lot.

Movies that deliciously drip of sap

June 21, 2008

I have been trying to write this blog article? post? For at least a month now, lets face it. This aint my primary outlet for creation. But this medium has advantages that override youtube sometimes. Sure I could make a 10 minute video or 2 10 minute videos about this subject, but I thought I would attack this subject Big Willy style.

There is sometimes when you are just in the mood to stretch out on your couch, or sit in front of your pc, and sink into a wonderfully sad movie. Face value that looks like aww that would just make you sad oh no even though a tear might trickle down your cheek. No, these are the movies that have well developed characters struggling through a tough life changing battle that makes you laugh and cry and root them on to the wonderful or not so wonderful ending. You root them on through tough times, and when they make it well you can’t help but have a huge grin on your face. Sometimes you think oh yeah of course it’s a happy ending but sometimes you just don’t care that you fell for it because the movie was just that great.

The first sappy movies I always think of are the ones I have seen time and time again from my childhood. Yes the children’s movies that I remember watching and re watching when I was a young squirt that brought me such joy are the first ones I think about when I am trying to decide to pick a sappy movie. Whether it was a holiday tradition of mine, or I just loved the movie the developing characters and the sad moments in the movies always get me everytime. They are just too darn good. Those Directors really know how to pull on our heartstrings sometimes. And sometimes we let them.

The Little Mermaid

Ok ok ok I promise you I won’t go on a huge review about how wonderful the Little Mermaid is. It’s just this is the first Disney movie my Grandma bought us. The first official one in the white shell case with the penis blending into the castle structure on the cover of it. And about a year after that our family went to Denmark to see the statue (among other things of course, it was a 6 week trip) of the Little Mermaid where my Grandma said “See Jodi, that is the REAL Little Mermaid!” and that moment I felt very proud because my family is from Denmark. I came from the happiest country in the world! Cool huh 🙂

Anywho, Disney movies. I stopped really watching the new ones that came out when I was a teenager, but there are several that I love and love to rewatch now. King Triton giving the gift of legs to Ariel, Simba and Nala having a female Lion cub of their own mirroring when he was born, Tod and Copper going their separate ways with Tod finding his place in the forest with Vixie a female fox, Pinocchio becoming a real boy, the Beast (which I don’t think we ever found out his real name) becoming human because of Belle whispering I love you, Quasimodo being accepted by the towns people, and the list goes on and on. Those Disney people sure know how to write a great coming of age story. I don’t know anymore because I think the last Disney movie I have watched is Monsters Inc. but I have watched several of them. I am proud to say I teared up the first 3 times or so when I watched Toy Story 2 during “Jessie’s Song” which I very rarely do. I am proud because I watched the Pixar story on Starz and Tom Hanks admitted to crying during that song too. It just gets me thinking about the times people have moved on from relationships with me and how that hurt because I still wanted to be friends with them. That is one of the most emotionally painful things to experience.

Ok, I know what your thinking. Your thinking no not E.T. anything but that! But let me just say my piece and we can move on. For some reason the tv Networks thought E.T. is a great movie for the Holiday season and they either play it on Thanksgiving weekend or Christmas eve or Christmas. Well those fuckers have implanted into our brains that this is a great movie to watch during the Holidays and so when that time of the year comes around we get a craving for this video. Fuckers! But other then that fact I love this movie. Even if Drew Barrymore is in it. I am sorry but that woman is annoying to me. It’s because when she talks it looks like she’s gnawing on a bone. And that aint right. I do feel sorry for her because of her childhood. I can feel sorry for someone and respect them but not like them.

How did I go down that road? Elliot is adorable and reminds me of myself. I always thought someday I would find a hidden gift that instantly would make me special and loved by all. And I love the fact that he is so close to E.T. even though if E.T. stayed wouldn’t that be so weird when Elliot would find a woman that is suitable to marry? If you marry me, you have to marry E.T. as well! I think that is weirder then him saying he has a sneezing fetish. It’s a real thing, google it if you don’t believe me!

