Hehehehehehehe :)

Ok, I know I did a full blog less then a week ago and you are still absorbing my brilliance from it so this blog might make you tilt your head slightly in confusion like a dog.  Or you might be thinking “Oh boy! Oh boy! She is going to be doing regular blogs from now on that I can fully depend on emotionally!!”  Nuh-uh kiddies this is just a quickie I couldn’t resist.  I saw this ad last night while flipping through tv channels.  I believe I was watching 30 days with the redneck hunter moving in with the family of PETA activists?  I think that was the one.  I think this is a great ad and I give lots of kudos for the Mars company putting the double innuendo in the commercial.  Even though I think Yellow would know that about himself.



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One Response to “Hehehehehehehe :)”

  1. DJ D Says:

    Seinfeld is my favorite show of all time. Good one!

    “Like a frightened turtle…”

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