Just a random Charlie Brown parody humorous picture

Happy Friday.  I am saying that to be polite and not for my sake because my weekend is actually Mon and Tues.  Gosh I’m rude.  lol!!

Can you imagine? lol
Thank you Robin in wonderland from the ANT Colony using this as her avatar because if she didn’t then I couldn’t of swiped it from her and well I wouldn’t be here spending time with you all.  Can you imagine Calvin and Hobbes with this same conversation?? lol!!! I bet Will can’t and I can imagine him with his arms crossed in a huff.  It’s alright Will, I was just using my imagination.  I am referring to Will from veggiemacabre.wordpress.com.  I say good day.

One Response to “Just a random Charlie Brown parody humorous picture”

  1. Billy Says:

    Is today your B-Day? I get my birthdays messed up if you couldn’t already tell. If it is HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODI!!! You are the bestest in the universes!

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