Of course there are other children’s movies that tug on my heartstrings but that is all I want to dwell on that for now. I also love the movies Thumbelina, Free Willy, Labyrinth, Hook, the first Ninja Turtles movie, and again the list goes on.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like a sucker when I fall for a motion picture movie and put it in my favorite sad movies list. Not to sound like an old fuddy duddy but they don’t make movies like they used to. And yes I might be talking about the mid 90’s.

My Grandma wanted to see this movie so bad because of all of the advertising and awards. She isn’t the type to go out to the theater or even watch on tv a movie but every once in a while she watches a movie that they talk a lot about on tv. If you ask her though she hasn’t watched a movie in 30 years.  She got a copy at Costco I believe and I watched it first. She doesn’t know how to work a VCR so it was up to me to cue it up after Granddad went to bed. I knew everything would be ok except the part where Forest and Jenny (Jennay) had sex. I was in the 7th Grade so of course that would of been awkward. I preplanned and walked into the kitchen, ate a slice of processed cheese, and went back into the same room after hearing a “what the hell?!?” she liked the movie overall she said she thought it was ok.

The kids in my school everytime one of their friends would take off in a steady jog or a run they would yell “run Forrest run!” and so sometimes I still say the same. I told my best friend Harry that little joke and so he says it too sometimes. I just love the movie. I don’t think anyone else could of been Forrest rather then Tom Hanks. I love how he stumbles into success in his life. In real life you would be irritated or upset with someone like that but in this movie you are rooting him on. I love the end when he learns he has a son and we see a little baby faced Haley Joel Osment. Forrest Gump is by far the best Dad to that little kid. He very patiently deals with day to day issues with raising a son and cherishes them. At least that is how I picture it. They have been playing this movie on various cable channels as they should be. This is a timeless movie.

My other favorite types of sad, gripping movies are the made for tv movies. I don’t really watch the newer ones, but why should I have to when the ones that were made in the 80’s and 90’s were so great. Whether they showed a dramatization of a famous event like the Tanya Harding movies or the Amy Fisher movies. Or based on a true story movies that based on stories that aren’t so famous that makes you inspired because the characters have gone through so very much. They always have one of those actors or actresses that you say, “Oh so THAT is what they are up to nowadays!” and you turn into a movie critique seeing if they can play more then a role in a sitcom or a typecasted role. But there is one specific movie that pops into my mind when I think of made for tv movies. It is I know my name is Steven that was first aired in 1989. That movie is so good. Not just the movie but a quick read through Wikipedia makes it that much better.

I know my first name is Steven

Oh yes, this movie is great if you enjoy made for tv movies.  A poor, typical American family with a stubborn Grandpa yelling at the parents because they can’t afford all of their kids they have.  Steven is a dysfunctional child but in an usual way.  He is quiet and keeps to himself, and he looks like he is just doing a lot of heavy thinking.  Like a mid-life crisis.  The father gets mad at him for not coming home right away after school and thinks about hitting him with a belt.  Which from what I read the parents were abusive towards their children and heavily believed in corporal punishment.  Steven promises to come home straight after school from then on after a “you are worrying your mother sick lately” speech.  The next morning while trying to round up their children to take them to school they found Steven, writing his name on the Garage door.

The father promises to deal with Steven later after school, and they all go their separate ways.  Meanwhile Ken Parnell is scheming to kidnap a child, trying to convince his dumber cohort that he just wants to be a father and he is going to get him a boy.  He goes to the school and sees Steven going straight home from school.  Steven Stayner’s case is rare because after 7 years Ken kidnaps another child after Steven is growing into a man, and then Steven realizes what has happened to him and he must save this other boy from the trauma he has endured.  That is the sweet part, in all reality Steven was probably just jealous of Timmy’s attention and that is why he didn’t want him around.  From what I have read online that is what the book says which I will eventually read.

