This would definitely keep peter rabbit from getting into your garden.  These were being sold at our Super Wal mart for $19.88.

On another random note yesterday I found out there is a band out of Seattle Washington called Jodi Hates The world.  They are actually a kickass band.  I might just eventually buy their cd.  Which I will have to online so it’ll be at least 15 bucks plus shipping augh.  I can at least get a tshirt.  How emo would that be LMAO if I had a shirt that I wore out in public that said “Jodi hates the world” on it??

And I know your curious, I did a survey on Myspace that you type in your name and then what it tells you to type into after that to Google.  I should copy and paste my answers here they were quite humorous.  If you think finding a rock band that is called Jodi hates the world (and my name being Jodi) is funny oh no you have seen nothin’ yet.  Anyway I was supposed to type in “my name” hates.


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One Response to “Creep…y”

  1. DJ D Says:

    Jodi! Those statues do look positively creepy. I love them. I would like to own them after a while, after they’ve been out in the elements and have gotten a little cracked, then paint them to make them scarier. I would give them names and then put them in neighbors’ yards randomly to freak them out.

    Oh, and consider yourself officially blogrolled over at my place.

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