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Random pictures that I have taken or found part 2

October 21, 2008

I just decided this will be a regular thing.  Why?  Because I like it.  And because I think others like it too.  A lot of these pictures are from but I think it’s ok because it’s not like they link the original person that made the picture and I add commentary.  So there.

First off, this is a good picture to get you in the mood for the Halloween season.  Why?  It’s creepy.  And I took it.  I felt I had to, just to talk about it here.

When we came back out to our car, this car was in the spot to our right.  I told myself ok, if the person doesn’t come back before I put all of the groceries in the car and put the cart away I am taking a picture as quick as I can.  Notice how blurry the water warn spots are.  This car reminds me of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.  Seriously folks, the worn down white trash feel to it and the artwork on the windshield is spooky.   The only thing I edited is the white blurred spot to your right on the windshield is a blurred out license plate.  I am getting better at shoppin’ folks.

This is the edited version…

This is my version.  The version that is completed.  I wonder if there is a story behind why the last stripe wasn’t there.

I tried to find the origin of this logo through Google but I couldn’t really find anything.  So I don’t have a good ending for this part of this article and I apologize.  Antichrist = opposite of Christ.  The end.

I want to throw some more pictures in because A. I have more pictures and B. I really don’t think this article should end on an awkward note.

One of the wonderful things about the internet is completely random segways.  I love that cat.  I love it with every fiber of my being.  I love the pouty look on it’s face, how it’s standing in the empty soda case box, everything.  And it kind of looks like Sparta, Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams’ cat.  He is an internet celebrity because of that cat.  I spent a 4 hour blogtv chat with him about a month and a half ago.  It was, epic.  I should of posted a blog talking about it that night, sorry.  Also I should of recorded parts of it with Camtasia.  I will regret not recording a certain part to the day I die.  It has to do with a certain Fire Alarm Kid.  Look in my favorites on youtube if your REALLY curious.

Apparently this is the new thing people say to people that post the first post anyplace and just say FIRST! annoyingly announcing it to the interwebz.  I hope that this snarky line will die that down, it has gotten old.  I admit liking it and actually participating in it over two years ago but come on.  Spending so much time online refreshing a certain page just so you can say FIRST proudly isn’t really anything special.  It is pathetic if you think about it.  I delete everybody that does that on my blog or on my youtube videos comments.  There is a shirt that Jinx sells that says I’m only here because my server is down.  If they sold a shirt that said I’m only here because youtube is down with the youtube logo on it then I would buy it.  I know a lot of people (on Youtube lol) that would buy one.  I should email Jinx sometime about that.

Walmart is stealing ideas from The Simpsons now.  You heard it here first.  I took that picture.  I should get one of those big cookies w/ frosting someday.  Sounds odd but tasty at the same time.  If you like cookies more then cake that is.

I love this cake.  Everyone that has used the interwebz especially Youtube knows what song these lyrics are from.  I love the pun and I love how the word dessert a different color then the rest of the writing.  Whoever wrote the words are quite good at writing with frosting.  This is obviously a homemade cake so it doesn’t fit the requirements over at Cake Wrecks which is strict about their it has to be a store bought cake policy.  Sigh.  I want Cake Wreck fame dammit!

If you don’t know what Cake Wrecks is it’s a site where the hilarious and snarky Jen writes about pictures she has either found on the internet (I just upgraded my vocab) or people have emailed her.  The pictures are of cakes.  Not just the horribly done cakes with misspellings and stuff written on them that is odd and off the wall, but well done cakes that are very bizzare.  Like “I didn’t know Charles Manson made cakes in prison!” bizzare.  Did you know that he is 73 now and he is going to be eligible for parole in 2012?  Look it up.  Sometimes things boggle my mind.  I couldn’t imagine walking around free on the same earth as him.

I have an online friend that met him years ago.  He said that he is scum and everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie.  He said that a prison cell is too good for him.  Everybody has their own opinion.  I think cults are fascinating.  Because it shows how powerful one person can be to lots of people.  They can convince several naive people to do horrible things.  Just because they look smart, charming, and they are just flat out a great bullshitter.  I think if you look at it that way it’s interesting.  Serial killers are fascinating to me too because the strange and unusual is fascinating to me.  I would be a great Criminal Psychologist if I applied myself.  Ahhh sigh 🙂

Excuse me officer I was just blowing my lunch LMAO.  I found this picture randomly earlier and I think this is a good ending to this article.  I want a million of these and I want to just pass them out to whoever amuses me.  You can’t really tell the size, but it looks like you can cover most of it if you put the package in the palm of your hand.  They should make spam gum.  I’d buy that too.  I boo naive numb consumers yet I am one.

