No Fate: the future is what we make of it (Terminator 2: Judgement day quick movie review)

Now, I am very tired but I know if I don’t do this now in the heat of passion I’ll never do it. I just watched Terminator 2: Judgement Day an old favorite of mine. I watched the special edition which has deleted scenes. I loved the deleted scenes, I understand how they changed parts of the movie but I loved the context with them in. One scene though, Reese coming to Sarah in a dream, made Sarah (played by Linda Hamilton of course) look like a mess. Really mental and all over the place. I heard about the scene years ago, and it was unfortunately better in my head. But the actor playing Reese really looked the same. Usually actors gain weight and look worse as time drags on (don’t we all?) so I am glad he didn’t become a little chubby, but he looked the same. I heard that part of that scene was in a version of a trailer that was shown in theaters that confused people after they saw T2 in theaters.  Eh, it happens.
When I was 10 years old, I had a best friend that was about 8 years old a boy named Jimmy. He and I did boy stuff, we went around on our bikes, played ninja turtles, played with his boy toys (ninja turtles, gi joes, NES, etc.) that I didn’t get to own because my Grandma thought that I wanted them just because I thought I wanted them. She thought I just saw my boy cousins playing with them and so I wanted them and after I got them I wouldn’t play with them. Now quite frankly I am a butch lesbian. I have short hair, I wear strictly men’s clothing, I talk like a male most of the time, I act like a guy. Joke’s on you, Grandma! I truely wanted the boys toys! I will change the subject because even I admit it sounds like I keep on hinting around I’ve wanted a penis since I was 10.
Anyway, my friend Jimmy on the weekend would either rent an NES game or T2. Stupid I know, but we would watch it all the time on a rented VHS tape. He had an older sister, between him and I’s ages. She was always trying to prove she was smarter then I was sometimes it worked sometimes it didn’t. He also had a single mother that had a boyfriend. She would feed them processed kid friendly food I never got. Like mac n cheese and spaghetti O’s. I never got pasta outta a can, and rarely got mac n cheese. So knowing there was a family I could visit that this was the norm was like visiting royalty. To visit a NORMAL family. They ate biscuits out of a can and hamburger helper. I always ate from scratch. Not this stuff that on the box there is a cartoon character on it and a contest to win a shopping spree at Toys R Us. He always begged me to stay over for dinner, my Grandma assumed they were poor (she always assumes everyone is poor) so she thought it was a horrible burden if I stayed for dinner. I don’t think Jimmy really stayed over for dinner at our house. He was annoying and had a crush on me (he asked me to be his girlfriend once, I said I wasn’t ready for that sort of thing, I’ll tell that story some other time) I started to tell him that I had a lot of homework, in the 5th grade they just pile it on you, it’s a lot different then the 3rd, so he had to leave me alone to do it. After the coast was clear, I turned on the tv and flipped it onto tiny toon adventures or whatever was on. He moved away, and a week or so before he did he borrowed my cartridge of duckhunt/mario bros and our spare light gun. Never did get it back and I got a copy of duckhunt/mario bros later. I guess that was my punishment for lending something to someone right before they move.
I am totally not talking about the movie. I remember still the comments that Jimmy would say everytime we watched this movie. He kind of looked like evil T (the name we would call the T-1000) he was thin, and his ears stuck out a little. When I was 10 I got a copy of Terminator 2 for Christmas and when I was 11 I got a VHS copy of the Terminator. They are both great movies, and I am so glad I have an Nostalgic attachment to them. The two movies (no comment on the 3rd one ‘ahem’) have everything a great action movie has. It has emotional investment in the characters, scenes where they tear everything to shit and set things on fire blow shit up, anger, bad vs. evil, a lot of innocent people not knowing that the future is in the palm of the main characters hands, and so on. I want to mention, my favorite plots in sci fi is what I would call realistic sci fi. When the world is similar to ours. Like, what if Armageddon happened, what would the world be like. That kind of thing.
I know alot about this series. The new series the Sarah Connor Chronicles? I hate it when they want you to pretend that new actors are the same characters you knew before. Like they think we are fuckin idiots. I’m trying to watch it though. It’s awesome to get a weekly dose of Terminator talk. I bet if that series came out when I was a kid I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. I have been known to randomly look through ebay auctions for merchandise. Just window shoppin’, the more expensive it is the cooler it is you know how it goes. I will buy some of it someday. Set up my own Terminator shrine. Autographed posters, functional props that sort of thing. There is one that is a wooden plaque that has the Terminator’s skull on it and you plug it in and his eyes glow red. Kickass. More then it’s worth too.

The special effects are quite good for 1991. I think this was at the beginning of the cutting edge special effects. Not the cheap “I can see the string” type but you can sincerely believe that what you are seeing is happening on some universe out there. Even though bone is stronger then metal and IRL the Terminator would be weak. The storyline I admire it being consistent. Well as consistent as a storyline in a movie can be. John has a picture of his mom that is taken at the end of the first movie. Me loves that.

The Terminator (or how I affectionately call him Ahnold) holds strong until the last 40 mins or so of the movie then he gets beat to shit. You have to admire his determination. He MUST complete his mission. He MUST protect John Connor.
I look up Edward Furlong’s current status sometimes. He got arrested for possession a while back, but he’s making indie films now. I caught him in Animal factory. It’s a prison movie. He was alright. I feel like I am a loyal fan of his and if one of his movies is easy for me to watch I feel I have to try to watch it. I’m pissed like the rest of the world he wasn’t in the 3rd movie. F.ckin Nick Stahl. I like Nick in the movie Bully sure but he didn’t have to cross into Terminator Territory. Wow I’m brilliant when I’m drowsy.
That is my last picture so I better wrap it up. The first couple times you see this movie at least you have to tear up a little at that scene. I think Linda Hamilton playing Sarah Connor is a hot mom MILF if you will in this movie. I love it when women kick ass like men do. It’s hot to me. She doesn’t need a guy to do her dirty work for her! Hand her the gun, because her motto is if you need it done right you have to do it yourself. Extremely hot. She said on Oprah a few years ago that during this movie she was addicted to working out. She’s bi polar and is taking meds now. She’s a little chubby. Good for her 🙂 Also her closeness to John in this movie makes me a little uncomfortable.  I mean they are a little TOO close.  She can only rely on him and he can only rely on her through this hard time and for the rest of their lives.  So they are closer then a son and a mom are usually.  Little disturbing.  It reminds me of the Stephen King movie Sleepwalkers, that movie has a mother and son in it.  They are shapechanging vampires, the last two on earth and they have a sex scene in the movie.  Ew.
In conclusion, 5 out of 5. One of the best action movies ever made. I have sentimental attachment to it like I said before but on face value it has an extremely high replay value for me. I watch it from time to time for sure and I will for the rest of my life probably. The new scenes I just watched? Doable. I like there are little nuggets now to look forward to rewatching the next time I watch this movie. I have played the T2 pinball machine (which when I get rich and famous I am so buying) and the arcade machine. I felt that was worth mentioning because at the time I thought it was worthy of bragging rights. See you later, people.

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  1. Billy Says:

    really great review. This is one of my favorite movies ever!

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