MyHeritage what Celebrities I look like gobbly gook

I love that there is a chance that John Belushi could of been my Dad. I do look a lot like that magazine cover. Someone recently told me I look like John Travolta could be my Dad. Which is great because I love as my cousin would say, Travolta baby. He could teach me all about planes and how it’s like to be a hollywood icon. I think and always will think Cybil Shepard is stunning. And I have a crush on Kristie Alley. I love her sassy femme attitude. Most of the crushes I have on women are ones that the peak of their career was around the time I was born or in elementary school. Oh well who cares 🙂

In other news, I am obsessed with the new 4 minutes Madonna Justin Timberlake video. I usually enjoy listening to Alternative Rock on Yahoo Radio (the link is on the left) but I dig this tune. I can totally see myself singing “I’m outta time all I got is 4 minutes.  4 minutes AYE”  I have an unbelievably huge crush on Madonna but that isn’t it really. I don’t like the obvious CGI special effects though. I never like it when it’s obvious it came from a computer. They could of done it with claymation and I would of liked that. People don’t use claymation as much as they used to and that is a shame. I love clay animation. Anybody that has completed a claymation film deserves an A for effort.

Anyway go to youtube and read some of the comments for 4 minutes on Madonna’s official youtube account. Which is anyway some of them are hilarious because they are like “what does this have to do with saving the world? I don’t get this video or the song!!” and how dare people say that Madonna has lost her it factor. Madonna is stunning and can do whatever she damn well feels like. Then about an hour later I watch She wants Revenge tear you apart

And read those comments! Because those people don’t get that video either!! It’s really funny. I think most of them are like 13 but still. Ok people art isn’t meant to be understood by anybody except the person that made it. You take your own interpretation away from it. I think I get the video, “the Reds” are the outcasts and they go to a place where they feel like they aren’t alone. Like gays in the gay community. The land of misfit toys. There is a twist because we think there is this girl that goes to a dance with a boy. This girl tells the best to her ability that she wasn’t born a girl she was born a boy but she feels the best as a girl. She wants this boy to date her even after knowing this. Her plan backfires and this boy and his friends gang up on her. The Reds rescue her and are revealed as the two boys that the boy she went to the dance with mentioned before that he thought they mysteriously disappeared.

I’m glad I got that out of my system. The guy singing this song is creepy but in a sexy way. When he is singing “I’m going to tear you apart” I think that means he is going to make the girl he is about to have sex with feel like a dirty slut. He is going to rip her feminine daintyness away and fuck her like a raw animal. Also people didn’t get what that meant which also was amusing because I thought it was obvious. It’s hard to be smart because when people ask questions like that and you easily know it it pisses you off because they seem like stupid questions and stupid people seem like they are blindly wandering around on this planet assuming everyone is there just to explain things to them. Or that is what I at least think.

I hate it I mean I absolutely LOATHE it when someone asks a question they could of easily found the answer to themselves by doing a 5 minute google search about. I read Ask Ro everytime Rosie O’ Donnell updates and I LOATHE it when people bother her by asking her questions they could of found themselves. What movie were you in with Madonna? OMG you people!! Don’t you know what is or is?!?!! WHY DO YOU ASK QUESTIONS LIKE THAT!!?!?!? IT PISSES ME OFF!!! What is your oldest sons name again???? Does Kelli have your last name too?? List goes on and another thing is why do people ask when they can just wait a day or two and have the question be answered? Because some questions she answers every single day it seems! Even though if everyone took my advice she wouldn’t answer those questions all the time and they wouldn’t get their answer. But I always wait around a bit online and the real world (Natural light, get it off me! Get it off me!!) to get an answer rather then asking right away. When people immediately ask a question right off of the top of their heads without waiting until their question is answered for them I consider them stupid. I always wait around then I ask.

And I hate the questions that are half insult half question. Like, why don’t you wear makeup more often? You look so much better with it on! People ask questions like that to me and I am getting sick of it I am about to yell at them like a drill Sargent just to get them off my back and scare the crap outta them. I just want to act like every conversation people have with me is like an integration. But I usually keep those kinds of thoughts in my head and will probably not go postal anytime soon. We’ll see. The only person I can trust is myself ‘shifty eyes’


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