When Steven goes back to his family it’s happy at first but then they admit that isn’t the Steven that was kidnapped from them 7 years before.  You would think the first part of the movie would be the most painful, it isn’t.  The mother wants to be motherly but the father feels angry, defensive and distraught about the situation.  Every time the mother wants to give him structure the father says he deserves to do whatever he wants because of what he has been through.  So Steven goes around drinking, having sex, skipping school, and raising havoc.  He craves structure, but on the other hand feels like no one can tell him what to do and gets defensive everytime one of his parents tells him to stop it.  He eventually moves into a trailer and gets his girlfriend pregnant.  About a year after this movie aired for the first time on tv, he died in a motorcycle accident.

I just told you the run down of this entire movie, but trust me it’s worth watching.  I don’t think it’s on DVD yet it’s only on VHS.  I would love to have a copy of it, but about 2 months ago I found a copy of it on youtube which unfortunately is gone now.   I have caught the movie on tv about 5 times or so throughout the years even though they don’t play it anymore I don’t think.  Even though there are movies on the lifetime movie network that are from 1992.

There is a where are they now type of update on wikipedia which I told you earlier is half of the fun nowadays.  Ken Parnell died on January 21st, 2008.  Yep, just the beginning of this year he was in jail and he died of natural causes.  What happened is this broken legal system especially states like California that have the three strikes law he only went to jail for FIVE YEARS because of what he did to Steven and kidnapping Timmy.  In January of 2004, he asked his caregiver (he was old and needed supervision at the time) to help him buy a 4 year old boy.  The caregiver told the police and helped in a police sting sending Ken to prison and thanks to the three strikes law (which I saw part of a documentary once proving the system to be complete bullshit) he was serving 25 to life.  In 1951 he was charged with sodomy of a young boy.

Now, that isn’t the whole story.  Steven had a brother by the name of Cary Stayner.  Have you ever heard of the Yosemite killer?  Yep, that’s Cary.  Cary admitted to having fantasies since a little kid about killing women.  He got arrested and put in jail for murdering 4 women in 1999 at Yosemite California.

I apologize if I made you bored by going off on a Steven Stayner rant at the end but I hope you learned some things about me and about things I know about with this blog.  You should at 2300+ words.  But if Americans are good at anything we are good at talking alot but not saying a damn word.


Random pictures of my tuesday

May 29, 2008

Ok, like I admitted on Will’s blog, I take random pictures with my cell phone. A lot of them I take because I think something is odd or funny, and sometimes it’s just flat out interesting. There was a movie made a few years ago with Robin Williams in it called the final cut. It was cheesy but interesting I would suggest it if you like realistic sci fi. The main overview of the movie was when certain people are born if their parents choose for them to they can get a memory implant. A memory implant records every moment of their lives. They suggest around their 18th birthday telling them. Imagine that for news. There is a worker called a cutter that when someone dies that has one of these memory implants it’s the cutter’s job to splice together a movie montage of their memorable moments. The cutter knows all of the person’s deep dark secrets, the job is not to be handled lightly. One of the rules is the cutter cannot have a memory implant.

The point of mentioning it is sometimes I think about that movie and wish I had a memory implant because I wish some of the wonderful things that have happened in my life were captured. Sometimes you don’t or can’t have a camcorder in your hands during a wonderful, priceless moment. I try my best at taking pictures of even the minor or major things but you can’t take a picture of everything.

My best friend Harry and I went on Tuesday afternoon to burger king because I found in the mail burger king coupons that were still good and one was for a buy one get one free steakhouse burger. The burger was ok, it definitely wasn’t worth the 4 dollars and some change they were asking for the thing.

When we were standing in line, I saw all of the Indiana Jones displays and I thought they were neat so I decided to snap a quick picture of the banner underneath the counter and the cardboard cut out. The cardboard cut out showed him swinging on the side all Indiana Jones like. That is fine and fun. I thought the picture was snapping a pic worthy. When I got home to scan over my pics the turn out was just too funny. I don’t usually keep pics when they are even slightly blurry but I didn’t take more then one.

