Hey kid rock and roll, rock on

I was randomly cruising through youtube like I do pretty much every night and I came across something horribly brilliant from the late 80’s.  If you know me you know that anything that is horrible but in a good way (the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Coming out of their Shells Tour anyone?) that is from the 80’s or 90’s is like a gold nugget to me.  By the way, this blog article might be subpar which I blame on the thin crusty layer of chocolate chip cookie dough on my hands from baking 3 batches and simultaneously writing this blog.

I was watching the What the Buck Show which I usually don’t do because he mostly talks about celebrities and gossip, and I started watching a video with Buck talking about minisodes.  Minisodes are current or older shows (mostly older) that are the entire show wrapped up in around 5 minutes.  It’s like nostalgia for the busy body.  I started watching some, and came across some Young and the Restless Minisodes and just clicked on one.

Because hey during the summer time and during Monday’s or snow days off I watched some of the soaps that my Grandma religiously watched and if we interrupted she would yell, “Shush! Listen!” at us and continues to do because she is still alive.

I watched the intro of the Minisode and saw a guy with a leather jacket on w/ the zippers you know the kind I am talking about rocking out by himself for a second or two on the white background like they used to have in the 90’s.  That intro is worth watching because IMO it’s quite amusing if you think soap operas are cheesy and you don’t get why they stay on the air.  Just the intro will due.  Anyway it popped into my head that yes!  He was like a pop music musician (oxymoron?) trying to break out of soaps and really have a music career guy.  I listened to the songs on the radio!  I know about that!  I went to wiki about it, nothin’, and then typed in Young and the restless and one hit wonder and with the information that there is a hip hop group called Young and Da Restless I found out that Michael Damian is the name of the actor and yes he has had several hits and so I went off to youtube to try to look up a handful of them to see if they would jog my memory.

Unfortunately none of them did really just a couple slow romantic songs that I don’t remember vividly.  BUT I found something blogworthy.  Behold.

(I updated the link, it’s not the Night Flights video anymore.)

This song was a cover of the classic song Rock On from the 70’s.  Michael Damian sang it for the movie Dream a little Dream in 1989 that has the two Coreys Feldman (still in his walk, talk, and act like Michael Jackson phase) AND Haim in it.  That is why they are in the video.  I had no clue about any of this before I watched the video so I was thinking to myself, “Were the Two Coreys in EVERYTHING in the 80’s?!?” No they are just in the movie and it was a quick little way to link it to the movie I think.  Like the music video I’ll be there for you by the Rembrandts.  I thought the music video though when I first watched it and had no clue about the movie was like the Beach Boys music video Kokomo that Michael was just friends with them and they wanted to kill an afternoon shooting a music video with him.  Dream a little Dream is in it’s entirety on youtube and looks interesting so I just might watch it in a day or two.  I watch the Two Coreys on A&E at the beginning it was kind of boring but now it’s getting interesting and I hate Feldman’s wife I want to strangle her everytime she opens her mouth.  She doesn’t know anything about show business and she should just shut up.

I love the Night Tracks Bumper in the beginning of the video that is deliciously 80’s as well.  When I was a kid my Grandparents had an old Satellite that was big and beautiful because once I started to learn how to use it I found all sorts of channels.  Not like how they found when they first bought the thing back in the early 80’s perhaps when they could get every channel cable had even the porn and pay per view channels (my older cousins became lustfilled young men through those channels from what I heard ahem) and I became the only one interested once the companies started blocking channels and started charging for them.

I had my fun.  That dish was a good friend to me growing up.  I should write a whole blog filled with memories of Much music, More music, Feeds of tv shows, and local tv channels showing news casters staring bored out of their mind, the list goes on.  Sometimes I would hit a good one and would get a free cable channel that was starting out and wasn’t blocked.  Like E! for a while and FX when they used to play Batman, Hulk, Life Goes on, Twenty Something, Wonder Woman, and shows they made themselves.

I got a bit off track there, BUT I found a channel I don’t even remember what it was called but I think it was a local channel from another state.

On that channel I would watch Night Flights.  The reason why is I wanted to watch music videos and I took them anyway I could get them.  From watching a handful of clips of Night Flights it apparently wasn’t just about music videos it was much more then that.  Especially because I found a classic clip of Nancy Reagan saying that pot is great and she highly suggests everyone try it. I probably also watched Night Tracks it looks familiar.  But on this specific channel (which WASN’T USA Network I would remember that because I watched USA Network before as a kid) I watched Night Flight and loved it because it was really the only way I could watch music videos at the time and music videos was one of my favorite things to watch growing up and still now I watch them.

I love watching VH1 classic in the morning because it brings me back to my childhood, killing a Saturday or Sunday afternoon watching a bunch of random music videos.  Obscure ones mixed in with the ones that were popular hits.  This channel that Night Flights was on I had to change the channel right before the commercial started because most of the commercials were just phone sex ads with half naked women (I remember seeing not just teasing but full on TITS in those commercials) and I knew I would be banned from flipping to that channel if I got caught looking at shiny tan half naked women.

Another show on that channel I watched a couple of times by myself were stripper competitions.  They would have a pole on one of those platforms that have wheels underneath for easy traveling and some bearded, greasy, overweight judges with heavy chains on would watch them strip to a Montey Crue Song or some other stereotypical stripper song until they were completely naked then they would step aside and let another girl dance almost the same way they just did.  They always had a name like “Brown Sugar” or “Wild Cherry” I was curious because of the naked part but even a kid that has only seen nakedness that was attractive so few times I could of counted them on my soft small hand I wasn’t interested.  The only reason why it was interesting is because it was taboo and I obviously shouldn’t of been watching it.  So anyway, I am going to go wash my hands now and go to bed.


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