This is my life. In my own words I guess… (continued)

This is the last of them I made this bunch last night. I promise you this is the last videos I will do like this in a long time and I will type up posts from now on. I just wanted to catch you up in my life.  If you are having ANY problems watching the videos on this page, click on my youtube channel on my blogroll.  It is on the left.

Part 3 (I am talking about my childhood and how I didn’t keep friends long and how kids would tease me)

Part 4 (In this video I talk about one specific bully and the hell she put me through)

Part 5 (This is a positive video, I talk about how much fun I had with my cousin that lived with my Grandparents and my sisters and I for a few years in my childhood and the cousins that stayed the night on weekends on a regular basis)

Part 6 (This video I talk about my teenage years)

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed my stories and this is only the beginning of my stories but I am going to type them out from now on LOL won’t that be nicer!! But this way when I tell stories on my blog you know who is telling the story so they have some more substance then they would before. Most of my stories will be funny and positive though. I might post one later today who knows the mood I will be in guys heheh. 🙂


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