Indy is swinging into the women’s bathroom to sneak a peak!! OMG WHAT A PERVERT!! LMAO!!

When we sat down to wait for our food, we saw 3 young men about 18 or so (I feel so old…) and they were all proud to wear those little paper burger king hats. For children. Here I’ll show you 😀

They took them with them to the car. I guess that is better then putting them back. I wonder if they did that on a whim or they HAVE to get those crowns everytime they visit BK?? Hmmm…

I got a free apple pie that I split with Harry and he got a small shake that he took a couple of sips from and then handed to me. It was strawberry. I love those promotions were most of the time you get a freebie. It’s one of those things that makes life worth living you know?

The first time I witnessed and participated in a contest like that was when the Godzilla movie was in theaters and Taco Bell was doing a contest/promotion for the movie. I got a Baja Gordita combo meal with my best friend at the time I think we were around 15 years old. With my game piece from my drink I got a soft taco. I waited until the end of my meal to redeem it. After I got it and sat down with it she asked nicely if I was going to eat my hard taco because she was still hungry. I said sure, I don’t like hard tacos anyway I save them until the end that is why I still had it. We chowed down simultaneously with bliss.

Those new 5 dollar big boxes rock my socks off. But I think the next time I go to Taco Bell I will get a Baja Gordita with my meal just for old time’s sake. It has corn in it, and a heavenly sauce. I think it’s the Baja one. Eh I think I am just going to say “the one with the corn in it” which I think that is what I said back then. I asked for a Gordita and she said which one? And then I asked what is the difference then she listed what they had in them and then I said “I want the one with the corn in it then” feeling very dumbfounded like oh my God I think this person thinks I’m an idiot for not knowing which one has corn in it!!

Afterwards Harry told me that when he went to the grocery store earlier and among other things he got a 2 liter jug of root beer and he wanted to go to Super Walmart, send me in with money and buy a carton of vanilla ice cream for root beer floats. We have the perfect root beer float mugs that are tall and wide and and sturdy they have the current A&W logo on them. While I was wondering around scoping out the place after picking up and carrying around a carton of vanilla ice cream I saw a display for sugar free drink mix out of the corner of my eye. Generic brand Crystal Light, nothing special, but then I saw something more that was picture worthy…

Yes I am one of those people that would get a giggle out of Sugar Free drink mix sitting beside a big ol’ stack of sugar. It’s the little moments people, that make up life. Enjoy. Because life sometimes is funny as hell!!


Just a few minutes ago on youtube, I got a random urge to look up Taco Bell commercials from the Yo Quiero Taco Bell era. I found within about 20 seconds of me thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool to find a Taco Bell ad that was when the movie Godzilla came out?” just that. Ahh gotta love the instant gratification youtube can provide. I didn’t think this was worth another blog but it is a great addition to this one to give some closure to my visiting Taco Bell during the time Godzilla came out and winning a taco because of the contest story. Enjoy.

Review: Jurassic Park Dinosaur shaped Chicken Nuggets

May 12, 2008

Friday afternoon, I am walking through our Super Walmart that is about 4 blocks from where we live, remembering that I need some chicken nuggets. I got two boxes for a dollar a piece on sale about 3 weeks ago and decided I want to get them on a regular basis because they are great late night snacking food. I know they are made out of the leftover innard filler from a chicken, but I feel life is too short to worry about what you are eating. If it tastes good, eat it. That is one of my very important mottos. Find a notepad and write it down. It’s ok I’ll wait.