I got my ballot today.  Tomorrow I am going to fill it out and hopefully send it that day too.  First time!  My whole adulthood the president has been Bush so you can’t really blame me too much.  After I send my ballot in I am going to do a random picture political edition blog.  Promise.  Also I got the game Typing of the Dead last night I want to do a review of that.  Either on youtube or here or both.  We will see.  I love the game so far.  I think that would be a great end note for Halloween.  So if you don’t see it by Halloween then this is an empty promise.  Cough.

Hehehehehehehe :)

June 23, 2008

Ok, I know I did a full blog less then a week ago and you are still absorbing my brilliance from it so this blog might make you tilt your head slightly in confusion like a dog.  Or you might be thinking “Oh boy! Oh boy! She is going to be doing regular blogs from now on that I can fully depend on emotionally!!”  Nuh-uh kiddies this is just a quickie I couldn’t resist.  I saw this ad last night while flipping through tv channels.  I believe I was watching 30 days with the redneck hunter moving in with the family of PETA activists?  I think that was the one.  I think this is a great ad and I give lots of kudos for the Mars company putting the double innuendo in the commercial.  Even though I think Yellow would know that about himself.


My last little bit of Halloween, in foot length sections

November 10, 2007

You have to get at least one holiday related product at post holiday clearance prices. It seems like a waste if you don’t because a few days or weeks earlier then that they were full priced and you had to pay good money for them. Now they are discounted and begging for someone to buy them. You are doing a favor for them actually because you have to realize, I am assuming it’s a bit awkward at least because it’s like being clothing that is out of fashion. Everyone is worshiping you and acting like your the cat’s meow one day, and the next day you have these mysterious red labels on you with sloppy writing with people sticking their nose up at you. If it’s not a food product it’s not too embarrassing to buy it at post-holiday clearance prices and then wait until the next holiday season. My Grandma used to do it for my cousins for school, she used to buy cheesy Valentines for dirt cheap, and then she would put them away for a year. She’s the cheapest woman I know, but it pays off because her and my Granddad have a lot of money and they have gone on several cruises and trips.

Moving on, the little Halloween clearance goody that I got today at Wal mart was two boxes of fruit by the foot. How is that Halloweenish you ask?

Well one box had a flavor based on the Boo Berry cereal. and Franken Berry cereal. I got them for 50 cents a piece. I had Chocula once a few years ago and it tasted like cocoa puffs but a little firmer w/ Marshmallows. I don’t know if I would ever have them again. Sorry dudes.

This might make me sound stupid, but I rerealized tonight how long fruit by the foot is. It’s been a while since I’ve had the stuff. My Grandma got it once or twice to put in my lunch when I was a little kid but it wasn’t a regular thing. I always thought that this and fruit roll ups were a treat. I still think they are like a treat. Remember those that had a little imprint that if you carefully tore you would have legs, feet, arms etc. and you could make a little fruit roll up person? OH OH and do you remember the round fruit roll ups and the ones that were strawberry and they had SEEDS in them? Seeds in fruit roll ups are good LONG LIVE THE SEEDS!!

The flash on the cell phone works for some things 🙂 The artwork on the boxes match the newer style of the cereal box which is pretty neat. Good solid clear lines that are great for little kids to put a piece of cheap paper over and trace. But I bet kids nowadays don’t like tracing because they are empty shells.

I have to admit, the different flavors of fruit by the foot and fruit roll ups taste very vaguely similar to me. I am not the best person to do a review on them lol but this is the internet and I can type away on a blog America is great isn’t it. This one tastes like any “red” fruit by the foot. Perhaps a mix between strawberry and raspberry. That’s the best you get guys 😦

There is a wavy imprint in the middle so you can easily peel the strip apart to make two fancy equal pieces. I think it’s to share with a friend but the best thing to do is to carefully tear it apart, look with a smile on your face like you are going to share it, and then eat both pieces. Hehehehehehe 😀

Isn’t that a great blue box? The stuffz you eat inside is blue as well. The artwork again is clean lined, cartoonish and nice. It’s definitely different then the other fruit by the foot box art. People that make box art are under appreciated. And the flavor? Well it tastes like what blue would taste like. Honestly these all taste the same to me. Would this make a kid’s lunch box more Halloweeny? The package definitely would be neat and a change of pace but I don’t think shadows would turn into ghosts, you would hear more noises in the nighttime, you look over your shoulder when you are walking by yourself more often etc. if you regularly ate the stuff. It would be just another fruit by the foot thang.

