Heckler: A movie review

I just got done watching the documentary Heckler.

You can watch the full movie here. It doesn’t go full screen, it’s in 4 parts, and you have to watch it in internet explorer, but it works.  If you are reading this after this blog article is a month or older the link might not work anymore.  This is a movie that you can buy on a dvd, but I am one of those people that are looked down upon in society that find movies online for free to watch.  I want to start making movie reviews on youtube but this movie is more appropriate over here on my blog.

Why?  Because Jamie Kennedy (the main actor featured in this movie) goes around and reads awful reviews critics have given him straight to their faces and then asks them why they wrote the things they wrote about him.  Most of the reviews are from websites like rottentomatoes.com and chub.com.  This movie made me scared shitless to write a nasty review of a movie on my blog or anything else for that matter.  I don’t want myself to be in a room with the person that I talked about in my review and them actually confronting me.  I know this is just an obscure blog that gets like 30 views a month but still.  I also don’t want that actor or actress to have to go on anti depressants because of something that I at the time thought I wrote well but was negative.  Anyone that really knows me knows I am very nice and modest and never says anything negative unless I really thought it was awful.  I feel that the time and effort should be thought about before saying if something is well made or not.

Onto the review of the actual movie.  This movie looked like it was made with shoe string budget that Jamie did as a hobby and not a serious movie to win awards.  That is becoming more common nowadays.  Like the movie Super High Me with Doug Benson in it.  Yes that is an actual movie and me being bored and curious one night I did watch it.  The opinion was very slanted to make pot sound like not that big of a deal like you would expect.  They obviously didn’t talk to the people that are recovering addicts that are out there.  I think it’s ok for people with terminal illnesses that need to soften the blow of their disease.  But should be taken more seriously then potheads take it as.  But this isn’t a a review for that movie now is it?

I like movies that are made with a small budget and specifically documentaries in this case.  I think it shows them as more honest.  Nowadays if you have a sponsor unless it’s an obscure one that sponsor is linked to another company and then another and then the original sponsor says hey wait a minute you can’t say bad things about so n so because we are owned by them or we have a history with them.  That is why the bigger motion picture movies rarely step out of their box is because they were paid to be a predictable politically correct piece of garbage.  I love independent films that push the edge and not just to push it but to prove a point.  To sum it up, I give the crappy made films more respect then the wonderfully high budgeted ones.

The beginning of the movie they show clips of comics getting heckled on stage and how they dealt with it.  It shows people getting, “You suck!” yelled at them and then them saying something like, “Your mutha sucks the best douchebag!” and then getting a big cheer.  They also show clips of comics talking about how they feel about hecklers, and how they deal with them.  Most of them said I hate them because they bring down the whole positive energy but then Harland Williams actually says he likes hecklers in a way because it challenges him to be a better comedian and to do improv on stage.  This movie is kind of like the Aristocrats in a way because you see several comedians talk for a sentence or two.

Why did I want to watch this movie so much?  Because Kathy Griffin is in it.  When they were talking about it on Ebert and Roper (even though Ebert wasn’t on it) they showed clips from it and Kathy Griffin was one of them talking.  That caught my attention and I thought I would hear a good heckling story from her.  Oh no, she was only in the movie for about 30 seconds and three sentences.  I think that is false advertising.  She said that Michael Richards shouldn’t of used the word nigger while addressing hecklers and hecklers aren’t good under any circumstance.  That is it.  I don’t know how much money if any she made to add those two sentences but I am happy she got easy money.  I love Kathy and support her through anything in her life.  I think her Emmy speech was hilarious.

The second part of the movie comedians, musicans, and actors address how they feel about negative reviews and movie critics.  They mention how much different it feels getting reviews now with the internet vs. only getting reviews from people on tv, and paper media like newspapers.  If your movie isn’t brilliant, chances are you are going to get a million well written and not so well written negative reviews on the movie.  Angry video game nerd type of reviews talking about what they would of rather done with their money and time then what they really did with it.

