Thoughts about bottle returns at Grocery stores

Plastic bottle refund at Walmart

Anyone that has seen the Walmart bottle refund “center” I think they call it has seen this picture.  The O that looks like it is cut in half is where you shove the capless bottle into.  It is about face level.  EVERY SINGLE TIME we go to either Safeway or Walmart to refund our bottles or cans we have a problem and need to talk to someone to either have them fix the machine or write us a handwritten reciept for our bottles.  Heaven forbid you buy a new soda, apparently you have to talk to satan himself to program the barcode into the machine so that soda can be refunded through the machine.  Every single time.  And it always stinks like beer and cigarettes.

That wasn’t even the reason why I posted this post.  Do you ever look at something and assume it is something that it isn’t until you really look at it?  That up there is obviously silhouettes of 2 liter plastic bottles.  For at least a year I have glanced at the picture and I have seen a silhouette of a stout man with a top hat on.  I always have to remind myself those are plastic 2 liter bottles.  I hope someone out there in cyberspace except me understands the logic behind it.  If you don’t it’s cool.  In about a week I should be doing a review of the new Jelly Belly freezer ice pops they have out now.  We were on a tight budget food wise this week so I didn’t throw them in the cart.  It looks blog worthy though so stay tuned.


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3 Responses to “Thoughts about bottle returns at Grocery stores”

  1. socialpariah Says:

    weird. i started reading this and when i read the words, “walmart
    bottle refund center,” my first thought was, “why the hell is there a drawing of two dudes with top hats on? that is incongruous.” thank god you agree.

  2. jdevore Says:

    Thank you!! That makes me feel better about my delusions.

  3. Lesly K. Says:

    Haha, it does look a guy with a top hat on!

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