So anyway, I am walking past the freezer aisles, looking at the various things and realize it’s my time to choose what brand of chicken nuggets (if any at all) I am getting. This is what I am looking at:

Yes I snuck pictures with my camera phone for you all. I don’t give a shit 🙂

So your looking at them, and see the blah adult chicken nuggets and the badass jurassic park ones. Which one would YOU choose?!?! I would think the people that read my blog would be cool enough not to choose these blah adult ones:

Which were about the same price as these:

And anyone that knows me knows I am a cheap bitch. They were 4.95 for 2 pounds which I think is pretty good. That will last for about 2 weeks or so.

Later that night, I was getting a little hungry and I remember I have some chicken nuggets that LOOK VAGUELY LIKE FUCKING DINOSAURS in my freezer. And a newly purchased bottle of ketchup. I like BBQ sauce better (hi DJ D!) but I am not going to buy a bottle of BBQ sauce just for chicken nugs. Because I can use ketchup for other things and BBQ sauce I would only get for the nugs.

Now, I have a feeling there are 4 dinosaur shapes in this package. I only could find three distinguished ones. Usually there are 4 shapes I think. They didn’t have a guide or a description on the package anywhere.

The T Rex (top right) Yep that’s a Rex all right. I can totally see a T Rex stomping all over a little boy’s peas and mashed potatoes. Take that, evil green balls of death!! ROOOAAARRRR!!!!

Now I am not a dinosaur expert. Far from one. So I am honestly googling the other names. Google: making people seem less of an idiot daily.

Brontosaurus (left) Like the little blonde girl said in the first movie, that there is a veggie eater. Made outta chicken filler and breading.

Pentaceratops (bottom right) or honestly any of them that kind of look like a rhino. I think you know what I mean.

And I ate some of these nuggets about an hour ago, I think one looked like a Pteranodon. IE the flyin’ dinosaur. But maybe it was the T Rex or another one that was just really stretched out, who knows.

Did you know that some people think Dinosaurs didn’t exist because they aren’t in the bible? Crazy fucking creationist psychos!!

The taste? Not bad. You can’t really fuck up a chicken nugget. Sometimes the breading tastes a little better, but most of them taste the same to me. I applaud the Jurassic Park people for stretching out their franchise for so long. They can sell these dinosaur chicken nuggets for a LONG time. I can’t imagine what kind of foodie shit they made during when the first movie was in theaters. Which I was in 6th grade when it came out and I remember that because my friends and I read it!! It had a lot of science mumbo jumbo in it which I honestly skipped a lot of the gobbly gook. It just was boring! A lot of the book was based on before they even created a park, they were tweaking with the Dino DNA a lot in the first 100 or so pages. I read the book after I watched the movie. I read the book Sphere too years before the movie came out. I liked it. I wanted to be part of the crew.

On the front of this package
it says there are Dino Facts on the back. There is a kickass T Rex cowering over a list of facts about him. I think this is one of my favorite parts of this packaging, the drawing of T Rex overlapping the package where everything has it’s place.

It says:



North America

Approximately 40-feet long

Weighed up to 8 tons

Had 60 teeth that could grow up to 8-inches long

Made up of over 250 (is that all that impressive?) bones

T-Rex could eat up to 500 lbs of meat and bones in one bite! (that’s 250 bags of your Jurassic Park Nuggets)

T-Rex had jaws powerful enough to crush meat or bone with 6,000lbs of pressure

T-Rex lived nearly 65 million years ago

Now, that’s all cool and impressive and everything, and I bet a little boy or a tomboy type of girl would think that would be totally cool. But these are FROZEN nuggets we are talking about. The company shouldn’t put stuff on the back for them to read like a cereal box! And it’s not like the packages are different (I looked in the store) once you have read a T-Rex had jaws powerful enough to crush meat or bone with 6,000lbs of pressure that’s it. No more killing time by reading about dinosaurs off of a chicken nugget bag. After that your done.

In conclusion, pretty good product. They taste great with Ovaltine. Yes I drink that now. I found myself wanting a chocolate drink mix that if you don’t mix it throughly you get something to eat at the bottom but the stuff dissolves so quickly it practically stirs itself. I grew up drinking Nestle Quik. Sigh I guess I’ll try to find some Carnation Instant Breakfast.