One really good point about this movie is they talk about how to deal with negative comments online from people they don’t know.  To take them personally or not.  Several of the celebrities said they used to Google themselves (typing in your name into the most popular web search site that exists, Google.com) but then they couldn’t deal with the criticism over and over again so they quit doing it.   I think more attention should be drawn to people that say brief negative comments to strangers online.  I know I know, don’t feed the trolls but it’s becoming old and it’s ruining the internet.

I know some of them are no older then 18 or under but that proves another point.  The internet wasn’t made just for a random 13 year old that you will never meet in real life that you don’t know anything about to type with a big grin on their face, “U SUCK UR FACE LOOKS LIKE DOG SHIT U PROLY SMELLZ 2 LAWLZ!!!!1!11!!!!” on your youtube comments or your blog etc. It was made so us “mature” people can laugh, think, and otherwise enjoy communicating with others.  The negative comments are slowly killing the communication part of the internet in my opinion.

I actually had a friend recently turn her videos to private because she couldn’t stand the ignorant and negative comments that were being made on her youtube channel that I feel is a shame.  She has only had that account for less then 6 months.  I feel we were all born the same way we are all equal so they shouldn’t act like they are better then I am because they are not better.  If you say something negative about me that is poorly written then it just shows that you are immature and uneducated.  If it is well written then you just have bad character.  You should spend your time doing something positive rather then contributing to what is bad in the world.  I don’t know if it’s just how I was raised but I keep negative comments to myself.  I can’t stand it when people are so cruel and ruthless when it comes to negative comments about celebrities because they seem untouchable.  This movie shows how celebrities deal with those types of comments.  One thing I took from it is yes they do read them sometimes.  You are not really talking behind their back because most of the internet is public.

Perez Hilton is mentioned in this movie and tells his side briefly on this issue.  I try not to say negative comments anymore about celebrities even when I truely cannot stand them.  I try to respect the fact that they wouldn’t be famous if their wasn’t a group of people that didn’t like them.  I feel if you can’t say something to someone’s face then don’t say it at all.  I think most trolls online are cowards and would NEVER say what they say online to your face.  You could tell the people that wrote an online review or even a review in a newspaper that Jamie Kennedy confronted (he did it in a mature calm manner) sunk into their seat and very nicely told him why they thought his movie was garbage.  He would always say something like, “You are so nice in person about this!  Why couldn’t you have said something like that in your review?” and they all shrugged and said at the time I thought it was the right decision and I wanted to make my review funny and interesting so people would read it.

Dr Drew Pinksy and another doctor told their take on the subject.  I was suprised to see Dr Drew in this movie and because I am a loveline fan it made the movie more enjoyable to watch.  Everything Dr Drew said I agreed with.  He said that hecklers get enjoyment out of ruining other’s lives.  It’s a power trip for them.  But on the other hand they could never ever do what they are heckling.  Also he said that people that are entertainers that take the heckling personally can really have serious health problems like a deep depression and anxiety.  He said the best thing to do is to learn how to cope with the fact not everybody is going to like and accept your work.

In June, I read the book the four agreements.  It is a very interesting book and I feel everybody should read it and be openminded about it.  One of the agreements is not to take anything personally.  That was one of the agreements I understood right off the bat and tried right away to adapt to my own life.  It’s not just negative comments but positive.  It makes yourself immune to other people’s thoughts.  Another agreement is always do your best.  That agreement also is about learning how to accept you can’t be perfect and to accept that you did your personal best.  If you do your personal best all of the time then you won’t have any regrets in your life.  So Jamie Kennedy (for example) should just remind himself to do his personal best.  If he is happy with his performance then the negative comments shouldn’t bother him.  If he does a bad movie just for the money I think that he should avoid reading reviews like the plague and accept the fact most of them will be bad.  At the end of the movie he does say that he accepts that there is good that comes out of bad reviews because it gives him a thick skin and he has become better in his career because of them.

Would I suggest watching this movie?  Yes if you are really into hearing about comics talking about their careers.  There are some funny stories about how they have dealt with hecklers, some funny quotes from negative reviews, embarrassing stories, clips from stand up acts of them being heckled at etc. and if that sounds intriguing click on the link at the top of the article or go out and rent this movie.  I won’t rate in a 5 out of 5 system or another rating system like that because I am too nice.  I will try to think of another rating system for my offical movie reviews.


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