My quick review of the Nightmare before Elm Street, among other things

When I was a kid, I had a best friend.  Her name was Kathleen, she had very short light blond hair, swam on the swimming team only the really good and dedicated swimmers got on, she loved dancing to the radio (especially when a Madonna song came on) and she stayed over on Fridays a lot.  She lived a house down from us.  This was from Kindergarten to 5th grade.  Her younger brother’s name was Kevin, he also had short blond hair and shared the same amount of swimming trophies she did.  Her Dad had a short temper, her mom divorced him and moved up to Vancouver with a serious boyfriend.  Her Dad paid for all of the extra cable channels and recorded uninterrupted movies off of cable all the time.

He had several of those fake wood paneled VHS tape drawer rack cases.  He labeled them three movies a piece.  At my Grandma’s house right before they moved Kevin accidentally left one of the tapes there from when she babysat him.  The tape has the Last Starfighter, Ghostbusters, and Who Framed Rodger Rabbit on it.  Also at the end there is old footage of a great local Portland Show called Town Hall if I remember correctly.  Town Hall had local celebrities and a small audience come on and have an hour long discussion about a controversial topic every Sunday at 7pm.  One of the last episodes was about South Park and if it should be banned from tv.  A fat guy with a South Park t shirt on raved about the show and told them that the parents shouldn’t let kids watch the show but they GOD FORBID shouldn’t take it off the air.  I haven’t been the same since Jeff Gianola left KATU in ’98.  I just wikipedia’d it. I’m sorry that I don’t remember everything.

On the phone calling to ask her if she could come over I would ask her to bring a tape with movies on it.  She would always ask me what I was in the mood to watch and I always said horror movies.  She asked me which ones specifically but I always just told her whatever ones you think are good because I don’t really know.  She had watched all of them.  Didn’t you know that Pinhead and Chucky are great babysitters?  I have seen some really weird, cheesy, funny scary, horror movies in my time.  We also adored the movie Labyrinth that Kathleen introduced my sisters and I to.  Which I eventually got a copy of in my adult years.  My sister bought a copy a year or so after Kathleen moved with her birthday money.  For a while she wasn’t welcome to come over unless she brought over that movie.  She wasn’t worth anything unless a copy of Labyrinth was in her young hands coming through the side door of our house.  Well, not literally but you know what I mean.

Some movies she brought over that we watched together, I only remember parts of but I don’t remember the titles of the movies.  Some I have found on cable as an adult and rewatched enjoying how horribly great they are and/or wondering why I thought it was so great and scary as a kid.  I wasn’t scared at all of them, I liked the butterflies in my stomach when the suspenseful part was slowly building but I never was scared.  I started watching really gory zombie movies when I was about 10 with my older cousin that lived with us at the time and laughed the whole way through with us.  I enjoy zombie movies and other movies that I don’t know what the genre is but it’s definitely not slasher movies.  During my whole childhood I never watched Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street.  I don’t know if it was because my Grandma didn’t approve or my friend wasn’t interested in them so she didn’t bring them over.  I did watch one of the Friday the 13th movies.  I don’t know the title I will watch them all eventually and I will be able to figure it out on my own.  He gets set on fire and there was a girl that “accidentally” dropped her bath towel and showed her boobs.  Too vague, right? 🙂

I have a lot more things to talk about that is related to my lovely friend I used to have but that isn’t the main point of this blog.  The falling out of our friendship is a whole post on it’s own which I will talk about some other time, I promise.  Charter On Demand has Nightmare on Elm Street until a certain date and I thought it would be nice to watch it finally just so I could start my journey on watching all of them.  A few years ago I rented NOES 3 Dream Warriors but I just wasn’t in the mood for it.  I took it too seriously and didn’t “get it” so I need to watch that movie again when I am in the mood for it.  I feel like I didn’t really watch it that one time.

I love merchendise.  I love seeing when something blows up in popularity and they put the image of the character on anything from trading cards to shampoo to birth control pills.  I love looking at that stuff, it’s fasinating to me.  Especially if it was just a flash in the pan thing that nobody talks about anymore.  Like Max Headroom.  Or the Taco Bell Dog.  Or Noid.  If you are ever bored look up Noid on Wikipedia there is an unfortunate yet crazy funny story about a guy with the last name Noid holding two Domino’s Pizza employees hostage.  So that means I have seen Freddy Kruger merch and I love it.  Here is an article on x-entertainment with several examples of some. Are you back to read my article now?  Ok good.

My favorite merchandise with him on it or anybody else for that matter is when it’s random and totally opposite of the character.  Like one product in that article is a puppet like head with a bulb inside of it.  When you put your tiny hand inside of his head and squeeze the black bulb it is supposed to squirt water.  Fred Kruger mom, Fred Kruger!

The whole point of those three paragraphs is to tell you this.  I am familar with Fred Kruger, and I have a good understanding of why he is scary and not someone you want to dream about when you dose off to sleep.  I haven’t lived under a rock all this time.  But I have commited myself to watching the Friday the 13th movies and the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  Even after my experience a couple of days ago.

The movie had a good build up, I mean I got to see a baby faced Johnny Depp, an 18 year old Robert Englund, and I got a huge bitter anger towards the mother.  The ending though I felt fell flat.

I made this video to prove a point.  Why?  I thought of the Benny Hill music throughout the ending, thinking Freddy is falling for booby traps that are similar to Kevin McCallister’s traps in Home Alone?  Are you joking me?  I liked the, “You aren’t real!  You don’t exist!” part after this but this specific scene to me is silly.  I understand this movie was made when I was 2.  But come on people!  I am actually looking forward to the remake and will watch it eventually.  I liked the Halloween remake ‘ducks and covers’ so I don’t think this one will be too bad.  Sometimes movies need to be updated.  I think that is all I have to say about that.


2 Responses to “My quick review of the Nightmare before Elm Street, among other things”

  1. Pepe Says:

    Nice entry. I had a friend when I was young that had copies of Tales From the Darkside and Alien that he taped off TV. He knew how to work the VCR and his parents didn’t so he could sneak TV that we weren’t allowed to watch..
    Anyway, great fun article. I hope you call into the show with your insight sometime!

  2. Scott Summers Says:

    Hi! I’m Scott – I’m the fat guy from the Town Hall / South Park episode.

    I’m digitizing the tape right now, so I googled KATU Town Hall South Park and found your journal entry.

    E-mail me and say HI

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