My 5 pet peeves for the moment

I posted this comment on a friend’s blog and I thought you people would find it amusing.  One of their pet peeves was people that interrupted while talking to them.

This is that person’s Myspace where their blog is I know not everybody is Myspace friendly.

Like you, I could go on about what I hate about people in general.  I loathe it when people interrupt too!! Especially when you start talking and a thought pops in their head while you are just starting your story and they are so not listening to the rest they are just waiting until you are done talking.  I am 26 but unfortunately I think sometimes I sound like a bitter old woman.  One thing on my list is bitter old women LOL but yeah.  I feel I am a smart person so every time someone does something stupid around me it makes me really upset and I want to punish them for their stupidity.  I try not to let it get to me because I don’t want to shave years off my life because of it but it’s so hard sometimes to tolerate.

My number one is just because it’s fresh on my mind.  I just unsubscribed someone last night on youtube after about a year of watching their videos for one reason.  They kept on doing video responses to a lot of people.  They are unemployed so apparently they have so much time on their hands they can go and make 5 min or even 10 min video responses to people they don’t even know just to get a personal comment on their video from them.  I feel that is so annoying of a thought because I feel that makes them look like such an attention whore.  Also that makes them force someone they don’t know to have to kill 10 minutes of their time verse less then a minute to read a text comment.  Augh! lol!

The second one I could probably over generalize but I hate it when people don’t wait until you are on the sidewalk while crossing the street to start driving again.  That just shows how selfish they are.  I don’t think I need to explain that in more detail I think you know exactly what I am talking about.  All those types of things people do show how selfish that they are is what makes people so bitter towards everybody else.

My third kind of goes with the first one.  I hate I mean I REALLY hate it when people ask stupid questions.  You know the saying you can never ask a stupid question?  I don’t believe it.  I have heard so many stupid questions.  Especially when someone can spend a minute or two googling the information which I do all the time to avoid wasting people’s time.  Some questions if you think about your question with a little common sense you can find an answer without any outside information.  It seems like some people just don’t think before they speak.  It just comes out.  And it makes them look so stupid and worthless.  Told you I sound like a bitter old lady lol!!

Fourth is when old people give out medical information that is either an old wives tale or out of date and they insist it’s true and if you don’t believe them and don’t do what they say they get offended.  Like wtf?  If any old person gives me medical information anymore I take it with a grain of salt.  They just don’t update their information and refuse to listen to anyone correcting them.  I look up any information that anyone tells me to confirm it anyway.  You could say I am a severe skeptic.  I just have been conned a lot is all.

Here is another internet one.  People that write comments that the spelling is terrible.  I mean why waste your time if the comment is going to make you sound like a complete moron?  It doesn’t matter the point you are trying to make if every single word is misspelled and the only words that are spelled correctly are the net speak words.  They should download firefox and use the spell check that comes with it.  Even though from my experience (I am on it right now I use it for my primary browser) it isn’t the best and I actually type in words to google sometimes just so it will do it’s “do you really mean” thing to my misspelled word.

To the people reading this blog post.  What is 5 of your top pet peeves of the moment?

3 Responses to “My 5 pet peeves for the moment”

  1. Hazard Says:

    1. Hot days! I hate it when it’s freakin’ 110 degrees!

    2. When radio stations play a song over and over, and it gets old fast.

    3. When you go to a movie, ony to find out that it is really, really bad.

    4. Stepping in dog crap.

    5. Bees.

  2. jazzy Says:

    1. People on the internet who say “lol” after everything they write, as if it were a punctuation mark. They do this whether or not anything they said was funny, and even in the middle of paragraphs.

    2. People who want you to play Rock Band/GH World Tour as the singer and keep picking songs you don’t know or can’t sing. Either let the singer pick the song or just play without a singer!


    4. People who say something, and when you didn’t hear them they just repeat the noun in the sentence. My mom is bad for this, she’ll say an entire long sentence and I go “What?” and she’s like “Beef!” It’s funny in retrospect, but frustrating when you’re yelling in the middle of the grocery store.

    5. People who get in my car and flip through my iPod, then complain that I don’t have any songs they like, or “Oh you have a Cyndi Lauper song, but not my FAVORITE one!” Yes, because it’s MY iPod and I have MY favorite songs on it! Or even worse, they insult the songs I do have by acting like they suck. If I’m already doing you the favor of driving you somewhere it’s pretty rude to whine that my music is not to your liking. Next time somebody does this I’m going to make them listen to polka.

  3. jazzy Says:

    Oh yeah, I just thought of one more I had to add: People who knock on bathroom stalls. If the door is locked I am obviously busy in there, knocking won’t make me finish any faster! I mean what do they think I’m doing in there, making toilet paper origami?

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