Something just happened to me that usually happens to Billy

So I HAVE to share.  HAVE to.

BTW if you haven’t been paying attention Billy or Bill or Will is from .  He is known for having over the top embarrassing things happen to him either he brought it on himself or he just was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  His story about why he was a competitor in the Special Olympics is classic, look it up when you have the chance.

But my story just happened a few minutes ago.  I wanted to tell you all when it is still fresh in my mind.  This is one of my own damn fault kind of embarrassing stories which is the worst kind because you can’t blame anyone else for the embarrassment.  At least in the Special Olympics story Billy has he can blame the mother.  Me?  Only myself.

I am just sitting here catching up on my emails, responding back to text messages on my phone, and I get a phone call.  I don’t usually get phone calls from anyone except my best friend Harry and a good friend that calls every Thursday and that is it.  If a lot of calls are made I make them.  Just a few minutes ago I got a wrong number call.  Usually a wrong number call isn’t that long but this one was special.  And not in a good way.

A side note, have you ever had one specific phone number in your life that got a lot of wrong numbers?  I had a land line when I lived in Stanfield that did.  At least once a month or once every two weeks someone would call and say oops sorry wrong number.  We felt like we had the most recycled number the phone company had.  It was funny though.

But just a few minutes ago an older lady called.  I don’t get many of those.  But I swear, you have to believe me that she sounded exactly like my Great Aunt that is my Grandma’s sister.  In the logic in my brain at the time of the call I thought it was her and she accidentally called me on her phone number list instead of Karen.  I know better now reflecting.  I mean why would my Great Aunt have me on her phone number list?

This is about how the conversation went.  Not word for word.  I have to do this by memory.


Me: Hello?

Her: Oh I’m sorry, I was trying to call Karen.  This doesn’t sound like Karen.  I must of called the wrong number.

Me:  Oh hi!! (with a big smile on my face, I haven’t talked to my Great Aunt in at least a couple of years)

Her: Oh hello?  Is Karen there?

Me: Don’t you know who this is?

Her: Apparently I don’t.  I was trying to call Karen.  I’m sorry I don’t know who you are.  Who are you and where is Karen?

Me: You know who I am!!


Me: I don’t know where Karen is but you called me instead of her by accident.  But (fumbling with my words) I am Jodi.  Mary Ann’s youngest! (Mary Ann is the first name of my Grandma)

Her: I don’t (pause) know you.  I don’t remember you.  I am going to hang up now and try to call Karen.  I don’t know who you are but I need to speak to Karen now.  Goodbye now! (old ladies have an odd politeness to them)

Me: Oh ok bye!! (still excited thinking I just had a very odd conversation with my Great Aunt)


About 2 minutes go by and it hits me.  That WAS a wrong number.  I looked at her number on my phone.  The area code is the same as mine.  My Great Aunt lives in Great falls Montana.  This is like a wacky 80’s sitcom where the two coffins get switched at the simultaneous funerals.

What have I done.  What have I done…


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One Response to “Something just happened to me that usually happens to Billy”

  1. Billy Says:

    Oh you poor dear. It is very funny though but I am with you.

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