This is how I feel about that thing…

I know the format is screwed up.  A few months ago I was feeling ambitious and wanted to post more.  I wanted to revamp this blog and didn’t finish tweaking.  I hope the text isn’t too hard to read.  I will fix it eventually.

I just got done writing this comment about the woman that wanted to wear a hijib to work at Disney.   After reading all of the right wing Christian angry comments I got inspired to write this.  The article is here.  I have this argument with my girlfriend Jennifer all the time.  I would write more but I think I summed it up well in my comment.  If you post an ignorant, argumentative comment on this blog I will remove it.  If you feel really strongly about this issue you can write about it on your own blog, or do a video on youtube or something like that.  The kind of attitude that was expressed in the comments of the mentioned article will not be tolerated on MY blog.  I feel as a lesbian it’s hypocritical of me to judge other minorities based on stereotypes and conclusions.  Muslims are a minority in this country.  So I feel strongly about this.  Anyway this is what I wrote.


I just want to say that I am an Atheist. I think religion complicates things and gives people false hope about the afterlife. I think we should all do what is right in our heart and not what someone tells us to do.

About 6 years ago I worked at a call center and about 5 women wore burkas there. I overheard one of them say to the other nobody talks to us anymore, after 9/11 they think we are all terrorists. They just stare and whisper about us behind our backs. I feel bad about what happened, but I don’t think it’s right how we are treated. I am paraphrasing but that is what I overheard. And I felt that sinking feeling, in the pit of my stomach. You know like when you were a kid and you are getting yelled at for doing something careless and thoughtless.

In the break room I walked up to one of them while I was getting something out of the vending machine. I said so how has your day been so far? She went on about her day, and I hope that meant something to her, because that meant something to me. I think she said thank you for asking. I meant to apologize for the ignorance she was faced, but I didn’t want to get into a heavy conversation. I just wanted to prove to her a white 20 something girl like me can look her in the eyes and give her respect. I think that strength is something that everybody should have. We are all adults here, we should act like adults.

America is built on a melting pot of people. Not just the top 10 most popular. We should never ever point fingers and say it wasn’t my fault it was THEIR fault. That is not how things get done. I think that is childish and irresponsible. People are people, and you don’t know anything about this woman, just the slanted truth out of this article.

You don’t know her favorite tv show, her favorite book, her favorite flavor of ice cream. Does she have children, does she want children, what is the sexiest celebrity in her opinion. Her hopes her dreams, nothing. But you spout your mouth off like you know everything. For shame. Generalizing and judging just pushes you into a corner. I read every comment.

I admire people like the women that I met and saw at the call center that I worked at because they were a minority. They were only about 5 of them but they wore Burkas to work and they took the cold stares and judging. All of the people that are in America love it, this country they love just as much as any God fearing, red blooded, American redneck. And trust me I live in a small town I have seen my share. They tough it out because it’s worth it to them. And I respect that. We should respect one another because spewing hate and lies gets you nowhere. We should love everybody as brothers and sisters. Not just the white Christians, but all. Because that puts the best foot forward.

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2 Responses to “This is how I feel about that thing…”

  1. Pillowfarmer Says:

    My only response is be cautious that you don’t throw every “christian” into the category of Bible toting, gun carrying redneck you know. I am ashamed to call myself a christian…not because I don’t always act like one, but because shitty ignorant Bible toting, gun carrying rednecks ruin it for the genuine christian people who attempt to live out love, charity and acceptance via faith. It’s tough to say you’re a christian these days without an atheist or an agnostic getting all up in your face about how judgmental WE all are. (oh say like maybe how a Muslim might feel after 9-11?)

    I often feel as if I’m judged and in a minority simply because I refuse to act like an asshole and troll blogs, forums and chat groups spouting Bible verses and acting as if I can damn everyone to hell.

    Many of my friends are gay, or of color, or christian even. I love them. Just how they are. I even sit and listen with respect when they express their concerns for my ‘wishful’ thinking about the afterlife. It would be nice if some day, someone wouldn’t clump me in with the rest of the loonies.


    • Jodi Says:

      I try not to generalize about anybody but it’s hard not to. I have met people that bring up God and religion every conversation and it got on my nerves. My former boss, his wife was like that and it got on my nerves really bad. And people that assume you are a Christian without asking because isn’t everybody one? Doesn’t everybody love God and go to church every Sunday? I don’t ask everybody what their beliefs are, I don’t ask the cashiers at walmart what they believe in and then go with the one I agree with the most. I don’t have just Atheist friends. There was a really friendly guy I actually met in walmart once that went on and on about God and how happy he was to work with people through his church. I am glad I met him, even though I am honestly glad the conversations I had with him were brief. Because he was very pushy. He seemed very happy and that was inspirational to me.

      We should get inspiration from others. Because that is what life is about. Also an end note I hate it when some Christians say I don’t believe that the gay lifestyle is ok, but it’s not my room to judge and you will be judged plenty after you die. That is the most backhanded thing I have ever seen. If I am offended by someone, I know it’s because I don’t understand it. So I go out of my comfort zone and I get to know them as a person. Not always but when I have the chance. I feel everybody that is homophobic should get to know someone that is gay. Instead of just judging. I think that is why I relate to people that are Muslim in this country so much. I feel their pain. It’s not fair to look at someone and feel anger because of their appearance. That is what we learned as a kid right?

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