And a mini rant I almost forgot about. Why the FUCK do people have TWO seals on things? Isn’t one enough?? Like when you take off the seal around the cap of ketchup or mustard or another bottle and then you have to take the cap OFF in order to take the seal off underneath? If the seal around the edge is broken I am not going to buy it assholes so why put the one underneath?!? It aint to keep it fresh I think the one around the edge is enough for freshness. PPpppppssssssffffffttttt.

RAWR. If I knew what show I was watching when I took this picture I would tell you. Pop up video perhaps? Who knows.

No Fate: the future is what we make of it (Terminator 2: Judgement day quick movie review)

February 9, 2008
Now, I am very tired but I know if I don’t do this now in the heat of passion I’ll never do it. I just watched Terminator 2: Judgement Day an old favorite of mine. I watched the special edition which has deleted scenes. I loved the deleted scenes, I understand how they changed parts of the movie but I loved the context with them in. One scene though, Reese coming to Sarah in a dream, made Sarah (played by Linda Hamilton of course) look like a mess. Really mental and all over the place. I heard about the scene years ago, and it was unfortunately better in my head. But the actor playing Reese really looked the same. Usually actors gain weight and look worse as time drags on (don’t we all?) so I am glad he didn’t become a little chubby, but he looked the same. I heard that part of that scene was in a version of a trailer that was shown in theaters that confused people after they saw T2 in theaters.  Eh, it happens.
When I was 10 years old, I had a best friend that was about 8 years old a boy named Jimmy. He and I did boy stuff, we went around on our bikes, played ninja turtles, played with his boy toys (ninja turtles, gi joes, NES, etc.) that I didn’t get to own because my Grandma thought that I wanted them just because I thought I wanted them. She thought I just saw my boy cousins playing with them and so I wanted them and after I got them I wouldn’t play with them. Now quite frankly I am a butch lesbian. I have short hair, I wear strictly men’s clothing, I talk like a male most of the time, I act like a guy. Joke’s on you, Grandma! I truely wanted the boys toys! I will change the subject because even I admit it sounds like I keep on hinting around I’ve wanted a penis since I was 10.
Anyway, my friend Jimmy on the weekend would either rent an NES game or T2. Stupid I know, but we would watch it all the time on a rented VHS tape. He had an older sister, between him and I’s ages. She was always trying to prove she was smarter then I was sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t. He also had a single mother that had a boyfriend. She would feed them processed kid friendly food I never got. Like mac n cheese and spaghetti O’s. I never got pasta outta a can, and rarely got mac n cheese. So knowing there was a family I could visit that this was the norm was like visiting royalty. To visit a NORMAL family. They ate biscuits out of a can and hamburger helper. I always ate from scratch. Not this stuff that on the box there is a cartoon character on it and a contest to win a shopping spree at Toys R Us. He always begged me to stay over for dinner, my Grandma assumed they were poor (she always assumes everyone is poor) so she thought it was a horrible burden if I stayed for dinner. I don’t think Jimmy really stayed over for dinner at our house. He was annoying and had a crush on me (he asked me to be his girlfriend once, I said I wasn’t ready for that sort of thing, I’ll tell that story some other time) I started to tell him that I had a lot of homework, in the 5th grade they just pile it on you, it’s a lot different then the 3rd, so he had to leave me alone to do it. After the coast was clear, I turned on the tv and flipped it onto tiny toon adventures or whatever was on. He moved away, and a week or so before he did he borrowed my cartridge of duckhunt/mario bros and our spare light gun. Never did get it back and I got a copy of duckhunt/mario bros later. I guess that was my punishment for lending something to someone right before they move.
I am totally not talking about the movie. I remember still the comments that Jimmy would say everytime we watched this movie. He kind of looked like evil T (the name we would call the T-1000) he was thin, and his ears stuck out a little. When I was 10 I got a copy of Terminator 2 for Christmas and when I was 11 I got a VHS copy of the Terminator. They are both great movies, and I am so glad I have an Nostalgic attachment to them. The two movies (no comment on the 3rd one ‘ahem’) have everything a great action movie has. It has emotional investment in the characters, scenes where they tear everything to shit and set things on fire blow shit up, anger, bad vs. evil, a lot of innocent people not knowing that the future is in the palm of the main characters hands, and so on. I want to mention, my favorite plots in sci fi is what I would call realistic sci fi. When the world is similar to ours. Like, what if Armageddon happened, what would the world be like. That kind of thing.
I know alot about this series. The new series the Sarah Connor Chronicles? I hate it when they want you to pretend that new actors are the same characters you knew before. Like they think we are fuckin idiots. I’m trying to watch it though. It’s awesome to get a weekly dose of Terminator talk. I bet if that series came out when I was a kid I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I have been known to randomly look through ebay auctions for merchandise. Just window shoppin’, the more expensive it is the cooler it is you know how it goes. I will buy some of it someday. Set up my own Terminator shrine. Autographed posters, functional props that sort of thing. There is one that is a wooden plaque that has the Terminator’s skull on it and you plug it in and his eyes glow red. Kickass. More then it’s worth too.

