A story about opening up Christmas presents

I posted this as a comment to someone’s blog. I thought I would share with you all.

Figuring out what something is before opening it is a skill I developed as a child. I would carefully figure out which one to open before it was time to open presents. We would open presents from my Grandparents on Christmas eve night after dinner and after the dishes were done. The next day I would open my relatives presents when they would show up to visit, after everyone came and were settled.

Anyway one Christmas when my Aunt was talking about presents and kids figuring out what they got, I told her I am good at figuring out what the presents are.

She said oh really smarty and she handed me one of my presents. I was about 19 or 20. Anyway my eyes lit up and said oh thank you this is something I’ve always wanted! She said what is it? And I told her it was a trivia game that I wanted for a couple of years. She said oh you figured it out? How did you figure it out?!? It came in a tin container and I felt it through the wrapping and also the shapes underneath it. She handed me a couple others, a couple harder ones and I think out of three I got 1 right.

The rest of the day she was telling people how good I was at figuring it out, it was like I was a prodigy at figuring out what presents are before they are opened. I mean who cares your going to open it soon anyway and then after you do it’s over with.

I can remember how I acted when I was a little kid though, it was like a once a year crack fix, I was obsessed until it was over with, and then I was obsessed with my presents until school started up again.

I also remember my cousin (the Aunt actually from before, her son) one time when he was living with us still gave presents a sneaky way to prevent us from figuring it out before hand. He took big boxes, filled them up with wrapping paper or some kind of other paper (like newspaper) and then in the middle put a cassette tape. I remember one particular Cassette tape but I am assuming he did it more then once. My Grandma thought hey why didn’t I think of that? And he said you HAVE to do that with Cassette tapes or they figure out what it is too easily!! Apparently his mom used to do that all the time.


3 Responses to “A story about opening up Christmas presents”

  1. JoshC Says:

    Heya Jodi!
    If I could make a career out of figuring out what was inside a wrapped present Id be a very succesful man.
    Kudos on the Etsy store, where can I find it?
    Im an Etsy addict, theyve got a ton of cool Nintendo crafts on there, Click my name to see one of my faves.
    Take Care

  2. jdevore Says:

    Thank you for commenting! Hey are you the JoshC from X-E? Cool! Anyway just click on the graphic. I am actually changing it right now, I don’t like the graphic I made.

  3. Allison Says:

    I was not nearly that skilled, or subtle, as a child. I was more obsessed with locating the presents prior to the wrapping stage…and if I didn’t catch them before being wrapped, I liked to unwrap them and re-wrap. I can remember actually baking a “cake” with my Holly Hobby oven before I even got the gift for Christmas. My brother and I also had a pact that we would notify each other of any gift detection on the other’s behalf. It was probably the only cooperative venture we undertook.

    Anyway, your skill is to be commended indeed!

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