Goodbye Halloween, I didn’t throughly enjoy you this year like I could of but hopefully you’ll forgive me and next year I can give it another go. Great thing about holidays is you have one more chance at least to make it right.

A PSA about Sour Cotton Candy

October 29, 2007

I went to Big Lots yesterday to stock up on dinner food and some snacks. If there isn’t a Big Lots near you (it might have a different name where you live) it is a store that sells a variety of things. It’s kind of like an outlet store because you don’t know what is going to be in there and some things are cheaper then other stores. The candy that you buy you don’t know how fresh it is, and you see products in there that it looks like a product that has flopped. They have cds, dvds, computer stuff, shampoo, clothes detergent, furniture, toys, and just a little bit of clothes, greeting cards, jewelery, dog toys, and non perishable foods. Some things they have are cheaper and a few things your better off goin’ to Wal mart. And it pisses me off when that happens for some reason. I think it’s just the principal of it.

I had 12 dollars to spend, and my total came up with 12.50. I told the woman working the register to take off one of the energy drinks (they were .60 cents a piece, the cheapie obscure branded energy drinks, don’t get excited for nothin’ people) and she said oh don’t worry I’ll find 50 cents someplace! I was relieved but also suspicious. This year so far at least a couple of times a month I get that. The ‘oh don’t worry I’ll just give you somethin’ for free’ at the register type of conversation. It made me gitty and happy before (especially when I was really really broke and needed some of the stuff I was buying) but now I am wondering what these people that do this for me think of me. Do I look like a homeless pathetic person? Do I look like I am a sad puppy dog and they felt like giving me a handout to make themselves feel like that is their good deed for the day? Now typing this, maybe they know in their gut this has been one of the hardest years of my life and giving me a cheap freebie is their way of telling me that there are times that human nature is good. Maybe they just don’t want to put the shit back on the shelf after I leave. Hmmmm several things to ponder.

Tear Jerkers Cotton Candy

This is one of the things I got last night in my grocery run.  For a measly dollar, I got a bag of Tear Jerkers brand cotton candy.  I only get cotton candy every so often.  It’s a little rich for me so just every couple of years does it for me.  I remember as a kid not being able to finish the whole amount of it on one of those paper sticks at the fair.  But I think I have only eaten that kind of cotton candy once.  Oh well.

There are two flavors: Sour watermelon and Sour grape.  They are very clever with the names.  The watermelon is very incredibly sour but the grape not so much.  And if I knew there was grape in the package I probably wouldn’t of got it and they were all the same so there were no choice.  But it’s alright I’ll eat the entire thing.

Tear Jerkers showing the cotton candy

See the purple and green?  Yep.  But this isn’t a typical candy review oh no, I am warning you.  The first couple bites and yes they were big bites into the fluffy texture, were painful.  You know when you eat something really spicy and it clears up your sinuses?  This cotton candy does that and oh yes it makes you tear up, wince, and your nostrils flare and burn and snot comes out.  One buck at your local Big Lots.  Last night while watching horror movies (I FINALLY got in the mood to watch them!  YESS!!) I just took little nibbles throughout my other snacking.  That was the only way I could tolerate the candy while I very slowly make the fluffy mound shrink. 

 BUT today I figured out how you can eat it without being in excruciating pain!!  You take a reasonable amount of fluff, and here is the tricky part.  You take your tongue and plant the fluff on the roof of your mouth as quick as possible.  If it lingers then it will burn.  It is like a game of Russian roulette people because this method is not guaranteed.  What you want to do is get as much moisture on the fluff as possible, enjoy the taste, feel it get into those tiny hard candy clumps it always is afterwards and then swallow.  That is how to do it!!  I’m never buying this shit again I am just telling you all NEVER EVER again.  I’ve never had sour candy make me hurt like that before and I’ve had lemonheads and warheads.  Oh well I guess this is making me earn my 50 cents off discount.  Until next time all.