The special effects are quite good for 1991. I think this was at the beginning of the cutting edge special effects. Not the cheap “I can see the string” type but you can sincerely believe that what you are seeing is happening on some universe out there. Even though bone is stronger then metal and IRL the Terminator would be weak. The storyline I admire it being consistent. Well as consistent as a storyline in a movie can be. John has a picture of his mom that is taken at the end of the first movie. Me loves that.

The Terminator (or how I affectionately call him Ahnold) holds strong until the last 40 mins or so of the movie then he gets beat to shit. You have to admire his determination. He MUST complete his mission. He MUST protect John Connor.
I look up Edward Furlong’s current status sometimes. He got arrested for possession a while back, but he’s making indie films now. I caught him in Animal factory. It’s a prison movie. He was alright. I feel like I am a loyal fan of his and if one of his movies is easy for me to watch I feel I have to try to watch it. I’m pissed like the rest of the world he wasn’t in the 3rd movie. F.ckin Nick Stahl. I like Nick in the movie Bully sure but he didn’t have to cross into Terminator Territory. Wow I’m brilliant when I’m drowsy.
That is my last picture so I better wrap it up. The first couple times you see this movie at least you have to tear up a little at that scene. I think Linda Hamilton playing Sarah Connor is a hot mom MILF if you will in this movie. I love it when women kick ass like men do. It’s hot to me. She doesn’t need a guy to do her dirty work for her! Hand her the gun, because her motto is if you need it done right you have to do it yourself. Extremely hot. She said on Oprah a few years ago that during this movie she was addicted to working out. She’s bi polar and is taking meds now. She’s a little chubby. Good for her 🙂 Also her closeness to John in this movie makes me a little uncomfortable.  I mean they are a little TOO close.  She can only rely on him and he can only rely on her through this hard time and for the rest of their lives.  So they are closer then a son and a mom are usually.  Little disturbing.  It reminds me of the Stephen King movie Sleepwalkers, that movie has a mother and son in it.  They are shapechanging vampires, the last two on earth and they have a sex scene in the movie.  Ew.
In conclusion, 5 out of 5. One of the best action movies ever made. I have sentimental attachment to it like I said before but on face value it has an extremely high replay value for me. I watch it from time to time for sure and I will for the rest of my life probably. The new scenes I just watched? Doable. I like there are little nuggets now to look forward to rewatching the next time I watch this movie. I have played the T2 pinball machine (which when I get rich and famous I am so buying) and the arcade machine. I felt that was worth mentioning because at the time I thought it was worthy of bragging rights. See you later, people.